24 Deadly Animals You Will Be Glad To Know Are Extinct

By today’s standards, it’s always sad when you learn an animal no longer exists in the wild – like we’re losing something great in the environment because of it. Extinction is seen as a terrible end to any creature – and we should be working towards preserving that species as best we can. However, there sure were some that we’re glad went extinct long ago. From massive monsters to powerful predators, these are everything that haunts our dreams to this day. Some were long gone before humans, and some of them might have shared hunting spaces.

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By today's standards it's always sad when you learn an animal no longer exists in the wild like we're losing something great in the environment because of it extinction is seen as a terrible end to any creature and we should be working towards preserving that species as best we can.

However there sure were some that were glad went extinct long ago from massive monsters to powerful predators these are everything that haunts our dreams to this day some were long gone before humans and some of them might have shared hunting spaces get comfortable get ready and make sure you subscribe to the for.

Evergreen channel because we've got a doozy of a video to show you today 24 deadly animals you will be glad to know are extinct number 24 smilodon otherwise known as the sabretooth cat the smilodon was an ambush predator known for its robust build and.

Exceptionally long canine teeth it was built with a larger jaw than modern cats and teeth adapted well by nature for its exact style of precision killing i don't know about you but i'm pretty glad we only have to deal with mountain lions and bobcats unless you live somewhere a bit wilder the sabertooth cat may have briefly lived with humans.

But likely died with humans and the ice age finally putting the nail in the coffin number 23 pentacopteris decorahensis you probably don't want to imagine a giant scorpion much less one that's five feet long in 2015 scientists discovered the pentacopterous decorahensis in all its glory and used to swim around.

Modern-day iowa nearly million years ago their successors would go on to be current day ticks spiders and lobsters but chances are they didn't last long after iowa decided to be well iowa instead of a seabed all we have to this day are fossils and drawings though a replica was created for national geographic's strange truth program.

Sometimes seeing is believing but it would be better to go ahead and unsee some things number 22 hallucigenia 40. if you've ever wondered what it's like for a worm to have legs then you're going to regret that thought pretty soon this absolute nightmare fuel is like every worst possible thing wrapped into.

One because they might not be legs they're probably tentacles and they may or may not have had mouths on them pairs of really stiff spines running along one side of the organism and long flexible appendages on its other side looking like something horrific out of a dolly painting this noodly little guy has got it going on if it is being the worst.

Thing that ever existed i know this isn't what a ringworm looks like but it would be so much worse if it were don't you think number 21 gigantopithecus until about a thousand years ago you might have been able to spot bigfoot in asia to what we know as modern apes and orangutans these ancient ancestors were.

Nearly 10 feet tall why are all old animals massive they were probably vegetarian but we can't be sure and vegetarian doesn't make an arm span of 12 feet any less terrifying one big hug and you're snapped in half number 20. harpagornus morai also known as host's eagle the harpagornus morai probably only went.

Extinct about 500 years ago at the hands of early polynesia peoples in southern new zealand they developed what we now know as island gigantism due to a lack of competition and were a clear descendant of the terrifying raptor at the time they were known best by locals for their ability to swoop down and pick up whole children once the mayorai.

People had whittled down their food source i'm sorry but at that point it's every person for themselves number 19. adestus we may not know this guy's exact form because of how old they are but the audestus also known as a scissor tooth shark or coal shark was a type of animal not to shed teeth instead just grow more.

Of them this new growth would push the older teeth and gums forward creating a potentially terrifying spiral tooth display one option is like this a spiral saw of old jagged teeth though some others speculate whether their mouth looked like a monstrous pair of pinking shears instead have you ever looked into prehistoric creatures which one would.

You not want to face off with do you think we're better off without these beasts let us know down below number 18 faberamis patterson if you think city rats are enormous you'd hate to come across these little ratzillas it's all fun and games until that rat is the size of a bull they could grow as long as 10 feet with a 5.

Foot tail they might have been herbivorous but they had foot long incisors and i really don't like those odds they were known to live in the ancient arinoco river delta about 8 million years ago so they're probably not going to come back anytime soon hopefully number 17 titanoboa.

And you thought the loch ness monster was terrible if they weren't over 60 million years old i might think these bad boys were the inspiration for those kinds of myths that is ignoring entirely that they were found in northeastern colombia rather than scotland with a name like titanoboa you kind of already know what you're getting into it's a.

Titanic snake which could grow as long as 42 feet long and weigh as much as 2500 pounds you're not winning a fight with this bad boy no matter how good you are they'd eat you whole as a midday snack if they even recognized you as food number 16 mega nura if you're in an area known for.

Dragonflies you'll know they're pretty big but what if they were so big you'd have to beat them off with a bat they might have been harmless like their modern day descendants but that sure doesn't make it a whole lot better number 15 dunkleosteus if you didn't think fish needed armor you certainly don't know much about.

Prehistoric times the dungliatius not long had its armor but had unique teeth and a beak-like mouth explicitly made for biting through the same kind of armor they might have been a sort of cannibalistic species with that kind of information though we can be sure they had jaws so efficient they could hinge them open and snap them back shut in.

Just a matter of milliseconds number 14 anomalocaris when you think of apex predators do you think of killer whales lions or tigers do you think of something massive and powerful and in control of its environment well the anomalocaris may be the earliest example we have of this kind of behavior and it's a shrimp this.

Hideous six foot long creature had tentacles with teeth in them and they were carnivores in their time we're just lucky shrimp don't look like this anymore because i'm not sure a beach trip would be the same knowing what's down there number 13 titano chorus games.

At a massive half a meter length the discovery of this 500 million year old species was beyond comprehension at the time the titano chorus were considered giant compared to even most of the animals living in the sea at the time which were all barely larger than a pinky finger this mind-bogglingly large critter is to this day one of the.

Largest animals ever found from the cambrian period complete with a toothline mouth spiny claws and a body with flaps to better swim with all of this adds up to an arthropod i'm very very glad we don't have to deal with today number 12 forest reside with a name like terror bird you get.

Exactly what you're expecting but if that's not enough two million years ago they lived in the americas and could grow to be something of 10 feet tall their beaks were so strong and sharp that a blow from the head could kill other animals by cracking their skulls these apex predators from the cenozoic era went extinct around the time of the.

Humans though they may have lasted in a much smaller form until recently in uruguay they might have been flightless but if you've ever seen the power of an ostrich you'd know that doesn't mean anything number 11 argoventus to continue the theme of birds this prehistoric vulture had a wingspan of 20.

Feet was as tall as a human and preyed on cattle we know that even current day birds are just evolved dinosaurs but this one gives off powerful pterodactyl energy they're the largest flying birds ever to exist which compared to the current largest flying birds of the albatross and the north american condor they're more than twice the size this.

Seabird spent most of its time swooping above the ocean for giant prey like squid and fish and probably aid its game both live and whole at a breakneck speed of 10 meters per second for its flight speed we're lucky they've gone extinct we may not know why but we know we're lucky before we continue if you've made it this far go ahead and drop a like.

Down below so we know you enjoyed the video if you want more of our unique engaging and sometimes wild content then subscribe to for evergreen while you're down there and make sure you hit the notification bell while you're at it so you never miss a single upload number 10 megalania isn't it a bit crazy that almost all.

Ancient civilizations have some variation of a dragon story the megalania may have something to do with that this extinct species of giant monitor lizard inhabited australia during the pleistocene era and it is the largest terrestrial lizard known to have existed they vanished probably around 50 000 years ago and probably went extinct.

Around the first emigration of indigenous settlers if you think you've got some nasty relatives just think of how the komodo dragon must feel number nine dinosukis i mean all crocodiles are terrible but not all of them have it in the name these bad boys lived up to the awful.

Name dinosaurs of the time left fossils with dana suka's bites left in them they regularly went toe to toe with our prehistoric predecessors they grew up to as long as 35 feet long and were found in north america can you imagine one of these just walking through your yard people freak out for less we're just lucky they seem to have died out before.

The mass extinction events because i'm not sure a meteor would have been able to do the job number eight platybelladon during the miocene epic in africa asia and the caucasus you might have run across a platybelton which looks a lot like current day elephants while still being distinct they had a massive shovel.

Of a lower jaw used to pull up aquatic and semi-aquatic vegetation they might have been herbivores but current day elephants can still be a hazard imagine a jaw like that with the power behind it and the sharp incisors forming a side-like tool with it no no thank you number 7 helicoprion if you're like any sane person out there.

You've probably never had the thought i wish sharks had a buzz all shaped mouth like most other prehistoric fish out there there aren't enough fossils left to get a good idea the helicoptrion baffled scientists for centuries as a mystery they found bits and pieces of a jaw and finally put together its horrific form as if we didn't have.

Nightmares already the whirl of teeth was created as the fish produced more towards the back rather than shedding old ones pushing them forward into the spiral of horror all we know is they went extinct close to 225 million years ago and good riddance number 6. arthropleura i think this might haunt me at night the.

Arthropleura is not precisely the kind of thing you'd want to see out in the woods when you're alone they might be more similar to modern millipedes the horror in these guys is that they're well they're not tiny but do you want to know something horrifying if they had to defend themselves they could probably rear into an upright posture and look.

You straight in the eyes and i personally never want to repeat those words number five livia 10 millville you probably know better but if a name says anything being named after the ancient sea leviathans should tell you everything you need to know about this beast they are a relative to the modern.

Sperm whales and could grow up to around 57 feet long with a skull alone that was 10 feet not to mention its 40 teeth at 14.5 inches long which are if you're wondering the longest teeth on any creature extinct or not they fed on large prey at the surface of the water though its size helped it was probably so large because of its competitor the.

Megalodon they went extinct due to the mass cooling event which also preserved many of their bones which makes this animal the biggest tetrapod bite ever discovered lucky for us the ocean has one less horror out there number four cameroceras not to say there aren't giant squids out.

There but the ones we have are nothing next to this one they lived something of 460 million years ago and had a vast cone-like shell on top which aided them in hunting though at their size 40 feet long and 2 000 pounds they probably didn't have to compete very hard i wouldn't say this is the inspiration but if they'd lived a little longer i could.

See humans making a big deal about the deep sea kraken after seeing one of these giant creatures what's happening the stuff of legends if there ever was number three mega piranha chances are the prehistoric cousin is just what you'd expect but more horrifying than you'd think they were.

The size of boogie boards and easily about three feet long with two rows of teeth where their current successors only have one these monsters were known to even go after beasts like the megalodon or tyrannosaurus rex with rising oceans they were shuffled off to smaller water basins and couldn't sustain the large size evolving down to.

Make this change was survival it would be nice if they were gone but i'll take what i can get number 2 megalodon these whale chomping monsters were a force to be reckoned with however we don't entirely know when the last megalodon died it was probably around 3.6 million years ago after a global cooling event the scale of these massive.

Beasts is hard to put together their jaws could eat a complete grown manhole to this day the megalodon's 60 foot length makes them still to this day one of the most formidable carnivores to have ever existed we still don't have an entire skeleton but we know they probably would have stuck to warmer climates the coastal towns of florida.

And the caribbean islands would probably not be as hospitable if they hadn't died out number one arc daughters not your average bear the arctis was 50 larger than any recorded polar bears and probably would have needed to eat close to 35 pounds of meat per day to sustain their size they were native to.

California until about 11 000 years ago which is far too close to modern times if you ask me they're one of the largest known mammalian carnivores to have ever existed and probably went around the same time as the megalodon with a global cooling event do you think they'd fit in among current day animals or are they all just a bit.

Too big a few evolved and are just a more petite version of their prehistoric ancestors but not all let us know your thoughts down below you

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24 Deadly Animals You Will Be Glad To Know Are Extinct