Animals – Shark, Ostrich, Elephant, Hammerhead Shark, Rhino, Hippo, Giraffe,  Flamingo, Macaw, Pig

Animals – Shark, Ostrich, Elephant, Hammerhead Shark, Rhino, Hippo, Giraffe, Flamingo, Macaw, Pig, Goat and many more.

WARNING: This video is suitable for viewers aged 13+. This educational video includes some descriptive language about animal reproduction and uses words like atrophied, mating rights, mounts etc.

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Hey then sofarians welcome back to my channel so today let's take a look at my collection of wild animals african animals some sea animals and sharks as well as some farm animals so let's get right into it okay guys so let's begin the first one right here is actually a pretty nice.

Figure um it's a polar bear figure and we got this figure like a couple of months back and this is actually a pilot polymers right over here i'm gonna put the hippopotamers as part of the african animals collection so this is a rhinoceros it's a really beautiful and intricate.

Detailed figure next we have a hippopotamus calf right over here and this one it's a giraffe yep giraffe so i'm gonna put this um with the farm with the african animals collection as well and here it's a gigantic elephant figure um for this one i'm gonna be placing it.

Um inside one of this shelf right here so i actually put all my big figures over here okay next let's take a look at this we have a megamouth shock okay and this it's a rhinoceros a black rhinoceros i think.

moving on we have a blue shark right here it's a really really nice one and this is actually a great white shark a basking shark figure that looks really nice and this one is actually an elephant so this one should be with the um african animals collection.

And um a shock ray okay i think this figure is like pretty old figure 2007. a jaguar now as you guys know jaguars they are actually very strongly built they are actually more strongly built than for example like a tiger or you know or lion yeah that's what i heard.

Um here we have an albatross so all my birds collection i've actually put it but you know along with the farm animals so yep this is our first farm animal of the day this is actually a um black sheep and this bird is actually known as a.

Cartoning okay another giraffe figure this figure it's one of our very very old figures i think it belongs to marlene my kid um yeah and this is an elephant and okapi okapi's are actually known as the unicorns of congo because they are actually very very hard to find and here we have a tiger shark you can.

Actually see like stripes across the body so this is a tiger shark it's a nice one this has got to be one of my most favorite white short figures because the face actually looks very realistic yeah that's right very interesting take on the great white.

Shot we have a um what is this this is actually known as a let's see what is this called a call yes and we have a soul right here so it's actually a female pig okay beautiful figure this is a black rhino yeah it's a nice.

Figure let's see what is repeating right here males use their horns to fight off enemies and this is a silverback gorilla this is known as a hammerhead shock baby and this is a hammerhead shock a 1991 figure.

A basking shark okay basking sharks they are basically filter feeders they basically suck in all the water and they filter out all the food particles this is a bald eagle okay a bald eagle we have a lion figure right over here not too sure why is it here it's.

Supposed to be with the big cassette this is a warbler gang nice one great white shark figure another great white shark figure this one is a um scalloped hammerhead shock you can see um it's slightly.

Different from a hammerhead it has like bombs on its body i mean known as the head some curves so it's very different from the hammer head this is a mickel shock beautiful one a.

Turkey nice one oh we have a small little big blood they actually have some facts let's read about this the reason piglets row in the mod is because they do not have sweat glands yeah interesting very adorable we have a golden retriever golden retrievers are very intelligent dogs.

They can actually guide like uh you know the visually impaired they are they can be trained to do many different jobs as well very intelligent dogs and here we have a billy goat i think that's right really good you can easily recognize it with this you know be it.

Like fur right over here um oh cappy a young okay another beautiful rhinoceros okay it's like hippopotamus yep the mouth wide open this is a very realistic looking hippopotamus figure and you guys knew that people polymers.

They are actually quite dangerous they are even more dangerous than lion they've actually attacked more humans in africa than lions and this one is actually known as a gurney's knee carl yeah really beautiful one this is of course with the foam animals here we have a sheep.

With two very very curved and um big horns this is known as a um saint tiger shark beautiful one a great white shark figure i think this is one of our you know one of our bigger great white truck figures it looks really nice as well.

okay this is known as a goblin shop yeah it has a very weird looking face and when it's trying to eat its spray the mouth will actually extend outwards you know forming this shape right over.

Here which looks very very tedious yes it does look a bit scary um this is a giraffe it's a really beautiful figure i must say okay and here we have another pig and this is actually known as a hamster pig can actually easily recognize it from the patterns on this body it's very.

Different from the usual ones that you can find and um here is a phoenix rooster yep beautiful one we have a chimpanzee right here another one this one looks very adorable we got this figure like a couple of weeks back a vulture.

Okay a vulture nice voucher and vulture actually feeds on the dying yep and also the carcasses of different animals hyena can be found in africa they hunt in packs black tape riff shot you can easily recognize this you know.

By looking at the fins it has like black tip all over the fins this one it should be a um zbrush on a striker brush this is known as a um higher scene parrot.

Yep i think the name higher scene probably came from its color very good looking and this is a we macau two of the similar figures as you guys can see another great white shark figure.

This is a oops a ghost shock i think this is a goat and um this is actually a hoisting cow um they are actually very popular cows among dairy farmers because they produce lots of milk and they're very.

Gentle this is the hippopotamus beautiful figure we have a dog i have no idea what is the species of this dog it's basically just written as a duck below yeah it's kind of weird yep but i really hope to know the.

Species of this dog right over here i mean if you guys know do let me know okay i think that'd be really nice and here we have a um hyena a peacock right over here and um this is a lemon shock this is a short fin maker shock i think previously i've actually shown you guys.

A um amigo shot right here i have no idea why it's known as the shot theme maker shot cars the fin they do look the same in fact this one seems to have a longer thing so if you guys know why this is actually.

Known as a um short fin lego shark do let me know because they do look very very similar to me i have no idea why this is called a short field another tiger shark we have two of the similar figures bull shark one of the more aggressive.

Species of trucks around actually attack more human beings than the great white soul as well a female pig we have a beautiful hour right here the wings of spread a rabbit here let's see what is written right here rabbits use the keen sense of smell and.

Hearing to detect predators um a rooster i'm going to be removing all the attacks right here and this is actually known as the long beard hour and this is actually known as the uh bantam hand.

They are actually very small about one quarter the size of a normal hand so they are actually very very small um chickens pelican right here this it's a um some cheeks right over here.

This is known as a hammerhead shock yeah just a simple hammerhead shock this it's a leopard shot if i'm not wrong yep we got this figure you know quite some time already and i'll stretch should we put the ostrich in the african set or the bird set i'm going to put it.

In the bird's collection this is a pot belly pig looks very adorable i must say oceanic white tip with shock basking shock right over here this it's a i have no idea what this is it could be a pointer shot the name is not written below.

This is a nurse shock you can easily recognize this by the two things like thing like structure in front of the mouth and um this is a hyena a chimpanzee another black sheep seems like you know we have two similar ones so sometimes you know i.

Made a mistake i purchased the same figures again so this it's a great white a swordfish and this is a megalodon this is a megamouth shock yeah they are actually very hard to find you have to really find them like you.

Know in the deep ocean waters this is a bamboo shock her snowy hour looks really beautiful this is a small little meerkat a golden retriever this cat is known as a siamese cat.

A very very tiny little giraffe calf baby giraffe you can actually move the neck it's quite cool and um a sloth yeah a sloth a cockatoo right here rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros cast green white and this it's another great white shark this is probably a hoisting car i'm not sure i think so yeah probably i'm not too sure when it's supposed to have horns.

we have a goat right here a small little kangaroo this is the grey riff shock a small little hammer head a rubber game.

Yeah i think we have like two or three warper games in our collection this one is interesting it is actually a um fruit shop let's move all the figures closer to us we have an african wild dog okay they are very very good.

Um hunters in their home they hunt in a team they're peck hunters this is supposed to be a hammer headshot baby i think they are trying to make it look you know adorable by making the eyes.

Like big yeah this is a thresher shot you can see the tail it's like very very long way longer than a usual shot so it's easily recognizable sawfish and this is a bonnet head shock a small little tiger shock.

Another camera headshot seems like we have plenty of hammerhead shocks and this one could be not too sure i think this is just a um you know a generic camera headshot you know because i saw some curves right here and i've thought you know it could be a um.

You know scalloped hammering shot this is an americorner chicken let me read some facts american chickens are the one and only breeds that can lay blue eggs that is very very cool another hand right here.

I think this is known as a pointer shot but i'm not exactly sure i need the help of you guys because i have no idea what this is it's a shock but is it like a cuphead shock or you know any breed or species we have a token yeah really beautiful.

Birds they have a huge big small little shot which could be a bull shock this one i think yeah it could be a bull shot as well this is a zebra shot i have no idea why it's known as a zebra shot because it doesn't have any stripes.

Probably they got it wrong okay another one probably a zebra shark as well because of the stripes and this is a white tip reef shark it's not the oceanic whitetail shotgun it's different from that there's more figures right here two little tiny shots one is probably a.

Great a and the other one is probably a great white another soul right here beautiful flamingo this is known as a um an african sea vet.

With a small little gorilla baby oh the penguin is not supposed to be here this is actually a rock hopper it's not supposed to be here it's supposed to be the other penguins this is probably a nurse shock.

Possibly possibly a small little hammer head and uh this is a shock ring and we have two small little shocks right over here one is probably a blue shark it's a small little snake right here so i'm gonna remove this yeah this doesn't it's not supposed to be here.

Okay guys so i've basically showed you guys three different boxes of um animal figures okay so one box is actually the farm animals as well as the uh our birds collection the other it's basically um african animals collection and the other one is my shark collections okay.

Thanks for watching this and um yeah um just let you guys know that my main channel then surprise uh we will be we'll be stopping our uploads on that channel because we'll be moving to a new channel called enterprise extra um yeah so subscribe to that.

And i'll see you guys in the next video goodbye

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Animals - Shark, Ostrich, Elephant, Hammerhead Shark, Rhino, Hippo, Giraffe,  Flamingo, Macaw, Pig