AUSTRALIA DOCUMENTARY 4K / TASMANIA Birds and Wildlife / Tasmania Island of Birds. #DiscoverTasmania

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A Documentary on the beautiful birds and wildlife of Tasmania’s wilderness areas.

Includes rare footage of the endemic Scrubtit and many other species of the Apple isle.

This short documentary documents our recent trip to Tasmania. My ambition was to find and film as many bird and mammal species as possible and our time here did not disappoint.

My original intention was to make a short film about the charismatic and endemic Scrubtit but as the timeline developed, I decided to add a splash of other species into the documentary.

Our journey takes us through pristine habitats, searching for the incredibly diverse birds and Mammals of Tasmania. The forests are delightful and present as a storybook with Tree ferns and moss covered logs.

Tasmania is also home to a number of endemic bird species that cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

Eventually, our 3 week adventure will be documented in a 3 part series covering an impressive array of species and of course the wonderful habitats that they live.

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Footage shot on Nikon Z6 / 200-500 F5.6

Species List:

COMMON WOMBAT ‘Vombatus ursinus’.
ECHIDNA ‘Tachyglossus aculeatus’.
TASMANIAN PADEMELON ‘Thylogale billardierii’
‘EASTERN QUOLL’ ‘Dasyurus viverrinus’.
‘TASMANIAN DEVIL’ ‘Sarcophilus harrisii’
‘PLATYPUS’ ‘Ornithorhynchus anatinus’
‘TASMANIAN NATIVEHEN’ ‘Tribonyx mortierii’
‘TAWNY- CROWNED HONEYEATER’ ‘Gliciphila melanops’.
‘GREEN ROSELLA’ ‘Platycercus caledonicus’
‘SWIFT PARROT’ ‘Lathamus discolor’
‘SILVEREYE’ ‘Zosterops lateralis’.
‘PINK ROBIN’ ‘Petroica rodinogaster’
‘SCARLET ROBIN’ ‘Petroica boodang’
‘FLAME ROBIN’ ‘Petroica phoenicea’.
‘SUPERB FAIRYWREN’ ‘Malurus cyaneus’
‘WHITE-FRONTED CHAT’ ‘Epthianura albifrons’
‘TASMANIAN SCRUBWREN’ ‘Sericornis humilis’
‘BROWN THORNBILL’ ‘Acanthiza pusilla’
‘TASMANIAN THORNBILL’ ‘Acanthiza ewingii’
‘SCRUBTIT’ ‘Acanthornis magna’.
‘PINK ROBIN’ ‘Petroica rodinogaster’
‘OLIVE WHISTLER’ ‘Pachycephala olivacea’
‘YELLOW WATTLEBIRD’ ‘Anthochaera paradoxa’
‘BLACK CURRAWONG’ ‘Strepera fuliginosa’
‘BEAUTIFUL FIRETAIL’ ‘Stagonopleura bella’
‘SILVEREYE’ ‘Zosterops lateralis’
‘CRESCENT HONEYEATER’ ‘Phylidonyris pyrrhopterus’.
‘YELLOW -THROATED HONEYEATER’ ‘Nesoptilotis flavicollis’.
‘BLACK- HEADED HONEYEATER’ ‘Melithreptus affinis’
‘STRONG -BILLED HONEYEATER’ ‘Melithreptus validirostris’
thank you Tasmania known as the Apple isle is a truly stunning destination on our visit here we enjoyed many beautiful locations evoking a true Wilderness experience tassy as it's affectionately known is.

Also blessed with abundant wildlife including a wonderfully diverse range of mammals many of these mammals such as Paddy melons and echidnas are frequently encountered foreign.

The bird life is plentiful and many species are readily observed some of tasmania's birds are endemic to the island and cannot be found anywhere else on Earth the beautiful swift parrot is endangered.

And the total wild population is estimated to be no more than 800 individuals tasmania's forests hosts a wide variety of species Robins are particularly well represented here and the males like to flaunt their spectacular plumage.

Birdsong fills the forest in the warmer months superb fairy wrens are abundant here and can be seen right across Tassie the males are unmistakable with their blue attire thank you one has to be well prepared here as the weather on the Apple aisle is.

Unpredictable and frequently changes without notice the birds seem to be unperturbed and life Must Go On tasmania's rainforests are pristine and beautiful inside they present as a storybook with tree Ferns and moss covered logs among the more challenging bird species.

To identify are the little brown birds they're affectionately known as little brown jobs or lbjs for short this one is a Tasmanian scrub ring a plump little bird which is mainly terrestrial thornbills a tiny little songbirds this one is a brown thornbill the similar Tasmanian Thornville a local.

Endemic can be separated by its prominent White undertale covets during our trip to the Apple Isle I spent many hours looking for an elusive little brown bird after several days of searching at different locations I finally tracked them down.

The scrub tit is an endemic species to Tasmania once I'd located them there was no doubt that I'd found my target scrubbed it sneak around the trunks somewhat mouse-like as they glean insects from the moss covered bark for the experienced birder they're somewhat reminiscent of a jerigany or a.

Tropical scrub wren a far North Queensland somewhat retiring by Nature they have a reputation for being difficult to observe initially scrub tits appear to be small brown birds with pale underparts a closer study reveals the white throat gray face and pale orbital ring.

Other features include a white patch in the wing and a distinctive down curve bill male and female appear identical in the field during our search there were plenty of avian distractions like this stunning pink Robin this is the male on his favorite perch.

Even a bird like this can be surprisingly difficult to see in the Gloomy Light of the forest one of Australia's best songsters the olive Whistler is more often heard than seen um.

Yellow wattle birds are Australia's largest honey eater they were aggressively protecting their territories to our delight at Lake Sinclair we found another pair of scrub tits and due to the more open habitat they were somewhat easier to track as soon as they'd appeared they were.

Gone Predators such as black currawongs are a constant threat to small songbirds further west around Strawn we experienced a rare fine day and predictably the birds began to show as the sun broke through Tasmania is the home to many honey-eater species.

Yellow throated black-headed and strong-billed honey eaters are all tassy endemics remarkably we were able to find another pair of scrub tips here we had timed our search well as the scrub tits were calling to each other making it easier to follow them through the forest.

Apart from their subtle sub cools some of their calls are surprisingly loud and they can be heard at some distance as they stay in contact with each other scrub tits also give a variety of gentle wobbles some almost inaudible to The Observer we'd had some good moments with this.

Charismatic little bird and this was the icing on the cake our hope is that they continue to thrive in these wonderful Tasmanian forests our search for this elusive little bird had been successful and we'd found many more wonderful Birds along the way.

Tasmania had been good to us the weather was predictably unpredictable but the prolific Wildlife exceeded our expectations I for one would be easily persuaded to return to this beautiful Wilderness called Tasmania.

thank you

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AUSTRALIA DOCUMENTARY 4K / TASMANIA Birds and Wildlife / Tasmania Island of Birds. #DiscoverTasmania