Black folks love to give their pets a middle name

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If black folks don't do nothing else they're gonna give their pet a middle name I was talking to my homegirl yesterday and she said her pet middle name is Amani Ma'am why are you giving that dog a human middle name so I tweeted this and let me tell you what she is not alone this dog is Zoe Gladys Johnson David Alexander Jones Davey this.

Is Darla Renee Hodges Renee Carter James Williams Assad of Nakia Wilcox Enzo Devonte Wesley kylo Jamal Walker Bruce Leroy green Wilson Cooper James Davis James Roman Tiberius first of his name d Alexander Miss Irish Jean-Jacques desaline patil she must be Creole Cypress Damien Campbell Bentley Marie.

Roberts oh my gosh Maddie Mae Godfrey Paul Timothy Jr Cha-Cha Monique Smith Nala Lachelle uh Knight Octavius Smith I mean you get it these people is black also this is the monterius Rowan Frederick so I'm no different

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Black folks love to give their pets a middle name