Cassowary | The Deadliest Bird In The World

Meet cassowary, the deadliest bird in the world.

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This ancient looking bird is one of the closest descendants of the dinosaurs meet cassowary the deadliest bird in the world they are the second biggest and heaviest bird in the world after the ostrich which also part of the ratite family together with emu cassowaries can grow up to six feet or.

1.8 meters tall and they can weigh up to 167 pounds or 76 kilograms despite their big size and lack of flight cassowary can run up to 30 miles per hours or 48 kilometers per hour which is faster than Usain Bolt they have a pair of deadly razor sharp claws that can reach up to five inches long or 12 centimeters combined with.

Their muscular and Powerful legs cassowaries can deal a deadly blow although they are herbivorous cassowaries have been known to attack human in 2019 a man from Florida was attacked by a cassowary he owned as a pet the man was severely injured and unfortunately died after he was transported into the.


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Cassowary | The Deadliest Bird In The World