Cheetah 🐱 high speed Gazelle hunt  | CLASSIC WILDLIFE

Prepare for an incredible wildlife encounter as a mother cheetah chases down a gazelle to feed her hungry cubs. 🐆🦌 But the drama doesn’t end there – once the cubs have their hard-earned meal, they must fend off hordes of hungry vultures vying for a piece of the action. Watch as these amazing big cats navigate the dangers of the African savannah and protect their precious kill. It’s a heart-pumping adventure you won’t want to miss! 🎥❤️

Credit: John Varty | Aquavision TV Productions
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in order to feed two growing Cubs Fundy has to hunt every second day she targets a herd of gazelles her expert eye detects a slight limp in the left rear leg of an adult Thompson's male from this moment he will be her target he has in effect selected himself.

it will be a long and energy-sapping chase the experienced gazelle will sidestep dodge and weave past trees in an effort to throw funda off finally the gazelles injury is the difference between life and death after running 320 yards at an average of 56 miles per hour.

The exhaustive gazelles suffers muscle collapse in its injured rear leg for these sweeping Paul does the rest cautiously she avoids the dangerous horns only going for the throat when the gazelles head has dropped down the Cubs are in for a new experience although she drags the kill beneath a solitary Balinese tree within minutes.

The aerial scavengers gather it is essential that Fundy and the Cubs feed before too many vultures arrive large numbers of aggressive vultures have been known to drive a female cheetah and her cubs from their kill fundies problem is she's still too exhausted to feed immediately to keep them at bay funda charges the.

Vultures the bold of the two cubs imitates his mother it is only a matter of time before Fundy and the Cubs are forced to relinquish the kill to the persistent vultures

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Cheetah 🐱 high speed Gazelle hunt  | CLASSIC WILDLIFE