Dog Adopts Crazy Dog Named Bruce: Funny Dogs Maymo, Penny & Potpie Rescue Crazy Dog – Dogs

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Watch Normal Beagle Dog Maymo Adopt a Crazy Dog Named Bruce! Funny beagle dog Maymo and his cute dog siblings Penny and Potpie decide they all want to rescue a dog, so they surf the web until they find a cute, but deranged looking rescue pup named Bruce. The sweet dogs welcome the panting mutt into their home with open paws, but quickly question their decision as the adopted dog begins trashing their house. Bad dog Bruce breaks everything in the living room, destroying everything in his sight. Maymo tries to calm the energetic pup by giving him a dog toy, but Bruce tears the rubber toy to shreds within a matter of seconds. The final straw comes when Penny gives Bruce a dog bed, and Bruce destroys that too – clearing the way for the three cute beagle dogs to let Bruce sleep with them in the bed…even if they’re not sure of their new house guest, the three dogs are going to try and make it work!

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