Dog Saves Puppy from Giant Snake! Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie & Puppy Dog Indie vs Snake Invasion Prank – Dogs

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Watch Dog Maymo Rescue Cute Puppy Indie from a Giant Snake, and also Cute Puppy Dog Indie Battling an Invasion of Snakes Prankj, including a Giant 7 Foot, 26 Pound Gummy Snake! These Dogs are sitting on the couch when they are approached by a hissing snake. Funny Dog Potpie and Cute Puppy dog Indie immediately jump into action, chasing the remote controlled snake around the living room, until Indie has the scary looking snake backed into a corner! Just when the silly puppy dog thinks the snake prank is over, a GIANT gummy snake arrives, taunting the playing puppy into action. Funny puppy dog Indie can’t stop licking the world’s biggest gummy snake, which measures 7 feet long and weighs 26 lbs! The cute beagle dog can’t get enough of the blue raspberry flavor of the yummy gummy candy snake…and tries her hardest to eat as much as she can! Quickly, however, the giant gummy snake is replaced with an even bigger snake, a HUGE 20 foot long scary snake! Funny dog Maymo is first to battle this snake prank, and cute puppy Indie joins right in, until the huge scary snake is taught a lesson! Best gummy video you’ll see!

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