Dog vs Ghost Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Halloween Pranks – Dogs

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie vs Ghost Prank for Halloween! First, cute dog Maymo is eating his food when he hears a spooky knock at the door. When the funny beagle dog answers, no one is there…and even more curious, when he gets back to finish his meal, he realizes his bowl is missing! As if this Halloween couldn’t get any weirder, Potpie the cute puppy dog is playing with a toy on the couch when creepy things start falling and breaking in the next room – and just like Maymo, Potpie’s toy is stolen right out from under him! When the dogs look to see who these pranks are coming from, they are surprised when two scary ghosts jump out of the closet! The fearless dogs chase after the wailing ghosts, jumping on them and knocking them down…even ripping one of the arms off of a ghost in the ensuing melee. Wait til the end to see the dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes, as they’ve now decided instead of fighting their ghost friends, the dogs now are dressed like the cutest ghosts you’ve ever seen!

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“Mysterious Forest” by Howard Harper-Barnes
“Ghost Stories” by Mike Franklyn
“Ghost Stories II” by Håkan Eriksson