Dog Walk round Delemere Forest

Took Blue our Cane Corso round the Forestry Commissions Delemere Forest, great place to exercise your dog and meet other dog owners, there’s plenty of paths to follow and a lake for dogs to dip in
So here we are at delir this is the lake it's quite a big lake as you can see and our intended plan is to walk all the way around it which will be interesting and there's blue she's enjoying herself cuz she's not been in woods like this before this is poppet.

Woods and I wish we brought some gloves so we see if they sell gloves at The Visitor Center oh by the way uh she down there F very big it's very big isn't it t yes oh you always had your face when be careful not that deep M she's walked out it.

Already and look at look at the tight of this steak the trees so was that F blue so uh in delir fo with blue and she seems to be liking it she keeps running around oh B got Tre they're definitely trying to flood all this area aren they all parts of it.

Oh and she back in with a very big lady col BL likes it around down forest cuz there's lots of smells for her but she's never smell before like um Badges and foxes and wolves and tigers and lions well that's what dad's told her dad's told her there's Lions here so she's enjoying herself hunting down.

Lions yeah Big L as she closes in on her prey small child and as they go up for the forest together come blue you remember I could been but you made me walk up here I could been investing the.

Water I just realized the camera's been put to the floor while I've been seeing all that there we are at dalir looking at the lovely artificial Lake whatever it is you dodgy little seagull and there we.

Go that's where we were ear on just over there

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Dog Walk round Delemere Forest