Dogs Find Haunted House in the Woods…Full of Zombie Kids!  Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie & Indie – Dogs

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Celebrate Halloween by Watching these Dogs find a creepy Haunted Schoolhouse in the Middle of the Woods! Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie and Indie are playing in the backyard, when they decide to ignore their owner’s warnings and escape out from underneath the fence. The three curious beagles find themselves in a haunted cemetery, and soon they are led to a scary-looking house in the woods. The dogs have no clue what they’re in for as they climb the dark staircase….and when they open the door, they are surprised to find a whole schoolhouse of zombie children! The zombie kids are on a see-saw, swing set, and playing Ring around the Rosie, not even noticing the cute beagles watching them…are they ghosts…or zombies? The dogs waste no time in handling these scary Halloween creatures, and their reactions will have you ‘dying’ of laughter! These dogs demonstrate that they know a thing or two about zombie survival! Happy Halloween!

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