Dogs vs Demon Doll Billy from Dead Silence: Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie & Indie Not Scared of Prank – Dogs

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Watch These Funny Dogs Find Evil Billy Doll from Dead Silence Movie, and Try Not To Laugh at Their Reactions! Cute dogs Maymo, Potpie and Indie are playing outside when they come upon a haunted garage, filled with eery dolls and scary skeletons. The dogs are totally creeped out by the haunted house and they leave quickly…unaware that they have been watched the whole time by horror demon doll Billy. The dogs go to bed, and wake up to the sound of heavy breathing, and when they see Billy, they run! Later on, when the funny dogs are watching their own prank videos on TV when they hear something strange again, and this time it’s Billy doing cartwheels and dancing in a creepy fashion behind the couch. When the dogs go to chase after Billy, they are surprised with an even bigger, creepier Billy Doll, who is using Billy as a ventriloquist puppet. Watch what happens when the ‘Big’ Billy throws a deck of cards at the dogs, who show no mercy in taking down the intruder! One of Maymo’s cutest, funniest creepy doll prank videos yet!

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