Dogs vs House Head in Real Life! Funny Dogs Maymo & Friends vs GIANT House Head Spider – Dogs

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Watch These Funny Dogs vs House Head in Real Life! Cute beagle dogs Maymo, Indie, Potpie and Penny are sleeping when their dreams are interrupted by a scary-looking spider with a house for a head (horror character of Trevor Henderson). While these dogs have had experience against Siren Head, Light Head, and many other monsters, they haven’t yet seen this one, and they are alarmed. The dogs run for their lives, only to find an even LARGER House Head in their living room, spinning webs. If the dogs had to judge Siren Head vs House Head, they would say this scary spider requires a little more creativity to defeat. Just when the dogs think that the giant House Head is gone, they are in for another surprise! Watch to the end to find out!

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