Dolphin Politics in Shark Bay: Kerplunk!

Video from 20 August as we discover, or actually re-discover, the amazing kerplunking behavior, where dolphins drive their flukes into the water to produce ‘plosive’ sounds that we think scare fish hiding in seagrass. Tossing a fish with seagrass at 2:04. At 4:00 my reaction to our first ever sighting of Chainsaw, a female whose dorsal fin was designed by a shark. At 5:18 kerplunking on 18 September with closeup view of a dolphin echolocating into the seagrass before a kerplunk. Beginning at 8:00 a sequence of scanning the bottom and a kerplunk right beside the boat–the splash got us! At 9:13 we jump to 8 September, 1995 when we returned with an underwater camera. 10:15 bottom-grubbing with a fish capture. 14:46 great close recordings with the ‘straining’ sound during kerplunking, and again at 16:09. At 17:35 two males rudely interrupt our filming to capture our kerplunking female. Another fish capture and toss at 21:35 after a series of kerplunks. At 23:45 she bites at a fish and misses but gets it on the next try and tosses it with a mouthful of seagrass. At 26:56 a sequence of three kerplunks captured by both above and underwater cameras, then in slow motion; note the initial low splash followed by the high splash. At the end (starting 30:03), a surprise!! Copyright © by D.A.P. Inc. All rights reserved.
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Dolphin Politics in Shark Bay: Kerplunk!