Entire Sea Animals Collection – Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Crab, Lobster, Seal, Walrus, Jelly Fish, Ray

Entire Sea Animals Collection featuring Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Crab, Lobster, Seal, Walrus, Jelly Fish, Ray, Hermit Crab, Dolphins and more. #SeaAnimals
Hey dan safarians i'm dan and welcome back to mind studio where i keep all my dinosaur models figures collector's item and today we will be sorting out my entire collection of sea animals right over here sea animal figurines this are not toys this are actually collectibles these are collector figures we will be sorting.

Them out into four different boxes okay so let's do it let's go okay guys so let's get started okay so the first one right here is actually a um flying fish let's keep all the fish you know in this box this it's a vdc dragon not too sure you know which box we should keep it in.

Probably here um a more ew all right let's put this right here um what is this a catfish this it's a lobster so let's put all the lobsters and crabs into um this box right over here and um this it's a.

Dewgong get a strut you know where i should put a dewgong probably with the um sea dragon no no no um i think right here okay and uh this one over here this it's a grouper a goliath grouper so it will go into the fish box.

this it's a blue crab and here we have a beautiful shock not too sure what exactly you know the species you know it is this it's a sea lion let's see what else we've got a scallop camera head shark.

This is probably a great white shark so this will go into the shark box megalodon a marble ray so let's put all the marble rays together with the crabs and the lobsters octopus okay this is a beautiful one.

I'm going over there for koi fish this is a sally light lightfoot crab definitely in this box right here all right this is a um i think this is a great white shark really beautiful one do we have any wheels you should have plenty of wheels this is a wheel shock.

Okay horse shoe crab this will go together with the crab box okay our first wheel of the day a um sperm wheel a huge lobster definitely going into that this is a um right wheel really huge.

Figure so you guys can see it's really heavy great white a reef squid what do you call this blue spotted ring going into this box.

Another great white man sorry let's see what else we've got a jellyfish i'm gonna put the jellyfish together with the you know all the sea animals the different tentacles an emperor penguin with a penguin chick.

A really beautiful figure spiny lobster are able to fit definitely another crap pilot will a narwhal which is a dolphin i'm gonna put all the dolphins together with um.

You know my wheels yeah so that is easier for us to like make future you know videos this is a what do you call this a swat fish i think or a sailfish i think it's a swordfish a warrior walrus i'm gonna put it um into this box.

humpback will okay pretty straightforward basking shock i think i got this figure from like you know the national geographic set it is kind of um worn out already mental ray again.

salmon fish yeah this is a nice one is this a leopard sue i think so let's take a look at the name yes this is the leopard so i'm going to put all the seals together with the fish or car or car which is a um.

Also known as the killer wheel so it's definitely going into this box right here lemon shark pretty old figure it's kind of like beat up the squid i think this is like from one of the um budget sets not the best looking no idea what this is probably a tiger.

Shark no i don't think this is a tiger shark tiger shark hair from stripes mega morph shock this is from the truck weak box this is a tiger shot for sure yeah i really like those figures with the names written but below because it's much easier for you to um recognize this is a worrish.

A um oh we're supposed to put a raise over there so the manta ray that i've put over here should be in this box so it goes along with this um this is probably i'm not too sure what this is to be honest a shark.

This it's a penguin um no idea what this is it could be a gen 2 penguin a spotted seal okay a nice one starfish a stingray um into that box right over there.

Okay this one is a pretty cool one it's a blue shark i got this figure not too long ago okay not too long ago that is a pretty old figure sawfish is sawfish a kind of shock oh dear i have no idea but i'm gonna put this together if the shock sucks this is a white wheel it's not a.

Beluga wheel it's a white wheel so this will go into the box with you know the other wheels this is probably a rubber gang which is kind of a shock another warriors i remember this figure i got this figure from hong kong i think.

Blind views victor will definitely go into the wheels box i think maybe next week or probably tomorrow we can do like a wheels collection i think that would be cool oh this is a uh hammerhead shock this is probably an emperor penguin or a kingpin green i can't really tell.

This is a manatee it would definitely go into this box right here yeah clown fish yep also known as the clown animal new fish gonna put this right into this box this is a dolphin.

Yeah i love this figure because it actually shows that the figure i mean the dolphin is jumping out from the ocean yeah it's a really nice one this should be a gray reef shock yes a gray riff shock definitely into the shot box this is a bonnet head shock.

Yep you know the head actually looks like the hammerhead but you know it's much smaller this is a sand tiger shark our one and only 7 tiger shark figure a uh small litter or car yeah do you guys know that this finn is supposed to be so long yeah it's kind of weird but it is.

It is real this is a blue whale okay this figure has been with me for many many years see looking this is probably i mean this could be i mean in my prehistoric animal shelf but yeah we can definitely put this into the.

Fish box jellyfish okay this is this has got to be our softest figure it's like really flimsy really soft this it's an atlantic white sort of dolphin so into the whale box i mean the wheel and dolphin box there will.

We have two narrow figures in our collection oh i think we have three of them actually this is a beluga calf yeah a pretty new figure i mean new acid we got we got it recently the blue shark okay a blue tang.

Yeah this is this is a nice one this is a um large mouth dash yeah pretty nice figure if you take a close look at this it looks really nicely detailed yep a manatee all right.

I think they're known as c cars if i'm not wrong and i feel that they look super adorable this is a bullshock apparently they can even be more aggressive than the great white shark nurse shock yeah this is a thresher shark is very easily.

Recognizable just because of this tail which is so long and the eyes are actually made like you know to be really big i'm not too sure whether that is the real case this is say will right hermit crab into this box right over there sorry for.

Throwing it but they will not be damaged for sure this it's an african penguin i think south african penguin is a chin strap penguin um pretty cool figure but it's kind of like you know it's not really well painted i must say ichthyosaurus um.

I don't think this is should we put this i'm just going to put it together with the whales and the dolphins there should be a bottlenose dolphin if i'm not wrong okay california sea lion i think yep the lobster.

We should remove this tag right now yeah let's do it um what is this a giant squid yes i'm not kidding you this figure is actually meant to be a giant squid but of course i know that that is not a huge figure i have no idea what this is this is probably like a carpet shock.

This it's a um gray black tip reef shock yes that's right short fin mako shock i think yeah we got this figure like only last year basking shark this has got to be one of the um heaviers shocked in our collection it looks small but it's actually made from really hot and heavy.

Material i have no idea what it is probably like resin this is a mink wheel uh one of our latest you know edition ball head will yes really huge one i think we have two bow head wheel figures this one is um okay both has non.

Articulated jaw i thought you know one of them can actually move but no seal a mini dugong all right what is this okay this is actually from a japanese brand uh i like this it's kind of nice it's a mini blue mega wheel.

Of shock i really love this figure a lot i'm i'm not sure why probably because this is all like you know what i want you know just one of our few mega moth and do you guys know that mega mob sharks they are extremely rare and hard to find this is the great white yeah i can't remember you know when we.

Got this a rockhopper penguin i really like this penguin the hairstyle just looks so adorable um what is this african penguin oh hamburg penguin i beg your pardon.

A sea horse i think this is our one and only seahorse figure octopus and um this ray right here i think they're from the same set what's this another great white yes we have plenty of great whites in fact great whites are actually my.

Most favorite l sea animal this is a african penguin wow we have so many sea lions okay another one right here a really tiny hammerhead shark this is known as the genghis river dolphin i've never seen one of this before i'll.

Probably like google it and take a look at it um a video of it this is a shock ray i'm gonna put a short gray together the sharks although i don't really know whether they are actual shots this is a robber gang okay this came along the shock weak box of fruit shark.

Fruit and um hammerhead right here um this has got to be our biggest dolphin um figure looks really weird to be honest why is there like you know why is it like a line over here it looks so funny in a hole over here this is probably.

Like damaged i think border nose dolphin yeah i think this is crushed what happened to this did i create this dance no idea this is known as a newly branch um a cow nose ray this will go into this.

Box right here this it's a uh z brush up i've no idea where this is correctly done because it doesn't really look like a zebra shark this is probably uh one of the species of a compact shock and i think we got this figure from a chocolate wick box um a shark ray for sure.

This is a tiger shark okay a tiger shark you can see the stripes pretty old figure oh yeah this is one of our very very old figures we had this like you know when we first started again surprise um it's probably like 2014 yeah a small little nail this is a relatively.

New figure that we have just added to our collection like not too long ago ammonite this is also a pretty new figure hammer head shock baby it doesn't look like a baby but you know they actually painted the eyes to look so adorable which is kind of um you know cringy um a great white this is a beautiful one.

A clown fish okay another clone fish is this nemo i think so i think so it looks so adorable um this is a frog fish.

i can't even tell what this is it's probably a blue shark this is a white tip reef shark a lobster a bamboo shock yeah this is probably a zebra shark yeah destroyed.

leopard seal i think yeah i think this is a leopard suit a box fish one of the cutest you know sea animals basking shark wow this is a um gray whale yeah nice one really love all this little not too sure what you call them.

A um beluga wheel all right let's see what else we've got this i have no idea what this is guys no idea that's a shark a uh probably an emperor penguin or a um king penguin in our car this one looks very weird.

I know that this fin of the your car is long but this one just looks out of place vaquita yep i should probably do a search on you know for twitter so that i can actually watch the video of it because i've never.

Seen one before or beluga wheel and this it's a borderless dolphin but the colors looks a bit off i feel a tiny little probably a zebra shark of no idea this is one of our very very old great lights.

This is our oceanic white tip reef shark you know we have we are probably like running out of shocks to buy because i basically purchased every single available shocks out there leopard shock a mini hammer hat what is this guys are more selfish.

This is a pygmy sperm bill yes right a small little more ew i'm gonna put this right into this box let's bring the box closer um a penguin cheek i've no idea you know what is the exact species probably an emperor penguin a rock copper.

Penguin this it's a let's see what is this a pacific one nice the pilot will i think we have two of these similar figures angler fish okay this is uh i'm not too.

Sure i think this was actually from a set from toys r us called animal zone probably uh beluga beluga wheel and octopus and we have two tiny little sharks which i have no idea what species they are they are probably like.

I think this is a great white for sure a maury ew this is probably a bottlenose dolphin let's see yeah it is another dolphin let's take a look at the breed and this i mean the species is just written as a dolphin.

Oh i accidentally placed this dolphin into the wrong box um oh dear i have no idea i can't remember the name of this this is like an elephant fish i can't remember guys we have our king crab right here this is not a spider crab this is a king crab i.

Mean if you guys do not believe so i remember one of you guys actually scolded me in the comment section below for calling this a king crab yeah this is in fact written as a king crab right here guys so one of you guys actually scored at me for how dare you call this a king crab.

It is a spider crab but guys this is a king crab um a great white yeah it looks more like a green white shark and i mean the great green shark and our last one is.

Actually like a mini shock oh well two we have two attacks right here which we we should throw away so thanks for watching this guys so yep um i'm done and i'll see you guys in the next one goodbye

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Entire Sea Animals Collection - Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Crab, Lobster, Seal, Walrus, Jelly Fish, Ray