Entire Sea Animals Collection – Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Turtle, Crab, Squid, Dugong, Eel, Fish

Entire Sea Animals Collection – Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Turtle, Crab, Squid, Dugong, Eel, Fish, Beluga, Moray Eel, Manta Ray, Orca and many more.

Hello all dance friends today i'm going to show you guys my entire sea animal figurines collection guys i'm not kidding you all of them are right over here i think we have like close to maybe even 500 different sea animals in this pile right over here okay let's get started alright guys so let's begin by sorting.

Out all the sea animals right here the first figure it's actually an octopus okay next we have a polar bear caught i think there are like close to 500 different you know sea animals right here if you guys are able to count for me i think that would be really cool and this it's a ball head wheel okay.

What about this one right here this is a blue crab from safari ltd and here we have a tiger shock that looks really good i think this is a 1991 figure from um safari ltd and here we have a gray wheel i think right.

Let's get this biggest and the batters megalodon you know in my collection out of the way you can basically fit it with like really shocked figurines and even put this into its mouth like this might be a bit too big but you can still retrieve it from the underside of the body.

Okay so that's the big bad megalodon for you and right here we have a sea turtle okay and a dark sea turtle let's see let's put this right here a wheel shock this is a pretty new wheel shock that was added to our collection like a.

Couple of months back brown crab right here we have a squid okay and not a polar bear car that looks really adorable all right this huge one is actually a spiny.

Lobster guys a spiny lobster another really huge figure a hum back wheel it has a movable jaw which is pretty um awesome okay next a jellyfish right.

Another mini lobster figure i think this is from collecte it's really realistic so i think it's a really really great figure let's see what else we've got right here okay um we have a stingray all right stingray.

and this is a narrative you guys know that this is actually an overgrown tooth this is supposed to be a giant squid i know that it's not really big but it's supposed to be a giant squid a blue spotted ray okay a reef squid you can see there's plenty.

Of tentacles and they are actually like translucent which is kind of cool this is a sperm wheel yeah you can actually recognize this by the very squarish looking head another lobster yes we have plenty of lobsters in.

Our collection you can see it's two pencils and if you do a comparison with the yom spiny lobster you can see you know there are great differences angler fish okay interesting this is a large mouth bass.

A bow hatch wheel we have two bow head wheel figures mink wheel yeah we got this like pretty recently you can actually recognize it by the really really unique patterns on his body this it's a great wheel a really huge figure and a pretty heavy one 1991.

Figure goblin shark you can actually recognize this with a very very sharp snout okay let's see what else we've got a spotted seal all right and this is a mandatory i had um the really great chance to.

Actually swim with um you know to actually swim with some manta rays you know a couple of years back this it's a leatherback sea turtle okay and this it's a dugong it always reminds me of a manatee.

Marble ray they got his name from the patents on his body that actually resembles the texture of a marble we have an emperor penguin right here with a little cheek standing right below a humpback whale.

Great white shark okay it's actually one of my most favorite sea animals an octopus turquoise colored octopus another great white shark this one right here should be a zebra shock that's right sperm wheel with a movable jaw flippers.

And um a tail and our car also known as a killer wheel okay camera shock you know it has a movable head right here and the fleeing the fins can move the tail as well pretty nice figure and this it's a camps richly sea turtle.

Baby very adorable looking a hammerhead shark baby and this is a salmon um i think many of you guys actually know that you know we do humans do eat a lot of salmon as food this is a horse shoe crab this it has been around since.

Dinosaur times like a few million years ago this is a manatee so previously i've actually shown you guys a dugong they do have some similarities in terms of the appearance this is a blind views big wheel a dolphin.

Most likely a bottlenose dolphin okay another wheel shop so we have two wheel shock figures as you guys can see i love both of them i think both of them looks equally um awesome so do you guys know that real shocks.

They are actually filter fitters they don't really attack they're pretty gentle and dosau or car okay all cars on the other hand are apex predators they can actually take down a will by their own you can see this fin is really really oblong.

A red octopus this should be a leopard seal all right another lobster a starfish catfish it actually uses whiskers to help it find its way.

In the very very murky water short film maker shock you can see it has a very aerodynamic looking body another car right over here a beautiful great white yeah this is a really beautiful great white shark.

Figure walrus we have two of them oh we have three of them let's take a look at this three walruses all right this one it's from safari ltd this one is from schleck and this one has no brand so you guys know that walruses they can actually use their task they would actually anchor the task.

Into the ocean sea floor while they dig for scallops for food yeah very interesting right all right let's move on what do we have here this one it should be a say will yeah that's right ichthyosaurus not exactly a um you know.

I mean it's a prehistoric sea animal okay hermit crab a very interesting looking sea animal that has its own shell okay very cool a mini orca mini killer wheel and this is known as the oceanic.

White tip reef shock this should be a longer head sea turtle oh it's just a sea turtle a beluga calf all right a huge humpback wheel this is one of our latest addition to our sea collection sea animals.

Collection the great white another great white shark right here this one has a movable head polar bear hammer head shock okay really beautiful one whale shock.

Right this is a scalloped hammer headshot basking shop okay a basking shark this it's a harmed back wheel oh it's actually a gray wheel i pack your partner a great wheel really beautiful one.

This is a garlic grouper you can see it has like very very thick lips and mouth so it's a very significant you know look of it pikmi sperm wheel is actually a very small sized wheel it's roughly the size of a dolphin.

Vaquita purpose they are critically endangered if i'm not wrong they are less than 10 left in the world right right now another basking shark figure red ear slider not exactly a sea animal because they can also live on land this is a sand tiger shark yeah you can.

See it is actually one of the most ravenous eaters of all time leopard seal okay leopard seals they can be pretty aggressive i've actually seen you know videos of leopard seals attacking boats yeah boats.

You know which are carrying people this is a blue shark a mako shot i beg your pardon okay and this is actually a gray reef shark right another really adorable looking shark.

see what else we've got this is a blue shark so we got it we got a previous one wrong and this one is a laminate shock it basically got its name from the color of its skin you know lemon shark because it has a yellow tint.

And this is a green ray i'm not too sure what this is it could be a ghost shock this is a mega mouth shock yeah it's really really rare and you can only find them like really deep in the ocean really.

Really deep goblin shark another one of the very weird looking sharks around chin strip penguin you can see it has a very unique stripe across the chin area okay.

Okay what is this this is an african penguin you can easily recognize it with the you know the pink pink colored areas around the eyes a small little sawfish this is what we call call a fruit shock okay we got this figure from the um.

Playset ac horse really beautiful one and um another dolphin this is probably a bottlenose dolphin extremely intelligent extremely friendly another goblin shop figure this is a really beautiful one yes this is how a.

Goblin shop looks like especially when they want to eat the prey or when they want to attack the parade it will actually stretch their mouth forward that looks like this it's really really weird looking but very very interesting i must tell this is a sally light foot crab.

Okay clean crab and um this is a silo camp which is a prehistoric fish yeah well we have two of them right here so narrow wheels are basically you know this spear looking is basically an overthrown tooth.

Very very interesting another great white shark sawfish they basically use this song like too to capture its prey very interesting um.

Not exactly sure what this is it could be a bull shark and this is a loggerhead sea turtle cool pacific white soda dog oh atlantic white soda dolphin this dolphin it has a very unique you know yellow color across the body this is a hop seal.

Okay shock rain interesting very interesting looking shock another car yes we have plenty of raw cars i must tell you a great white once again we have plenty of great whites this is a very interesting sea animal is.

Known as a beauty branch and yeah it looks like a snail to me this is nemo clown fish clown animal fish to be exact and this it's a bullshock bull shops are basically.

One of the um more aggressive types of shocks around koi fish koi fish are very very you know incredible some of them can believe up to like 200 years old i'm not kidding you this is known as a rubber gang which is a kind of shock.

Flying fish guys flying fish this it's a white tip reef shock it's different from the oceanic white tip rip shot the oceanic right roof shock the graduation of the white is actually much smoother for this is more distinctive this is known as the right will.

The reason why it is known as the right will because when hunters actually haunt them their carcasses actually float to the surface of the water of the sea making them you know easier to haunt and um yeah given the name like the right wheel the right type of wheels will to hunt yeah it's a very very weird.

Animus i must tell you a jellyfish another basking shark this is a sea turtle baby very adorable looking this is another great white one of the very very weird figures in my collection because you know it has so so much compost around the body.

Polar bear cup this is a zebra fish but i'm not too sure whether this is supposed to be accurate you know it doesn't look like a zebra fish i mean a zebra shark yeah it doesn't look like one and um here we have a humboldt penguin all right and this is a blue whale.

Yep this figure has been with cars for like one of the longest time this is the um black tip roof shock another manatee okay and this it's a.

Blue wheel it's right another hammerhead shock it looks really beautiful it looks like a lamborgh because of the colors this is one of my most favorite good white shop figures okay.

I really love this i love how they have actually sculpted the face to make it look a bit more um less attractive yeah tiger shark we have two of the similar figures we dc dragon guys we dc dragon i've actually seen them in my local aquarium this is a mini tiger shark i think.

Mini tiger shop another really beautiful clown any morning fish um this is a sea lion okay pilot will.

There's shocked you can actually easily recognize this by the two fan-like structures you know in front of the face this is an african penguin south african penguin which is sliding blue tang this fish it has a.

Very cool ability it can actually adjust the intensity of its blue in its body yeah so some of some are actually in lighter shades of blue some are darker more ray used they love to live in like little creeks and um cracks and little holes okay.

This is a beluga wheel and this is a white wheel it's a different you know different sea animal a mini okay it's not this is not an arrow this is actually a genghis river dolphin small little more ew a dolphin this is known as a cow nose ring.

Interesting looking um california sea lion another great white shark oh no this is actually a megalodon this is a great white it's from the shop playset not the best looking one this could be a type of compact shock.

I'm not exactly sure what it is this is a bonded control can see this hammer head is actually shorter than the hammer headshot so it's known as a bonnet headshot um no idea what this is it could be like a pointer shock another great one this one has been around for many years.

Another clown fish we have a couple of clownfish in our collection i think we have like maybe three to four this is actually a beluga calf a bottom nose dolphin calf small little figurine.

This one should be pacific white side of the dolphin i'm not sure let's take a look yeah pacific white cider dolphin this is probably a fruit shop it could be move all this forward.

Bring my tripod forward as well this is a penguin i have no idea what this is it could be just a you know generic penguin this is a bamboo shop you can see the patterns on his body probably got his name from the pandas on his body that actually resembles the patterns on the bamboo plant.

This one right here is a leopard shock yep a swordfish a lobster this is known as a frog fish guys frog fish they can actually use their fiends to sort of like walk on the ocean.

Seafloor which is kind of cool probably a pointed shock mega mouth shock from the shark week playset box fish this has got to be one of our cutest most adorable sea animal in our collection you know the body shape really makes it.

Looks like a box beluga will okay a small little penguin cheek that looks really really adorable this is known as a thresher shock another sea lion this.

It's most likely an emperor penguin or you know maybe a king penguin a shark ray i have no idea what this race called let's just call it the black spotted ray rubber gang another emperor penguin a man sorry.

Okay this is known as the sea ammonite i think let's take a look at um you know whether there's any name written right on it this is called the ammonite which is a prehistoric sea animal just left with some minifigures this one it should be.

A bottlenose dolphin the colors looks very weird small little more ew small little bottle news dolphin this one it could be i'm not sure i'm just calling this like a blue shirt we have two similar hammer hats here.

Hammer headshots this is maybe maybe a zbrush pilot i have no idea what this is guys i need the help of you guys to name this.

Beautiful fish if you guys can help me out that would be really really cool this is a google all right probably a great white could be a bull shark i'm not sure probably like really.

This too uh also this is probably like a blue shark and um right here and our last sea animal figuring of the day is actually this one it looks like an ew it looks like a snake i have no idea what this is.

So guys thanks for watching this so you can basically see these are my entire collection of the um sea animals hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you guys like this you know longer versions of my videos let me know down below i'll be happy to you know make longer videos for you guys.

Okay thanks for watching this i'll see you guys in the next one goodbye

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Entire Sea Animals Collection - Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Turtle, Crab, Squid, Dugong, Eel, Fish