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Today's video is all about the mystery eggs so Hannah's gonna open up the incubator and we're gonna see our first egg ever guys there's an egg right there you someone laid another egg be nice to your brother whoa whoa what is up everyone and welcome back to my channel I hope all of you guys are.

Having just an absolutely amazing day and for those that are new here well I'm Jacob and welcome to my jungle if you guys saw the title and thumbnail you will know today's video is all about the mystery eggs everyone has been asking for an update on the mystery eggs everyone's wondering whether or not this egg is fertile whether or not is going.

To hatch on out I'm going to be answering all of those questions today but before we actually head over to my sisters and check out that mystery egg well we've got to feed our emus and we're gonna go look for some more eggs so I just made it into my feed room and here it is this is kind of where we store all the food for the animals so.

This area right here is where all like the dry feet is stored so we have all of our stuff labeled we already got our emu food ready to go and then this is our refrigerator where we keep all the fresh produce everything in nice container so this is where all the monkey food is stored and this is where the dry goods are stored so monkey biscuits emo food.

And this is kind of our little food prep table that we have and here is our emu bucket we're gonna open this on up just like that and voila we're gonna get enough food for our two emus right here so we're just gonna do just like that and we'll probably do about two and a half of these big Scoops right here we got two.

And we're gonna do about a half scoop of this because we're gonna add another diet so we're gonna do just another half scoop just like that and we're going to be adding some of our game Feed diet here that we do for the emus as well unscrew that just like that and we're gonna do about two scoops of this right here and just like that and now that the.

Food is done we just want to mix it nice and thoroughly we want to mix the Emu diet with our game diet just like that get it nice and thoroughly mixed so now that our emu diet is ready to go we've got to go feed some hungry emus and hopefully find some more eggs one minute 37 seconds later all right so I made it into the emo habitat we have Shadow over.

This way and then I think ghost is ghost is somewhere this way yeah ghost is over there and we have our emu food so we're gonna take our emo food and we're just gonna dump our food right the bowl just like that now this should be a nice good amount of emu food because in addition to the Emu food that we have here they actually have a variety of grasses and.

Weeds that they graze on the emus love eating these little flowers and there's actually a cherry hedge right here let's try to find some of the cherries you can see we have a surname Cherry head right here which gives off these little edible berries which they actually really like to eat so we got Shadow coming over to eat our food Shadow you coming to eat.

You love your food hey ghost come here Mr ghosty come here ghost is walking away ghost did you lay some more eggs for me pretty girl so this is Ghost my tame female emu as you can see I have her pretty much trained on command to actually come and sit and lay you could see she's just the greatest Bird right here guys there's not many emos that are.

This tame so to have an emu this tame it's just the coolest ghost is hanging out here Shadow is eating the emufu but now it is time to actually search for the egg so the last egg that we found was actually right over here so we're gonna start at Ground Zero and check out over this way we got Shadow Chad are you eating your food can.

I pet Shadow come here Shadow please guys he's not friendly so this little area right here is where we found our last eggs and I'm just moving the grass back and forth and guys not sure if you see it but there's nothing over here so we're just going to kind of scope the enclosure um this is kind of like cut down pretty.

Well so we'd be able to see if there was any eggs over here which I'm not seeing too much so we're not seeing anything here I already looked over here where ghost is hanging out so let's actually head over to the back pen and see what we can find eyes be calm ghost shadow be tame oh no hey be nice to your brother whoa.

Whoa whoa whoa dad calm down there is an emu standoff going on right now could be the battle of the eggs ghost shadow I mean Shadow a ghost get on back guess what you get on back and you go that way boy you go that way leave your Emu from you friend alone go away go guys there's an egg right there.

You see it ghost oh it's someone laid another egg but the emus are crazy going absolutely insane Shadow is going to the egg trying to Peck it hey don't don't break your egg look at that oh yeah baby look at that we got another emo egg but the question is which one of you laid this egg was it ghost or was it Shadow guys this is so cool finding another emu.

Egg here today so this one actually looks a little bit darker the other one's got a little more like greenish to it this is just like a really dark color this is so cool guys finding my own dragon eggs you can kind of see that texture on them but honestly I'm not sure which one it was but this egg is darker so maybe Shadow laid it so.

There's a couple of things that I can do with this egg I'm definitely not gonna tell my sister Hannah I'm just gonna surprise her with this egg but we're not sure if any of these eggs are fertile or not so we can either try to incubate this egg see if it hatches out or we can crack it open and cook it guys let me know down below do you want us to try.

And incubate and hatch this egg or do you want us to cook this egg let me know down below I'm gonna go to my my parents with this egg I'm gonna surprise Hannah and then we're gonna decide what the heck we're gonna do with this thing one hour later all right so I just got over here to my parents house and I am about to surprise.

Hannah has no idea Hannah Hannah oh my gosh Hannah I've brought a surprise here today Hannah I brought a surprise in this box what what do you think it is I don't know all right hold the Box we're gonna I'm gonna let you open it in a second but I want to show everyone the Bengal kittens are getting so big hi little Bengal kittens these.

Are honestly the coolest cats look at these like little mini Tigers right here what are their names Hannah Nala and Nova that's right I totally forgot that so Hannah oh my wait come here little Nova look at the pattern on this beautiful Bengal kitten I mean I definitely want to get some of these from my own house this but Hannah has.

Some babies I'm definitely gonna get one look at these little guys so cute people are always asking me how they can have exotic cats well guys I never recommend exotic cats as pets but Bengal cats are regular house cats that actually look like little leopards so if you guys want a crazy exotic cat well guys get yourself a bangle all right Hannah you.

Ready to open your new gift your new surprise yes Panda's ready Hannah wait what what do you think it is I have no idea Hannah has no idea but are The Bangles are Nova and Nala interested in what's inside of here I actually wait I'm gonna give you a hint I actually found it at my house I found it what is it though just open.

It just open it oh my gosh this is so funny I have no idea you see another one well yeah pull it out pull it out oh oh yeah we got another emu leg here today Hannah had no idea that I was bringing another emu egg I wanted to keep it a surprise I wanted to get her live reaction this is insane isn't it insane we're gonna be eating you parents oh my.

Gosh I hope it's fertile I hope it's fertile too our Nova and Nala interested in it I think they're more interested in the box so now that I surprised Hannah with her new emu egg Hannah you know what time it is right what's incubate it incubate it so guys we're gonna head to the garage we have our other emu egg everyone's been asking for an update on.

It you guys are finally gonna get an update on the other emu egg we're gonna answer the question of whether or not this emu egg is gonna hatch out and we're gonna get our New Egg Set up and ready to incubate all right so we just got out into the garage with our new emu egg honestly I'm so happy you know that we found this it's crazy crazy that we.

Have these dragon eggs I've always dreamed of having emu since I was a little kid so to finally be able to have these eggs well it is just the gray greatest blessing to be able to do this now you guys know we actually collected another emu egg and Hannah's been in charge of it Hannah's been taken care of yeah yeah so Hannah's gonna open up the.

Incubator and we're gonna see our first egg ever oh my gosh so the reason why we're not opening it fully is we don't want all the heat to escape because we're incubating it wait wait bring it out here into the light I haven't held this egg in a couple of weeks I'm so warm guys this is our first emu dragon egg so the biggest question of all the.

Question that Hannah and I are asking the question that you guys are asking is whether or not this egg is fertile and is going to hatch now typically with tortoise eggs with iguana eggs and just eggs overall even regular parrot eggs are actually able to Candle the eggs and what that means is you'd actually come to the egg right here and you'd actually.

Shine a flashlight on it when you shine that flashlight it'll actually illuminate the problem with the Emu eggs is these eggs right here are so thick and dark that it's literally impossible to actually see whether there's growth or development on the inside so it's basically a guessing game for us here so we're gonna actually shut the lights off.

Now I'm gonna to show you guys the difference between candling this emu egg right here and then this chicken egg that I have in my pocket because with the chicken egg you'll be able to see on the inside but with this emu egg it's gonna be really hard so right now we're in the dark and you can see our beautiful Inuit so Hannah put your light.

Up to the egg so we can kind of see it so right now you literally can't see anything but put it up on the chicken egg right here you can see that we can actually see inside of the chicken egg we can see all of these imperfections inside of the egg and you can actually see that round little sphere inside the chicken egg up on the top you see how.

It's a little bit darker right here that right there is showing the actual yolk of the egg developing but on this emu egg right here you can't see anything you guys saw it firsthand it's literally impossible to Candle these Emu eggs so we're just hoping that they're fertile right here all right Hannah open up the incubator put our first emu egg back in.

So the First new egg is gonna go I guess we're gonna switch sides we're gonna put that one there and then we have our second emu egg our Dark One the brand new egg right in here now we're able to tell which is which because this one is obviously significantly dark marker so the Emu egg is in place now for those of you that don't know about these.

Incubators that little circle right there is the the thermostat which is going to determine the temperature and then those heating coils right there and those heating coils right there are what actually heats up to a nice warm temperature of 95 degrees so Hannah's going to be incubating these eggs and how often are you actually turning them.

I'm trying about like about five times a day four to five times a day on the one egg now the first now the new egg is gonna have to be turned a little bit more and then when you're actually incubating bird eggs unlike reptile eggs they actually have to be turned in order for them to grow and develop the eggs are in the incubator.

And hopefully in about 60 days we're gonna have some baby emus and while that my friends is going to end today's episode I hope all of you guys did enjoy watching today's video on whether or not these Emu eggs are gonna hatch we're hoping they're gonna hatch we're hoping for the best but we are prepared for the worst so guys if you enjoyed today's.

Video please make sure to give this video a thumbs up comment down below if these eggs are indeed going to hatch on out and guys if you're not subscribed yet to me or my sister and you want to see tigers lines Turtles and tortoises and all kinds of crazy animals well guys all you have to do is go right now in the description and click the link.

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