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In this segment of On Location, Coyote falls head first off a CLIFF!

Yes you read that correctly. This horrific cliff fall was the result of a missed jump while filming b-roll for an episode of Breaking Trail in Arizona. Talk about a scary accident! Not only does Coyote fall backward with great force but he also lands on his head over 15 feet on the rocks below. YIKES!

So does Coyote survive this major mishap? Get ready to find out!

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– [Camera Man] Action. – Oh dear god! (tribal music) – As the sun drops toward the horizon, golden light casts across the rugged boulders and picturesque landscape. Which makes Tucson, Arizona one of the most epic filming locations in the southwest. The Brave Wilderness crew and I love.

To visit this location, as it has provided an incredible backdrop for many of our desert episodes. And while most of the dangers we have faced are covered in scales or stingers, it is often times the environment that poses some of the most dangers. Cactus spines are an obvious landmine. But what you don't realize, is the terrain is laced with sharp jagged rocks.

Many of which, can easily twist an ankle, or worse. Every time we visit a location, we face the challenging landscapes, so we can get the best and most epic looking B-roll that we can. However, sometimes these shots don't go according to plan. And all it takes is one little slip for a single shot to go very, very wrong. – Oh dear god!.

– [Camera Man] Are you okay? Did you land on your pack? – Yeah. – [Camera Man] You hurt your arm? – Nah, I'm all right. – You sure? – Yeah. – Dude. – That was a thumper. Did you get that on camera? – [Camera Man] Yeah.

– Okay, let's take one more look at that missed jump. This time, in slow motion. I nailed my launch point, full projection off of my left foot. I cleared the gap, but landed on a rounded outcrop, and slipped. When I fell, the momentum toppled me backward, and I flipped head first right off the cliff. I did a complete reverse somersault,.

And landed with a thud onto my head, shoulder, and pack. Every one in a while, guys, I miss a jump. And I just landed funny, my foot slipped, and I literally fell about 15 feet. I messed up my elbow pretty good, back first into the rocks. Filming the show is dangerous, we're just doing B-roll shots right now. And that one was bad, messed up my hat a little bit.

Couple scars for the hat, couple scars for the arms. But I'm okay, and you're all gonna see that video, and go. You can actually hear my mom screaming in the background. That's probably the farthest drop I've ever survived. – [Camera Man] Let's see how far that is. You were going head first. – Head first. – All the way down. – Head over heels all the way down, landed in this hole like this. – [Camera Man] So let's take a look and see.

How, what that looks like. – Guys, this isn't soft. This is rocks. Whoo, hurt my shoulder a little bit, but all risks of making Breaking Trail. And this is why you never want to come out here and jump around the rocks like you see me doing. Just a B-roll shot, and sure enough, that one almost got my life.

Whoo, that was a close call! Over the course of filming our Brave Wilderness shows, I've sustained many injuries. And whether they were bites, (screaming) pinches, (screaming) or stings. (screaming).

The majority of them have been intentional, so that we can learn about these animals. However, when it comes to environmental injuries, like falling into a cactus, or being hit by a rogue wave, these are usually the worst. And trust me when I say, I am no stranger to using a trauma kit. The good news, is that I have managed to walk away.

From all of these mishaps. And we always make it a point to show you how we clean up the aftermath. The good news is that Coyote Peterson bounces. Still not something that we aren't gonna break out the trauma kit to clean me up. Here, can we check this out. This arm has taken a beating on this trip to Arizona. Swollen elbow, velvet ant sting, tarantula hawk sting.

(screaming and grunting) That's actually worse than an alligator bite. (grunting) Just a temporary field clean up. I put my elbows down first, elbows took all the impact. And then of course, all of that shock, trauma to my shoulders. Fortunately I didn't dislocate my shoulder, but I can promise you guys this much,.

It is going to be sore in the morning. Well, we learned a really valuable lesson tonight, Coyote pack. When you are out there in the wild, whatever you do, do not jump from rocks. Because if you land wrong, you may fall as far as 15 feet, if not more. End up with some major bandages, or quite possibly without your life.

I'm Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild, we'll see ya on the next location! All right, let's go get me an ice pack! – You are in trouble! – Looking back on this nearly tragic fall, it is fair to say that I have learned a very valuable lesson. Jumping boulders just simply is not necessary to make our episodes look any better.

So don't be surprised if in the future, you see me walking, and not jumping through the environments. If you thought this On Location episode was extreme, make sure to go back and watch my accidental run in with the Teddy Bear Cholla. And don't forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the crew on this season of Breaking Trail. – [Crew Man] Think happy thoughts, one, two, three!.

(screaming) – Oh, wow! That one hurt. (tribal music) (birds chirping)

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