The kite is an beautiful chicken of prey and certainly one of my private favourite birds. Related all through the world with a wide range of constructive and detrimental meanings, starting from thievery and vermin to divinity and motherhood, the kite is breathtaking within the air and unmistakably clever and social when noticed in pairs or household items. There’s far more to say concerning the unbelievable kite, so let’s waste no extra time on the preamble!

Kite Symbolism and That means

Kites are beautiful members of the hawk household who are sometimes seen hovering over grasslands, very like the toy of the identical title, particularly through the hours of dawn and sundown. They’re surprisingly sociable and infrequently roost in giant colonies. Some kite species are migratory while others preserve the identical territory all year long. In any case, the kite is an typically neglected magnificence throughout the Accipitridae household. (1)

Kites are sometimes related to thieves, maybe as a result of scavenging behaviors of sure kite species. In actuality, although, scavenging kites do far more good than hurt and have been discovered to maintain streets away from rotting particles. So, kites could also be interpreted as representing criminality, however they could additionally symbolize cleanliness, helpfulness, sociability, or somebody who’s misunderstood. (2)

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I’ve typically noticed White-tailed Kites hovering low over fields with their legs outstretched to grab up prey and their sharp cry ringing via the air. The kite can symbolize imaginative and prescient, acuity, focus, and talent.

Kites are very defensive of their nests and their nesting behaviors contain a number of distinctive and engaging quirks. Mississippi Kites are identified to construct nests close to or containing wasp nests. It’s thought that the wasps shield the weak younger kites from predators. Moreover, most raptors expertise violent sibling rivalries. Kites, although, are cooperative and peaceable with their siblings and should preen them from a younger age. (3)

Kite Native American Symbolism

Kites, hawks, and eagles are consultant of safety, power, braveness, desires, medication, and knowledge in lots of Native American cultures. (4)

Kite Celtic Symbolism

In a lot of the European world, together with areas inhabited by Celtic cultures, Kites have been considered vermin. This is because of quite a lot of issues together with scavenging behaviors and a misinformed perception that kites might threaten livestock. Because of this, a number of European areas have seen Pink Kites diminished to extinction or near-extinction. Attributable to comparatively early intervention by Welsh conservationists, the Pink Kite has been preserved in Wales and from Wales has managed to make a comeback in the UK. In 2007, a ballot selected the Pink Kite as the favourite candidate for Wales’ very personal nationwide chicken. (5)

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Kite in Desires

Dreaming of a kite typically represents one’s targets and the trail one has chosen. The kite might not be the biggest or strongest of raptors, however they’re wonderful hunters with eager imaginative and prescient and wonderful focus. Dreaming of a kite hovering via the sky might point out the significance of flexibility or endurance within the days to return. Kites comply with the move of air currents till the proper second to descend upon their catches.

Kite desires might also symbolize household and a want to construct and shield one’s own residence.

Kite Encounters and Omens

A kite encounter signifies a religious message that one must obtain as a way to develop. The kite is a hanging animal whose look in a single’s life encourages awe, appreciation, and introspection. Upon encountering a kite, one must be grateful and permit the universe’s message to information them onto the best path.

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Kite in Mythology & Folklore

In mythology all world wide, kites are considerable. The next are just some of the extra vital or attention-grabbing cases of kites in folklore, myths, and tales.

Native American Mythology:

Birds of prey are, basically, related to braveness, safety, would possibly, and knowledge amongst many Native American tribes. Kites, as members of the hawk household, “Accipitridae,”  will be understood by inspecting a number of the many hawk associated myths all through Native American cultures. (6)

The story of White Hawk and the Star Maiden is one such hawk fable. I need to rapidly observe that only a few hawks with primarily white plumage are present in North America, nonetheless probably the most commons kite species are predominantly white in coloration. I discover it believable that White Hawk refers to a kite species. On this story, White Hawk is an distinctive hunter who finds one thing mysterious throughout certainly one of his hunts. This mysterious object is a basket within which twelve singing sisters descend from the heavens every day to bounce. White Hawk is straight away enamored with the youngest sister and finally tips and captures her. As his bride, the younger maiden from the sky grows to like White Hawk and the 2 produce a son collectively. At some point, although, the maiden decides to take her son as much as the heavens to satisfy his grandfather, the chief of the celebs. The 2 are gone for a really very long time, and White Hawk is sort of distraught to be separated from them. In time, although, they return from the heavens and inform White Hawk that the chief of the celebs needs him to affix them within the sky and to carry as many animals with him as potential. So, White Hawk hunts each animal that he can and brings a chunk of every into the sky. There, the chief of the celebs is so happy that he permits everybody in attendance to decide on one animal half from White Hawk’s catch. Those that select fur or claws ae immediately reworked into the animals they selected and descend to earth. White Hawk and his household every select a white hawk feather. Within the type of white hawks they soar via the skies by no means to be parted from one another once more. (7)

Hindu Mythology:

Based on Hindu mythology, the Brahminy Kite is an particularly vital animal. This chicken is usually although of as the identical creature because the “Garuda.” The Garuda is the sacred vessel of the god Vishnu and is an important sacred image inside Hindu cultures. (8)

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Egyptian Mythology:

Based on Egyptian mythology, the kite is among the kinds that the goddess Isis typically takes. Isis is the mom goddess of the Egyptian pantheon. Born from the union of the gods of the earth and sky, Isis fell in love along with her brother, Osiris, who turned king of the Egyptian gods. When Osiris was murdered and dismembered by their different brother, Seth, Isis searched the earth for every remaining piece of her lover. Utilizing her highly effective magic, she revived him and collectively they created an inheritor. (9)

Osiris got here to rule over the dominion of the useless while their son, Horus, dominated the world of the residing. Horus is regularly related to birds of prey and is usually depicted as a falcon or as a person with a falcon’s head. As for Isis, she is usually depicted with wings which encircle and shield the individuals of Egypt. It’s stated that she took the type of a kite when she traveled the earth looking for the scattered stays of Osiris. The cry of sure kites sounds considerably mournful. This mourning cry is typically related to the anguish Isis felt when her lover was slain. (10)

Via its affiliation with Isis, the significance of the kite can’t be overstated. Isis is among the precept deities of Egypt and thru cultural change has turn out to be an nearly common image of fertility, regality, and divinity. Variations of Isis have been worshipped in Greece and Rome and thru this have influenced the cultural development of a lot of the Western world, alongside the civilizations which initially worshipped her. (11)

Japanese Mythology:

Based on legend, Emperor Jimmu, the very first emperor of Japan, was assisted by an imposing golden kite. Emperor Jimmu battled the fearsome Nagasunebiko as a way to discovered his nation and make the world a greater place to stay. In his closing bloody battle together with his enemies, Emperor Jimmu was up towards an unimaginable wrestle. Abruptly, the sky turned utterly darkish. A shining golden kite appeared within the sky over the battlefield and led Nagasunebiko astray in order that Jimmu might lastly finish their battle. It’s stated that this kite was despatched by the gods, even perhaps by the solar goddess from whom Jimmu had descended. (12)

The picture of the golden kite is usually related to the Order of the Golden Kite. Membership into the Order of the Golden Kite was awarded for bravery and management throughout the Japanese army. The order turned a longtime award in 1890 however was abolished in 1947 by Allied forces after the conclusion of World Battle II. (13)

Greek Mythology:

A number of of Aesop’s Fables function the kite. Aesop’s Fables are a group of quick tales, principally that includes animal characters, which show vital ethical classes. The tales are attributed to an historical Greek slave named Aesop, nonetheless many consider that these tales date again even farther as an oral custom.

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One of many fables which options the kite closely is the story of The Sick Kite. On this story, a kite which may be very unwell begs his mom to hope for him altars of the gods in order that they may present him with the blessings crucial to flee loss of life. His mom scolds him and reminds him that the gods wouldn’t be focused on serving to somebody who has spent his days pilfering choices from these exact same altars. The ethical of this story is to be variety if you end up not in want of assist when you intend to depend on the help of others when misfortune comes for you. (14)

One other kite fable is that of The Kite and the Pigeons. On this story, a gaggle of pigeons are determined for reduction from the vicious kite which has been attacking and devouring them. So, the pigeons retreat to their loft to cover. Annoyed, the kite calls out to the pigeons and explains that they’d don’t have anything to concern if solely they’d title him as their king. Then, the kite might stay of their loft and shield them from predators. Satisfied, the pigeons welcome the kite inside the place he instantly begins consuming his fill. An alternate model of this story begins with a kite attacking the pigeons and the pigeons asking a hawk to affix and shield them. In any case, trusting a chicken of prey was a deadly mistake for the pigeons. The story’s ethical warns towards in search of safety from the identical forces which threaten you. It’s also a strong political allegory which highlights the very actual risks of predatory leaders which act towards the curiosity of the individuals. (15)

Lastly, Aesop’s Fables contains the story of The Eagle and the Kite. On this story, a younger kite occurs upon a good looking however melancholy eagle. When the kite asks her why she appears so forlorn, the eagle explains that she needs to be married however can not discover a single chicken who can present for her effectively sufficient to be her mate. The kite insists that he can present no matter she wants. He even tells the eagle that, for her love, he might catch them an ostrich for dinner. The eagle fortunately accepts his provide to turn out to be her husband and supplier. On their first day of marriage, although, all of the kite might catch was a single measly mouse. Annoyed and hungry, the eagle requested the place her ostrich dinner was. The kite admitted that he would have stated regardless of the eagle wished to listen to simply to earn the possibility to marry her. This story reminds us that for the sake of affection, individuals will do or say outlandish issues! (16)

Kite Spirit Animal

In case your spirit animal is the kite, this means that you’re formidable, loving, clever, centered, and reserved. The kite is dedicated to its nest and its younger, however soars above different birds. So, the kite spirit animal is normally present in introverted individuals who kind deep relationships with their closest family members.

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Kite Totem Animal

The kite totem animal is related to introspection, therapeutic, and desires. Folks with this totem animal have wealthy internal lives and spend a lot of their time deep in thought. For individuals with the kite totem animal, exploring one’s personal internal self is as fulfilling as another journey. Folks with this totem could also be vulnerable to lucid dreaming.

Kite Energy Animal

The kite energy animal is related to fertility, motherhood, and creativity. The kite has the ability to construct connections and preserve concord. Folks with the kite energy animal are fiercely protecting over their family members and are sometimes drawn in direction of parenthood. They’re typically inventive of their hobbies and of their skilled lives, however typically see the household as the last word act of creation.

Kite Tattoo That means

A kite tattoo might symbolize imaginative and prescient, focus, or talent. Moreover, such a tattoo can point out somebody who feels misunderstood or mischaracterized.

For a Welsh particular person, a Pink Kite tattoo could also be an expression of nationwide satisfaction. For a lot of different cultures, a kite tattoo could also be an expression of the person religious significance that the kite holds throughout the tradition in query.


Lovely and fierce, the kite is certainly one of my absolute favourite sights towards the deep blue of a night sky. Hopefully, this text has helped you to understand this distinctive chicken as a lot as I do.