What’s the distinction between caribou and reindeer? Trick query – they’re truly the identical species! Rangifer tarandusalso referred to as “reindeer” in Russia and Scandinavia or when domesticated, and caribou in North America, are the identical long-legged herbivores we all know and love (particularly if we made the “Good Record”).

About caribou

What do caribou appear to be?

There are a number of subspecies of caribou, however typically caribou are giant with antlers and quick tails. Caribou can develop to be 1 to 2 meters lengthy and 1 to 1.5 meters excessive and weigh between 130 and 700 kilos. The woodland caribou, which lives within the boreal forests of Canada, is the biggest of the subspecies. Caribou coloration can vary from the brown of the woodland caribou to the snow-white of their arctic counterparts.

The place do caribou dwell?

Caribou dwell in boreal forests and arctic tundra areas of North America, Asia, northern Europe and Greenland. In Canada, they dwell in all provinces and territories besides Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Enjoyable information about caribou

  • When caribou sense hazard, they stand on their hind legs and emit an odor from their knuckles that warns different caribou of bother.
  • Caribou can journey greater than 5,000 kilometers a 12 months – greater than some other land mammal.
  • Caribou hooves are hole to make it simpler to dig up meals and flat sufficient to behave like snowshoes.
  • Each female and male caribou develop antlers, making them the one members of the deer household to take action.
  • Caribou are wonderful swimmers and infrequently cross rivers and lakes throughout migration.

Caribou Threats and Conservation

Regardless of their huge distribution, these majestic mammals are an endangered species. Their populations are declining dramatically as a result of local weather change and growth, which is having a damaging affect on them habitat and meals safety. Of the 51 caribou herds dwelling in Canada, not a single one is rising and at the very least 20 are declining.

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