X: X-Bugs, Peter Porker

A 12 months after DC comics launched the all-animal superhero collection Captain Carrot And His Wonderful Zoo Crew!, Marvel adopted go well with with the one-shot comedian Marvel Tails, that includes the adventures of costumed critters like Spider-Ham, Captain Americat, and Hulk-Bunny. That concept was later spun into an ongoing title, Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham, which was extra a selected parody of the Marvel universe, versus Captain Carrot’s basic riffs on superheroing. Ergo: the X-Bugs, a group of mutant bugs with such not-so-clever names as “Wolverine-Bug,” “Colosso-Bug,” and “Professor X-Bug.” As with a lot of the Peter Porker characters, the X-Bugs weren’t rather more than a easy joke, however they had been an cute one—particularly for anybody who’s ever needed to see Cyclops, Storm, and Nightcrawler with tiny antennae. [Noel Murray]

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