Animals Saving Other Animals

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I'm wicked wombat and welcome to my channel a dog saves a drowning deer come on oh boy give give a baby polar bear rolls into the deep end this dog tries to help out his fish.

Friend a zebra is recorded rescuing its baby from a lion attack my god you got it soon you got it a dog digs out a chicken from the snow.

A golden retriever drags his buddy out of a fight oh there we go pilot are you for real right now violet drop the duck drop it.

A smart monkey manages to save its baby from a well a generous duck feeds some fish in a pond a buffalo defends its calf from two lions.

A dog saves a bird drowning in a pool check out this heroic moment of a monkey reviving his partially electrocuted brother foreign a dog rescues a cat from the freezing cold.

you a swan is recorded feeding a shoal of fish uh a lioness rescues an abandoned antelope calf he's checking out the merry way.

A dog is recorded trying to help some fish a dog is recorded defending his cat friends a pig rescues a baby goat.

Oh rusty you gotta be careful oh you don't want them having a rabbit you rush gentle yes really a herd saves one of their own from a pride of lions um.

Uh a tiger adopts a goat and protects him from the other tigers a dog steps in and breaks up a cat bite a clever dog frees a monkey from its cage.

here is footage of wildebeests protecting their cats from wild dogs a kitten tries to help a trapped puppy out of a pit a cat raises some chicks as its own thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe and have a great day.

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Animals Saving Other Animals
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Animals Saving Other Animals
Animals Saving Other Animals