Can One Chicken Hatch 43 Eggs?

I got a call from a friend: for two weeks all eggs had been disappearing and now a chicken was gone too. After a short search, I discovered what was going on. Their 5 chickens had found a new place to lay their eggs, and now one of them had decided to incubate them all. πŸ™‚ Very sweet, but impossible. Eggs will warm up a little, start growing and then cool down and stop growing. Warm enough to not die, but too cold to grow. In a situation like this, only a few will hatch, if any …and you know me…
The next hurdle was getting the mum to accept all of the chicks… I know this can be done, especially if I can make the chicks feel the warmth of their mum.
One last tip: mark already incubated eggs with an X. Like this you will be able to check what are fresh laid eggs by other hens.

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Can One Chicken Hatch 43 Eggs?
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Can One Chicken Hatch 43 Eggs?
Can One Chicken Hatch 43 Eggs?