New Sea Animals – Shark, Whales, Great White Shark, Humpback Whale, Hammerhead Shark, Goblin Shark

New Sea Animals – Shark, Whales, Great White Shark, Humpback Whales, Hammerhead Sharks, Goblin Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Dolphin, Octopus, Orcas and more.

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Hey guys I'm den and welcome back to the basement Dino dungeon so today we will be adding a brand new sea animal set to our articulated sea animals figurines collection right here okay so you guys should know I have a box which I keep some of this sea animals instead of um this drawers right here okay so we are very excited to be adding new species to.

Our collection let's find out together what type of shocks and wheels they are so let's do this alright guys so let's shift all of this figurines away and let's have a closer look at this brand new set right here okay so it doesn't have any brand we basically got this from a China online.

Store it is not the best quality figures but I feel they are very beautiful when it comes to the coloration as well as the sculpt okay so I'm gonna take a pair of scissors let's try to get all of the figures out of the box okay so let's do this let's let's begin with the dolphin first okay I think this is actually actually quite tight so we definitely.

Need to cut the strings loose for sure wow okay I think we've got the first figure out what type of dolphin is this not too sure it doesn't look like a bottlenose dolphin but it should have the name written right below so let's have a look together okay Northern right whale dolphin this is the first time I'm actually hearing.

This breed this species of dolphin okay Northern right will dolphin I would definitely find out more about this dolphin for the next video very beautiful one let's place this right here let's get our next item out our next sea animal art I think let's go with um this wheel right here guys okay I think this is this requires us to cut.

The strings Loose as well but this pair of scissors is not exactly very strong it's very hard for me to um cut the strings loose so let's have a look together so what is this it looks like um a gray whale to me but let us let us untie this for now okay let's get the metal strings which.

Is like basically like the wires out of um let's release oh it's very difficult so we definitely have to do it like later on okay let's have a look at this you are able to move the jaw very cool it also looks like a hardback will to be honest yeah I think you guys must be shouting.

Out to me then just remove it save the dolphin save the will let's try this yeah there you go okay beautifully done wow you can see the flippers or the fins are really big and of course it comes with a movable too so make a guess guys is this like a harm back wheel or a gray wheel or a blue whale let's have a look.

Together okay it's basically the humpback whale like what I've mentioned because I recognize the little bombs on his body so we have a right whale dolphin right here which um you know Northern right wheel dolphin to be exact of course a harm back wheel the harm back wheel is.

Actually a new addition to um the articulated sea animals collection okay so let's get this little octopus out of the box as well this is pretty tough you know the tentacles is actually tight very very um tightly to this it's not easy for me to cut it as well and try my best to cut it.

Yeah there you go so yeah I think I'm holding the scissors a bit dangerously so you have to get your parents to help you I mean if you're a kid watching this video okay so what do we have right here a beautiful octopus one two three four five six seven eight eight tentacles Arc basically means eight so yep octopus right here octopus are well known for.

Their camouflaging abilities okay next up let's get this robber gang rubber gun rubber gone out of the um okay maybe this one first this one I have absolutely no idea what this two small little sea creatures are and um you guys can see I'm struggling to cut the wires loose okay so we have two fish um I was going to say they could be fox.

Face rabbit fish but I'm not too sure but you can see there is like some names written right here so let's have a look wow it's a butterfly fish I can't really see what card drop ear drop year drop butterfly fish wow I've never heard of this species of um fish before so yeah I mean if you guys.

Have seen this before or heard of this before please comment down below down below okay so we have our very first year drop butterfly fish very cool I like it next stop let's get this out this should be a carpet fish a kind of a carpet fish it looks like a wobber Gong so let's have a look together a green rubber gong.

I suppose let's have a look spotted robber gone nice okay we do have a couple of rubber gongs in our collection so this is basically a new one um you know in our collection very cool okay let's get to see corals out of the way as well.

Che so what do we have right here is there any name or indication of what this specific corals are let's have a look name for this but you can see it is a beautiful cornrows um some of them are in purple some of them are in green of course you can find.

Some seashells right here as well beautiful pop see corals okay next up we have to get the shot out of the box which I don't think is easy because it is tight tightly over here so I'm gonna use mine um scissors you guys can see this scissors is not exactly very strong.

So it's very very difficult for us to get this up I probably have to pause the video for a bit alright I managed to get it up finally so let's have a look at this oh my goodness is it is written as a um scientific name I service oxyrinkus I have no idea what this is.

But um it definitely looks like a Mako shock I'm gonna do some research on this is oxyrinkus to check out what species this is okay so I have figured this out okay so I basically Googled I series oxyrinkers and it's basically the scientific name of a short fin Mako Shark you guys.

Should have seen my short film maker shot before right in my you know sharks collection video so yep we do have a new short fitted Mako shock so if I'm not wrong this is actually only or um this is only the second of our short film maker shop figure yeah very cool okay so what do we have right here humpback whale figure shot spin nickel shop a new.

Figure and of course we have the northern right wheel our first Northern right rail we have an octopus and we also have a year drop butterfly fish I've never heard of this species before so what we are going to do next is basically to take a look at our collection of the sea animals that we have placed you know inside this box.

Okay so let's have a look of them together at the end of the video I'm probably gonna give you guys some updates of what's coming up next on Dan Safari as well as Dance surprise so what do we have right here um this is a shock basically it could be a great white shark or it could be potentially known as a Megalodon I feel.

Okay this one it's um a shock which is from the Imaginext collection I think it's a pretty cool one it comes with wheels so you can check this out okay if you move this shock right on the table you can see the tail will move along as well very cool and you can see it's moving the tail from sideways at a very very.

Fast speed okay very cool and it also comes with an you know movable jaw that you can actually press right here you know the flippers the fins can move as well very very cool figure I would say okay let's see what else we've got we have another one which is very very cool we got this from Toys R Us Toys R Us in my country is still open so.

It's a goblin shark so you can see a lot of shocks they actually have multiple rows of teeth and they have the ability to grow back its tooth um I mean its teeth if um you know they go missing yeah so here's another one very cool um it comes with a button on top which is awesome I love all this.

Figures with articulation with buttons to move or car alright also known as the killer whale they are extremely strong and powerful they are basically the apex predator they can even take down Wheels which are much larger in the size than them okay and speaking about size what do we have right here guys the big bad Megalodon yes it's basically the.

Prehistoric shock which is 10 times the size of a modern day shock okay yep here's the Megalodon as you guys can see plenty of these and every single tooth if it goes missing you know due to probably like attacking its prey will grow back which is very very incredible okay next up another incredible sea animal what is this this is basically.

Their selfish you can also call it a SWAT sailfish because it actually has a snot which looks like a sword it's very sharp and of course they can use this SWAT looking feature on his body to capture his prey very cool next up we have another dolphin I'm not too sure what is the exact species of this particular dolphin it could be a.

Bottlenose I think it may not be a bottlenose because I remember about a nose dolphin they have quite a long snot this one could be a pink dolphin yeah probably okay next up we have two more all cars as you guys can see all cars they are basically Dolphins as well extremely intelligent but they can be extremely.

Aggressive as well they are the apex predators um and they hunt in pots pots basically means like groups of dolphins groups of um yeah so they basically hunt they basically hunt in a group and they are very very efficient as well okay next arm let's have a look at the hammerhead.

Sharks okay we have two exact similar exactly the same similar um figures right here hammerhead shark it comes with a movable head movable two and movable fins the the fin on top can't be pressed okay so hammerhead sharks they are well known for their Hammerheads I mean obviously right and you guys know that they can actually use.

The hammer hit to pin their prey down while feeding on them so that is the use of the hammer hit it is extremely useful so this large hammer hit is extremely useful to pin down Stingrays and other Ray fish okay very cool okay I'm gonna put the hammerhead shark into the box next stop we're gonna take a look at two more great whites okay uh you know I was.

Trying to press the thin because I'm still used to pressing some of the fins you know to move the jaw but this too doesn't have um you know a button on this top so we have two great white shark right here great whites are at extremely powerful shots I would say and of course they are they can be quite dangerous as.

Well okay next stop goblin shark right here it has got to be one of the most hideous looking shocks ever okay okay when they can only be found in the deep ocean waters when they are not feeding this is act this is actually how they look like without the very in uh you know.

Um terrifying jaw but once they are going to feed on some fish I mean on its prey they will extend their mouth out like this which can be quite gruesome looking and quite terrifying right okay next up what do we have right here oh my goodness this is this isn't supposed to be in this video because I was just going to show you guys like you know the.

Sea animals with the articulation but this is actually like a whale shark eye thing yeah a whale shark it looks like a shock but it is actually a whale shark I mean it looks like a great white in some ways speaking of great white we have another one this is actually from um you know either purple or Schleich and I've kept one of this you know inside this.

Box because we have we already have one in um the drawer and you know it's taking up too much space so yep here's another great white shark this is actually from if I'm not wrong bully Lane here's another great white and this one is from Peppo but I'm not too sure.

Whether this it's an original couple product or it could be a bootleg here is another will what is this wheel is this a gray whale or a blue whale let's check it out oh it doesn't say it basically tell RSD scientific name which is known as a um Brolly not Terror.

Yep I can't see because the words are extremely unclear Berlin upterra um I can't really see what is this the third ladder from here it's okay it's basically a will right and here's another occur all cars this feeling right here is actually very prominent it's very tall and very.

Straight up as well here's another octopus figure I mean it's not another this is this was basically the one that we have opened up let's have a look at this this is a squid okay it comes with um move overhead who cannot exactly movable you can't really move them that much the tail can't be moved that much as well.

I'm hoping to find like a name because I'm just going to call this a squeak if I can't find a name let's try to find it is there a name written inside nope the reason is there a name written on the fins oh yes right here guys check this out wow it is another scientific name and it's.

Extremely tiny I can't even read this guys it's too small way too small but it's fine it's a beautiful figure okay real shot guys check this out this is like the first real shock of our video I mean you have seen the rubber rubbery one but this one has uh the movable head the movable jaw slippers.

Two it's also from the same set so it's basically return is um scientific name right at the bottom written codon typers cool cool name cool scientific name I would say so that brings us back to the new figures once again so Carlos spotted rubber gong.

Ear drop butterfly fish I've never heard of them so very good I'll be researching about this sea animal right now after this video okay humpback will pretty happy that um they actually write um the name right here instead of the um scientific name which we have no idea.

What it is so here we have the northern right wheel dolphin I'm super happy with this figure because this is our very very first Northern right wheel dolphin of course short film maker shot this is our biggest shopping maker shop in our collection ever okay guys so yep so thanks for watching this guy so I'm basically placed all of these figures.

Okay guys I've basically placed all of this sea animal figurines with articulation in this box because they are huge yeah thanks for watching this perhaps next time you can do another video of all of these animals right here okay thanks for watching this hopefully you guys love this video and if it did please give it a thumbs up share it.

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Send me figures to review you can also send me drawings and letters I'll be super happy and I'll be reading them when um you know in the videos as well okay thanks for watching this I'll see you guys in the next one goodbye

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New Sea Animals - Shark, Whales, Great White Shark, Humpback Whale, Hammerhead Shark, Goblin Shark
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New Sea Animals - Shark, Whales, Great White Shark, Humpback Whale, Hammerhead Shark, Goblin Shark
New Sea Animals - Shark, Whales, Great White Shark, Humpback Whale, Hammerhead Shark, Goblin Shark