Orca | The Killer Whale

Orca, also known as the killer whale, is the apex predator of the sea.

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When you're thinking about the apex predator of the sea some people might think about sharks but this animal eats shark for breakfast meet the Orca the ultimate apex predator they can grow up to 32 feet or 10 meters in length and they can weigh up to 10 000 kilograms or 22 000 pounds not only they have the physical ability.

To be Predators orcas are also some of the smartest animals in the world they've been given the nickname killer whale for a reason since they sit at the very top of the food chain they live in a pod which consists of 10 to 30 orcas they are the only known species that hunt great white shark sperm whale and.

They even hunt the largest animal in the world which is the blue whale a pot of orcas was observed hunting and eating a blue whale off the coast of Australia with a strong body combined with coordinated attack and Brilliant social structure make them the true ultimate apex predator.

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Orca | The Killer Whale
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Orca | The Killer Whale
Orca | The Killer Whale