Shoebill | The Living Dinosaur

Meet shoebill, one of the most unusual and cool birds in the world. they have a huge bills that look like a shoe

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Meet you Bill the bird that looked like a modern dinosaur and when you see them for the first time you might notice something different from other birds it's their bills and that's how they get their shoe Bill name since their bills look like a shoe aside from their weird beaks the rest of their body is also.

Weird looking like a match between ostrich's long legs stork's body and a square head which somewhat resembles a duck they have strong and sharp bills and they use their bills for hunting their prey items mostly consist of fish but they're also known to hunt snakes monitor lizards and even juvenile crocodiles.

They are quite large in size adult shoe bills can reach up to 140 centimeters in height with 260 centimeters in wingspan despite their large size they only weigh about four to seven kilograms unfortunately shoe bills are bad parents they only raise the strongest chick and often would leave the younger and weaker chicks to die.

Which resulting in their population decline

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Shoebill | The Living Dinosaur