Shoebills Sound Like Machine Guns

This prehistoric bird looks like it wants to murder you in your sleep. That’s probably why its gaze is affectionately nicknamed the “death stare. Known as a shoebill, this bizarre bird found meme fame because of its bone-chilling stare. Even Joe Rogan gave the shoebill a social media shoutout. But this bird has other captivating attributes. How big do they get? Why do they make such jarring machine-gun sounds? And if a shoebill gives you the death stare, should you be scared?

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this prehistoric bird looks like it wants to murder you in your sleep that's probably why it's gays is affectionately nicknamed the death stare known as a shoe bill this bizarre bird found meme fame because of its bone chilling stare even joe rogan gave the shoe bill a.

Social media shout out the craziest animal of all time but this bird has other captivating attributes how big do they get why do they make such jarring machine gun sounds and if a shoe bill gives you the death stare should you be scared.

Long before the shoe bill found itself on social media it appeared in ancient egyptian artwork because it's so common in the niles watershed areas now these creatures primarily call the wetlands of southern uganda and sudan their homes and because shoe bills don't migrate they've inhabited these regions for eons scientists often refer to shoe bills as.

Living dinosaurs they evolved from carnivorous dinosaurs called theropods the same group as the colossal tyrannosaurus rex over time shoe bills traded their sharp teeth and snouts for their large distinctive beaks these oddly shaped beaks are the bird's most striking feature.

And remind us of a dutch clog shoe it measures up to 30 centimeters long and 12.7 centimeters wide their bills are large and they're so strong that an adult shoe bill can decapitate a baby crocodile oh that is wet shoe bills are considered ambush predators they stand completely still in.

The water sometimes for hours waiting for prey to approach when a snack finally swims by like a tasty lungfish their favorite meal by the way they plunge bill first into the water cleaving their victim in two another striking feature is the shoe bill's intimidating size.

On an expedition to africa in 1840 german explorers were told by an indigenous guide about an unusual bird as big as a camel but with a bill like a pelicans they were the first europeans to hear of the shoe bill they get a gold star while the shoe bill is shorter than a.

Camel it's still a big bird they grow up to one and a half meters tall with a wingspan of up to 2.4 meters but only weigh around 6.8 kilograms about as much as a turkey in addition to being able to cut their prey in half the shoe bills engage in bill clattering which they use as a greeting and during nesting.

This is what creates the startling machine gun-like sounds they're known for shoe bills are also known for their strange ways of cooling down ghouler fluttering vibrates the throat muscles to dissipate heat a much more unseemly cool down technique is urohidrosis.

Or pooping on their legs to regulate body temperature as one does you'd think standing in water all day would be enough to cool them but to each their own i'm not judging i kind of am on a less disgusting note you hopeless romantics out there might be happy to know that these birds like swans and.

Emperor penguins are monogamous and although you might be scared stiff if a shoe bill gives you its famous death stare you needn't worry humans are predators rather than prey to the shoe bill a vulnerable species that is becoming rare the shoe bill's dwindling population is mainly due to poaching livestock farming.

And oil drilling these big birds are also targets of the exotic pet trade some private collectors reportedly pay over 10 us dollars to add a live shoe bill to their menagerie all right i want names and addresses one last oddity about shoe bills is that.

They invert their pouches beneath their beaks over their necks and chests when they yawn it's called glottis exposure and while this is a strange trait their pelican relatives do it too check out our episode on pelicans to learn all about it making machine gun noises and scaring.

People with their death stares is what shoe bills do and that's what makes them crazy creatures you

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Shoebills Sound Like Machine Guns
Shoebills Sound Like Machine Guns