Hatching Pigeon Eggs that were Not Supposed to Be

Pigeon eggs? Could I incubate those? Baby pigeons are so fragile.
I had to remove a nest. Two pigeon sisters had build it. Against all odds, two of their eggs contained life. I gave them a chance in my incubator. They turned out to be ugly… but so sweet.

It was a wonderful adventure to raise those pigeons and find them to be so much at ease with me. For those of you wondering… the food I gave them is made to mimic the crop ‘milk’ that pigeons produse to raise their chicks. The one I used is called Nutribird A21 (not sponsored)

I’m so lucky to be able to dedicate myself in taking care of these helpless creatures and sharing this with the world because of the help of our loving community.

All music through AudioNetwork:
Circles – Robert Bruce (SOCAN)
Childhood Innocence – Skaila Kanga (PRS) and Chris Egan (PRS)
Love In The Air 2 – Paddy Conn (PRS) and Angelina Dove (PRS)
Millionaires – Paddy Conn (PRS) and Angelina Dove (PRS)

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A big thanks to the golden eggs here are their names bye yeah you

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Hatching Pigeon Eggs that were Not Supposed to Be