Learn Sea Animals Wild Animals and Farm Animals Names and Sounds Along with This Big Shark

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In this video we have the big wild shark walrus snake seal koala giraffe rhinoceros tiger zebra lion wolf gorilla squirrel rabbit fox dog sparrow bison cow horse goat camel hippopotamus cheetah crab monkey antelope moose donkey duck eagle mouse bull and all wild animals jungle animals safari animals zoo animals stuck in our dino island mud ground. Subscribe to Dino Island Park channel for more Toy fun videos.


Cleaning: cow, dog, squirrel, fox, lion, seal, elephant, giraffe, tiger, snake, rabbit, koala, zebra, wolf, anteater, gorilla, lion, walrus, tiger, shark




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00:00 Intro
00:58 Cow
01:34 Dog
02:10 Squirrel
02:31 Fox
03:05 Lion
03:40 Seal
04:16 Elephant
04:58 Giraffe
05:43 Tiger
06:05 Snake
06:32 Rabbit
07:06 Koala
07:39 Zebra
08:23 Wolf
09:01 Anteater
09:47 Gorilla
10:25 Lion
10:52 Walrus
11:24 Tiger
12:04 Wild Shark
Foreign Island Park how are you I hope you all are fine and this video we have sea animals jungle animals and farm animals and this big shark walrus cow and all wild and jungle animals thank you.

so our first beautiful animal is cow the cow is a herbivorous animal and eats grass the fourth chamber in its stomach Health in digesting food the lifespan of a cow is around 20 years a cow needs around 4 horse a day to sleep foreign.

By human being and is the most common pet of men the Loyalty of dog makes it's a man's best friend they are playful friendly and loyal to humans and they listen and understand them next cute animal is squirrel squirrels live on all continents except Australia and Antarctica tree squirrels make their.

Homes in trees ground squirrels live in Halls under prayer eyes deserts and Fields squirrels are known for their Quake movements foreign next animal is fox foxes have very fine hairs called spines on their tongues which they use for purposes that include grooming their fur in this way the fox species is similar to felines which also.

Has the same type of hairs on their tongues and the next king animal is lion lion is a large wild animal of cat family and it is one of the strongest animal of jungle lion is called as king of changal because of its huge size and hunting capacity sleeps during day time and.

Hunts in the night and next animal is Seal when you think of a seal you might think of the animals that perform tricks at Water amusement parks but these animals are usually sea loins not seals sea lions have large front flippers which help them get around all land while seals are slow and.

Awkward seals are definitely made for swimming oh our next biggest animal is elephant they are the world's largest land animal you can tell the three species apart by their ears their trunks have made skills their Turks are actually teeth they have got thick skin elephants are constantly.

Eating next longest animal is giraffe giraffes don't need much sleep junk giraffes hang out in groups until they are 5 months old giraffes are super peaceful animals giraffes are all unique next wild animal is Tiger.

Tigers are fast Runners they are cats who love water they can draw but not poor there are six different types of tigers thank you next animal is cynic snacks smell with their tongues some snacks are when almost pet wipers since heat snacks have.

Hundreds of ribs they shed their skin foreign next q test animal is rabbit rabbit is popularly called bunny rabbits are in different colors rabbits have thick fur and shiny fur rabbit is small and fast rabbit is found in both wild and domesticated.

Thank you next slowest animal is koala koalas are native to Australia they live in the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia koalas are not beers koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves koalas are picky eaters foreign.

they eat plants and grass zebras are aggressive they mostly live in groups babies eyebrows or Falls are born with stripes which are mostly brown and white in color at the time of birth mushroom s.

Next animal is Wolf wolves have the long history of association with humans and are considered to be the largest member of the dog family thank you next long face animal is anteaters and Teeters have a large claws on their front feet which are used to tear up in.

Insectness and a powerful defense weapons sometimes often Teeter such as the college and detector can climb and live in trees and the next animal is Gorilla there are two species of gorilla eastern and western gorillas are very social animals who live together in groups gorillas can.

Wait over 200 kg and stand as tall as an average human I'm not sure next animal is loin the lion is a forest animal and is known as the king of forest the Roar of a lion can be heard from a distance of 5 miles next animal is Seal C loins are mammals.

That live mostly in Pacific Waters they are a type of seal the sea lion got its name because most males have mens just like the male noise that live on land foreign second last animal is Tiger there are six different types of tigers tigers look like they are wearing stripy orange pajamas but these curly carnivores are.

Fast strong and dangerous Hunters last water animal is shark there are over 500 species of shark sharks are apex predators they can vary dramatically in size sharks live in most ocean habitats thank you.

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Learn Sea Animals Wild Animals and Farm Animals Names and Sounds Along with This Big Shark