Giant Eggs in my New Incubator

Yes, the same ones as in Game Of Thrones!
I never vlog on this channel. This time I have to. ..

For the first time in my life I have a real professional incubator… and trust me that’s a big thing for me. And so are the eggs I got.

Well, even this awesome machine could probably not handle the required temperatures for real dragon eggs. Anyway, they turned out to be rather hard to acquire 😉
So I went for the next best thing: The most beautiful eggs I have ever seen. EMU EGGS
I finally was able to get eggs this precious because of the new professional incubator I finally have.
Please don’t worry about me taking eggs from the eggs I got from the Emu, they had more than the father (yes the father) could incubate.

A very very big thanks to the people at MS Incubators who sponsored me this wonderful machine to make videos with.

In case you are in need of a real professional incubator, in case you have very precious eggs to incubate, go and get yourself one of their machines.
You can find them here:
MS incubators (made in Holland)

And in English />
Txt in this video:

For filming I used a canon EOSD7 and an I-phone 5s

All our music comes from
Music in this video:
‘Fabulous Life’ by Dave James (PRS)
‘Soprano Swan Song’ by Arr. Ben Parry (PRS) and Alexander L’Estrange (PRS)
‘Full Bloom’ by Terry Devine-King (PRS) and Adam Drake (PRS)
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Je buik is dit is de big pink vormen en riri wie lijkt niets de first time in my live data heft real professional incubators jij router dit arrest is really good professional thermostaat.

It means it very precise die regulates de temperatuur jetzt insight incubate er en dertig man op de main reasons ja het is machines zo succesvol waren heb ik zo heb heerlijke kip en specialmade pers plex door zo eigen film wordt heb en ik blijf en hoe zou het openingen door een cooling-down die echt zo.

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nu nu een ben en.

zo dit is de company het scrollt net niet moe plek dus het schot m&s incubators it 6 heer broedmachines dat dat bleek d als lf de patch een engel is zo if you want real professionals zien godard iets iets in de discription piloot esselink.

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Giant Eggs in my New Incubator