Puffin | The Cute Clown Bird

Meet puffin, one of the cutest birds in the world.

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Meet one of the cutest birds in the world the puffins also known as clowns of the ocean due to their clown-like face and multicolored bills they are pelletic sea birds that can be found exclusively in the North Atlantic Ocean they feed primarily on small fish and.

Eels by diving into the water their wings are short and perfect for diving with great maneuverability almost like penguins they can hold their breath for over a minute and dive as deep as 40 meters or 131 feet they can also fly as fast as 88 kilometer per hour or 55 miles per hour not only cute in appearance puffins also.

Have a cute courtship dance in mating season to attract their mate puffins are monogamous they usually mate for life and a couple of puffins can stay together for over 20 years they show their affection toward each other by rubbing and tapping their beaks they raise a single chick called a puffling over the summer and return.

Every year to the same burrow with the same mate

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Puffin | The Cute Clown Bird