Adventure Force 40 pcs Ocean Life Bucket and Megalodon Shark Crunch & Carry Case – TOY REVIEW!

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The Adventure Force Shark crunch & carry and the ocean life bucket are great additions to the collection but overall Mason did like it but he prefers his shark toys to be more realistic looking.

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It's been swimming in the ocean I am in the dark deep yeah we got new toys all right what you got here what's that one turn it around let me see again all right Adventures adventure Force 40 pieces ocean life big bucket all right ages three plus we.

Got these from Walmart and this guy over here another adventure Force and this is the Crunch and carry shark cool all right Jerry shark what does it do what's inside oh what else is there.

Oh wow okay I think that's it does the shark open and close its mouth yes let's see show us oh it does when you press the fan press the fin again ah nice all right what did it come with the clown fish the clown fish cool and what else did it come with orange love fish all right.

Nice and what else baby sea turtle baby sea turtle okay and lastly oh Blue Tang very nice all right why don't you feed the fish to the shark and let's put it away and look check out the other container.

Oh there it goes Feed me more Feed me more delicious oh I'm still hungry oh yeah um all right all done do you like that one okay all right let's check out the bucket now there we go all right I love.

This came with 40 pieces all right let's take them all out start at the top what are you searching for oh what's that an enemy let's see it's kind of weird oh it's kind of weird all right there's an enemy what else did it come with oh what are those corals huh it's a nice blue coral.

Okay hey what else is in the bucket oh an octopus oh it's a big guy see it up close oh it's all bent from the bucket that's unfortunate look at that look at all bent it got.

Well there's the octopus all right what else in the bucket yes cool oh nice oh it is big oh look at that there's just all his teeth oh very nice all right I'll show a good Lego shark Surf and Mako yes.

For this guys what is it yeah strawberry Mako all right what's next oh what'd you get a baby octopus oh baby octopus oh look how tiny I'll tell you go there's a what's that green plant a sun starfish oh a sun starfish oh it's.

Tiny oh it is very tiny oh what's that oh a whale on orca so that's a wheel it doesn't really look like an orca but guys this is the Orca that came with it this is terrifying orcas don't look like this.

But that's an orca all right what else did you pull out what's that one what's this great white shark great white shark oh that's very scary looking looking okay it's a goblin shark oh it's a goblin shark guys all right it actually does look more like a goblin than a.

Great white all right that looks scary looking yeah that's scary looking okay what's the other one is that also a goblin oh two goblin sharks okay two goblin sharks guys what's that thing.

I'm gone shark okay all right oh what's that thing over there what the Hammerhead see with a hammerhead yes let's see it part here there's a hammerhead shark.

There's a hammerhead look at the eyes cool all right yeah they're plastic they're actually a little rubbery but pretty nice all right let's see the is that a crab what is that it's a club.

Oh it is Tiny all right this is a nice looking crab though all right oh nice sound effects a fine whale a flying whale yeah that one's not painted properly that one's not painted properly.

What's the uh next one there what's that one yeah what are those small things oh yeah oh look at that one oh let's look at that what is it a Melanie another anemone cool very nice let's put it with the other one all right what's that shark.

Or what's that that's a goblin that's a baby garbage a baby goblin shark all right I think it came with two of these right do you have another one yes another baby goblin shark another baby goblin shark all right maybe there's supposed to be great white sharks but the design is wrong seahorse.

Nice seahorse all right what else a whole bunch of stuff they become the baby seal what's the white ones what are the white ones yeah what are those white seals wait conceal oh okay all right let's see.

The other one is the baby yeah that's the baby there's a baby let's put the baby with his with his mama or is that Daddy that's my mama that's the mama all right what else did it come with it came with green seaweed yes all right.

Just plastic green seaweed guys not plastic oh okay what's that blue thing what's that one mako shark another shark fin Mako guys all right and quiet foreign oh we saw that tiny one already that was.

The wobbegone chart was that a Little Rock what's that over there the corner that's a walk oh it's just a rock okay came with this plastic Rock design oh so much stuff in this bucket all right what else is in there there's a starfish oh a starfish.

Okay this is very detailed and nice oh I like this one oh that's cute what is it it's a baby shark oh baby hammerhead shark oh it's so tiny and cute all right put it with the with the mom with Mama all right what else is in there.

There's a dolphin oh let's check out the dolphin what this is a weird dolphin design it's almost like they forgot that Dolphins had a beak and glued on a beak mommy doesn't like this one but this is a dolphin guys.

Looks funny okay what's next all right let's check out the sea turtles um sea turtle doesn't look that bad nice details all right what else is in there I think it's almost done right oh.

Some more seaweed all right baby dolphin oh it came with a baby dolphin now this is much better for the dolphin design look at that looks like it has a beak very nice here this is the other dolphin there's another clown fish oh another.

Clownfish wait well this one this came with one clown fish the other set has its own clown Fest oh two clown says okay oh that's good cute what is it a great.

White shark oh a baby one there's a baby one okay all right there's a lot of stuff so far there's a seahorse ah on the yellow one this time yeah they had they gave us an orange these are very nice what's in there.

Oh and it's a rock starfish a green starfish this time the other one it's a blue tape oh another blue tang and this set okay it's another walk oh another rock all right and I think that's it right or no.

There's more stuff in there oh just another rock and another rock and looks the last piece oh and the last piece is a rock wow look at all that 40 pieces wow do you like this set mace yes yes it's nice yes nice all right say bye.

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Adventure Force 40 pcs Ocean Life Bucket and Megalodon Shark Crunch & Carry Case - TOY REVIEW!