Sharks Collection – Salmon Shark, Megamouth, Great White, Thresher, Lemon Shark, Gray Reef Shark

Sharks Collection – Salmon Shark, Megamouth, Great White, Thresher, Lemon Shark, Gray Reef Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Goblin Shark, and more.

Hey guys I'm Jen and welcome back to the basement Dino dungeon okay so today we have a couple of new figures to add to our collection what is this I think this is like a will and this one I think it's a new shock so I'm very excited um so I think today let's just focus on one new figure let's add this shock into.

Our shocks collection which is right over here we have entire drawer of shocks collection okay so let's do this all right guys check this out so I've basically prepared every single figure of my sharks right here and today we will be adding a new shock to our collection which is known as a salmon shark our very first salmon shark.

Figures I'm super excited let's get right into it all right guys so let's have a look first at this brand new salmon shark okay so salmon sharks they are actually you know they can be found in the Northern Pacific Ocean they feed on salmon squid Herring and also saber fish okay so this is a brand new figure wow it looks really nice and this is.

Actually the first time I'm looking at a salmon shop I think this is a new figure let's see let's check out a date oh it's a 2022 figure yeah I mean it is awesome I've never had a salmon shop figure so this is our very first salmon shop figure um in our collection let's um read some facts about this shark salmon sharks are.

One of the only fish that is able to control its own body temperature yes they are able to control the temperature of the body especially the stomach which is very very rare for any fish as you guys can see this is a very nice figure yes our first our one and only salmon shock welcome to the collection okay next up let's take a look at it um some.

Of this shock figures I don't think many of you guys have seen every single one of them before this one is a pretty cool one uh we got this from um I think we got this like a couple of months back it's from Mattel it's quite a nice one you can see you know the flippers are able to like move the tail is able to move as well there's like.

Articulation right here very fun and of course it looks like like a very very durable figure okay this one has got to be my most favorite okay it is actually from like piano so it's a figure of a Megalodon it looks hyper realistic it looks super realistic it is actually a prehistoric shock as you guys can see it's not a great white and you can see.

There's like rows of teeth and you guys do that megalodons they are actually able to regrow there are teeth back when they loses um you know when they lose a tooth or you know or even more okay this one is a glob goblin shark okay very nice little figure it comes with this button right here yeah I call this the button you are.

Able to like press this Fin and the mouth will go open and close very cool all right next up what is this another great white you can see it's a really nice one with like teased two rows of teeth Below in one row of deep on top very very nice all right let's move on I think this is like one of the um older figures you know it looks kind of like.

Cheap cheap plastic but still quite a nice one for all of this we actually got it from an online store in um China you can see um you know it has like plenty of articulation and um yeah I don't think there's any brand to this but I think I feel they are pretty good pretty decent figures you can actually open and close.

The jaw but of course not much oops it actually came off oh my goodness the mob actually drop off yeah it's not like super high quality but you can see that there's like some nice details um in the figure yeah pretty decent figure I would say okay let's have a look at some of these robbery shocks not too sure what exactly you know it's a.

Specie of this shocks not not exactly sure but I think it's okay let's have a look at the others here we have another goblin shock I think this is quite a nice one it even has a name written right here which is cool okay I think it even has the arm scientific name right here we Queen.

Lutein I think that's a scientific name I'm not exactly sure we have a stretchable robbery hammer hit shot right here and speaking of hammer hits we have two similar identical ones over here so you can see it has like a movable hits right over here so plenty of hammer hits I think we have quite a number of hammer.

Hits this is a mega mouth shock right over here which are very rare shocks they can only be found like really deep in the ocean waters okay and speaking of another rare shock we have a what is this this is the um basking shock it is a future feeder it may look like super.

Intimidating with a mouth wide open but they are actually like super harmless to like humans Bonnet hit shark right over here you can see it also has sort of like a hammer hit which is you know similar to the hammer hit but this is actually a bonnet headshot it is actually like shorter in weave.

And um this is a pointer shock if I'm not wrong and here we have a nurse shark okay you can see this two thing like structures in front of the teeth this is a great white for sure 2016 Safari Ltd figure quite a nice one this one I think it's a tiger shark but you can see the colors looks kind of weird.

And this one it's a um not too sure I think it's a great white as well this one I think is a Ghost Shock I'm not exactly sure so I if you guys know let me know down below this is a tiger shot for sure it is actually written right here from safari Ltd quarter no figure 1993 very very old figure.

Here is a basking shock okay here is another Megalodon you can see like three rows of teeth on top and the three rows below here is another great white quite a nice one I think this is from Peppo I think we have two exact same figures but I'm not too sure whether there are bootlegs.

I think they are real ones yeah they look hyper yeah yeah I think they are definitely from Peppo just like the quality doesn't seem to be like really nice this is one from Peppo as well it's a really really beautiful one it's a Megalodon if I'm not wrong oh I mean it could pass on it could pass.

On as a great white as well tiger tiger shark right here this is a goblin shark so I think we have about three to four goblin sharks in our collection this one I have no idea I think it's a basking shark Mega look cameras palagius not too sure I think it's a basking shark this one looks like a zebra shock yeah.

It is a zebra shock but of course it doesn't have the patterns on on his body okay this is a great white here is a great white as well this one I think is a great white shark as well this is actually from a bully Lane but I'm not too sure whether it's a boot flick or an original figure because you can see the quality of this figure.

Is pretty bad paint is like coming off this is a great white yeah you can see my figures are kind of kind of like oh because I you know stack them all up together but you know 1996 figure quite a nice one lemon shock easily recognizable by its.

Color yep 2018 figure this is a mako shark okay Mako shock cut a nice one Mega Mall this is our best mega mouth shock figure 2016 safari Ltd figure you know some rubbery shocks right here this is probably a Megalodon pretty huge one you can see it's like highly stretchable.

Very squishy this one I think is a pointer shark um hammerhead shark baby we have two of them but of course they don't look like babies to me yeah I mean the eyes are actually kind of cute wow this is a beautiful one a shark ray I can't even remember how we got this.

Figure probably it was sent to us by a dent Safari and I think and here's another chakri quite a nice one from Schleich this is a soft fish I suppose yes sawfish collect say sawfish Rob again okay this is the um oceanic white tip shock.

Yeah the name is actually very long 2019 figure and here is another really nice couple great white but I feel the snot is like it's too sharp it can't be that sharp it is from collecting your backing pardon hammerhead shark right here it's a blue shock.

This one I have no idea I think this is actually from National Geographic set it could be a um a bull shark not too sure Hammerhead shock and this is a sand um it's a gray Reef shock yeah that's right 2018 figure you can see the colors is like actually like very dark.

And here's another sawfish beautiful one sawfish 1994 figure so it basically uses this tool this saw like two two slash up at its prey so it basically use this to like cut cut the spray into like small little pieces I'm not I'm not kidding it's true it's true and this is a short fin Mako shock.

Yep beautiful figure this one um I have no idea what the what this is it looks like a carpet shot to me and this is the scallop Hammerhead shock you can see it's slightly different from the usual hammer hit it has some curves and some bands some protrusions we have two of them exactly the same figures.

A mini sawfish this is a bull shark which is classified as one of the um most dangerous shocks they are actually more human attacks on you know recorded by a boost shop by booshocks than uh you know great whites this is a black tip reef shark yep.

Um you know a small species of shark bamboo shock basically gots its name from you know patterns on his body and you can see his like you know structures which is similar to a nurse shock a fruit shock fruit shock our one and only fruit shot okay through you know as in the fruit.

Shock tiger shark right here no idea what this is it looks super cute this one is a great white you know we have so many great whites in our collection this is a thresher shock you know when you see this till you can easily recognize it as a thrasher shock and they basically use the tail to like whip up at its prey.

To stun them before eating them very very smart they're asking shock from safari Ltd quite a nice figure 2007 another Hammerhead shot right here this is known as a sand tiger shock 2020 or Mini World gang spotted warber gang rubber gong rubber gong it's not a robber gang I thought it.

Was pronounced as robber gang but uh yeah this it's the um white tip reef shock small little shock 2018 figure zebra shocks you can see we have like two of them or you can call them leopard sharks because zebra shocks and leopard sharks they are basically the same species just that the patterns will.

Change as they grow and here is a zebra shot you can see they're like Stripes there are also spots thresher shock we have two of them why is this doing here this is a manatee you shouldn't be here similarly to this it shouldn't be here how do we get.

This Minifigures it looks so cute we have a ladder back sea turtle and a um sea lion this is a mini great white I think this is from it looks like it did they look like they're from Peppo because the quality looks pretty good this is like a real shock so this one definitely has to go into the real shock.

Collection basking shark for sure yeah this one is the basking shock Thrasher shock Yep this one is a nice one very nice figure from Safari Ltd um why why are we having like random sea animals in this box that's weird.

And um what is this this is a gray wheel I have no idea why they are here this is probably probably a you know it looks like a nurse shot because there's like two fangs in front probably a nurse shark Robert gong or rubber gang zebra shark or you know it could be a leopard shock yeah I mean they're the.

Same actually shock Ray all right um yeah I mean they don't belong here we have a will we also have a dolphin we also have a manta ray right here we also have another walrus oh my goodness we have we we have like so many.

Random small little sea animals in the wrong box scallop hammerhead shark yep that's right alright thanks for watching this so I'm pretty excited to be adding the salmon shop into our collection this is our new one so super excited about this so yeah thanks for watching this collection video.

Um the next one the next video I'm gonna focus on um you know our wheels and our Dolphins collection because we do have a new mink will yeah to add to our collection next okay so stay tuned for the next video I'll see you guys in the next one goodbye

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Sharks Collection - Salmon Shark, Megamouth, Great White, Thresher, Lemon Shark, Gray Reef Shark