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Tardigrade extreme wow the starry sky is so beautiful there must be millions of stars look a shooting star erection two kratt brothers with firefly glow powers so you're not shooting stars but what's your favorite constellation hmm favorite.

Star pattern okay i'll show you i like this group of stars it's called leo or lion because if you connect the dots people think you can imagine a picture of a lion.

Really well if you fill it out a little with your imagination nice one okay what i think is incredible is a lot of those bright lights that we call stars are actually suns with planets around them.

yeah hey do you think there's life on any of those millions of planets like creatures that we don't even know about and that might look totally different than these here on earth anything's possible it sure seems like with so many solar systems and planets there could be other creatures.

I hope there aren't any alien creatures i'm still trying to get comfortable with the creatures on earth not comfortable but these mossy-covered rock pillows i found sure are i've slept on come comfier pillows you know jimmy i don't think that there's life on other planets what we have here.

Is special only here i don't know well there's one way to find out explore push the boundaries of discovery and science deactivate let's get up there in our turbo rocket.

And look around let the search for life in space begin hey thornsley okay let me know when the utility oven is a red hot 100 degrees to preheat the coils perfecto cookie ovens ready jimmy we got to remember that life's not.

Just big obvious creatures like elephants and monkeys there are tiny life forms too yeah like things that are so teeny tiny we can't even see them unless we use a microscope see i found an amiibo living in the moss of my mouth pillow it's a little weird-looking ah what's this thing.

I don't know but they sure are chubby and cute awesome nice find a target who tardigrade technically it means slow walker but people usually call them water bears i think they look like gummy bears gummy bear yeah that's what i'll name.

You gummy bear he's got a few extra pairs of legs than most gummy bears he sure does and check out that face i love that cool nozzle-like mouth what does he eat with it lots of things like moss and algae he's munching on some right now.

i love tardigrades and they're only the size of the tip of a pin yeah i had no idea he was just hanging out beside me and my mom's pillow last night okay gang pre-flight check is complete she's ready for blast off let's go.

So first destination the moon people can't get to all the planets yet but we can get to the moon moon here we come thornsly better move out of the way sweetie they're about to blast off life support systems on can't survive up there without them.

Ready for this gummy bear hey don't curl up into a ball you're gonna miss liftoff three two one bro.

Right back at ya hey thornsley put that down gummy bears on there stop drop the rock oh no the hot oven creatures can't.

Survive that kind of heat i'll turn it down i'll get him out gotta try and save him cold water please be okay he's not moving oh we're sorry jimmy it was an accident yeah there was nothing we could do that's a super hot oven i know but.

He's alive what he survived intense heat that's like impossible i've heard of creatures in extreme conditions but this is another level tardigrade extreme huh maybe life in far off space isn't so.

Unimaginable well if tardigrades can survive something like a scorching oven what else can they survive let's go to some of the most extreme places on earth and find out come on we made it to outer space and the fun part.

Zero gravity space is fun as long as you're in a spaceship or spacesuit without those humans can't survive in space huh and i never be able to pull off these moves yeah.

Look there's home planet earth wow it sure is beautiful and from here you can see some of the things that make life possible down there on earth like water life couldn't survive without it zooming in.

Plants and animals are made mostly of water without water we couldn't exist gotta hydrate love drinking in space and of course air that hazy cushion around the planet is called the atmosphere it has oxygen and carbon dioxide that plants and animals need to survive.

Out there in space there is no air yeah and of course the sun there it is providing just the right amount of warmth if the sun were closer it could be too hot on earth farther away too cold and it gives energy too plants turn.

Energy from the sun into food for themselves then plants are food for animals and their food for other animals all starting with energy from the sun so water air and energy some of the basic needs for life on earth other planets are totally different saturn has lots of poisonous chemical.

Gases jupiter is super cold with no water as far as we can tell life as we know it probably couldn't survive on places like that unless life exists there in ways we never thought possible time to start searching moon here we come.

oh okay the desert has extreme conditions all right there's no way a tardigrade could survive this they need water like every other creature.

Even though you camels can last for weeks without drinking you still need water and so do tardigrades maybe there's some wet sand under this rock could they really survive here let's see zooming in got one you're kidding me but it's all curled up.

It can't be alive it looks totally dried up zero water let's give it some it's alive i don't believe it well believe it says here the tardigrades can survive for 30 years without water in that curled up survival mode extreme.

When they go into survival mode it seems they wrap their dna up with a protein to protect it and replace water in their bodies with special proteins and sugar ah so they just wait for water to return inc it sure is but i found a place where the tardigrade definitely can't survive connect later.

antarctica the coldest place on earth few animals can survive the extreme cold of this place but penguins are one of them a penguin slide this looks like the perfect spot where i.

Can get a sample what no way a tardigrade warming beam on water sprints on it's alive and well okay.

Scorching deserts i see antarctica what about the deep sea this is more than just cold temperature it's also extreme pressure if i wasn't in this ship i'd be flattened like a pancake ready for pressure test jimmy broken down car loaded and hatch wow that's crushing pressure scrap metal.

For my next invention scanning for tardigrades what it's impossible not for a tardigrade tardigrade extreme right little gummy bear it says here they can survive five times.

The pressure at the deepest part of the ocean it's like no place on earth is too extreme for a tardigrade they're like indestructible how do you do it we gotta figure it out and make a tardigrade power suit steady steady.

And we're down yeah let's get out there wait checking seals on spacesuits yeah air canisters full need these suits to survive out there oh yeah let's do this race yeah.

we're on the moon pushing creature adventuring to the limits it's so light and low gravity here yeah but also pretty bare dusty with almost no atmosphere or water no obvious life nothing.

Don't forget little creatures they can be extreme survivalists right tardigrade i'm getting absolutely no life readings at all yeah sure there's no water up here anywhere wait there is water.

But it's under the surface oh that's worth checking out i'll grab the rock drill from the ship what no the ship it's floating into orbit what didn't you turn off the boosters no i thought you did well i thought you did catch it.

Get the ship i'll give you a boost up bro no oh no we're stranded we can't survive in space we're doomed.

oh no this is bad better than bad they'll run out of air those suits can only protect them from outer space for a short time if there's a creature power that just might be able to save them it's tardigrade power how we know they.

Can survive extremes here on earth but outer space that's a whole other thing we gotta try whoa lots of radiation up there it destroys living cells that means it's game over man game over it looks like a key to their extreme survival powers might be an ability to repair cells deal with poisons radiation yeah but.

Scientists don't fully understand how they do it we'll rely on the genetic code tardigrades are our only hope we need you little gummy bear you and your awesome powers well bro i guess this is our final creature adventure.

I guess that's it for the blue and the green but not that blue and green air water and energy earth has it all and a whole bunch of incredible precious creatures i'm gonna miss them yeah the best in the galaxy got it target power discs ready to send jimmy.

Yeah but in order to activate the creature powers they need a tardigrade to touch and they don't have one up there you're right and i can't teleport them one because the teleporter doesn't teleport living things you're right there's nothing we can do.

there's our home there's the ship to get us back home but it's out of reach huh i guess let's just enjoy the view yeah wait is that one of jimmy's rock pillows huh what.

Yeah must have fallen from the ship are you thinking what i'm thinking i think i'm thinking what you're thinking tardigrades tardigrades are you there are you there a tardigrade checking vital signs.

She's alive she's in survival mode but alive woohoo yeah all right it's incredible tardigrades can survive in space oh no air no water radiation toxins it's all no problem for a tardigrade no other creature on earth can survive in space.

Uh oh air level's low we have only one bar left radiation is getting high oh and it's cold up here it's now or never tortuga we have a tour degree tardigrade discs coming at you guys ready jimmy i've never teleported.

Anything in his face before and zappos he did it oh no oh the discs are floating away let's try this again we're all set fingers crossed insert tardigrade power discs.

Touch tardigrade very gently and activate tardigrade power come on martin to the spaceship oh yeah swimming through space with tardigrade power uh-oh radiation alert air alert we can't.

Take much more quick enter tardigrade survival mode to recharge tardigrade survival mode it's working life systems recharge keep swimming survival mode space swim.

Survival space swim they're gummy bears in space they're almost there made it open hatch earth life support system steady tardigrades to mission control we're heading home.

ah homes that was great teamwork gang oh yeah good to see all you fellow earthlings again oh i missed you yeah i missed you so much oh yeah and that's creature mission accomplished we didn't find life in.

Outer space on this trip but we did remind ourselves that earth creatures can do far out things and one of our very own earth creatures the tardigrade is an extreme survivor hot ovens icy cold 30-year drought poisons radiation outer space so maybe it is possible that.

Life exists somewhere up there in outer space or maybe not we just don't know but we can have lots of fun wondering about it and searching for the answer you

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