Flightless Birds

Birds are incredibly successful animals they have adapted to suit unique environments on all of Earth's continents in one of their most admirable abilities is of course their method of locomotion flight their sleek aerodynamic shape powerful wings and light body weight allow them to take off and see the world from a different.

Perspective but normal birds can fly in fact the three largest living birds on the planet a terrestrial ground Weller's the ostrich the cassowary and the EMU are all flightless birds part of a group known as rat ice while these particular ratites don't have flight on their side they certainly have sides but which of these three.

Flightless birds are the heaviest to find out we're gonna have a chat with sandy from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Australia while the EMU and the cassowary are roughly the same height the EMU is actually a lot lighter in weight and the cassowary can weigh up to three times heavier than the EMU but the ostrich is the heaviest flightless bird.

In the world ah yes the ostrich of course just take a look at that strong muscular build male ostriches have been known to reach weight of up to 250 pounds with that much mass it's easy to see why it might be a little difficult to take off how these flightless birds defend themselves if they can't just fly away from trouble.

The defense for the EMU and the cassowary is to make themselves look way bigger than what they actually are and they have to strong powerful legs which they will charge you with but the cassowary has an extra device along with the powerful legs they also have a very very long toenails in the inner side of their foot those defense mechanisms.

Would certainly come in handy during a confrontation with a predator but adult cassowaries and emus don't have to defend themselves too often both are native to Australia where a run-in with a local apex predator such as a saltwater crocodile or a dingo as possible but rare ostriches however are native to Africa.

Where there are many more predators to be wary of with legs like these and title of heaviest birds in the world these ratites don't need the ability to fly to make it big in their natural habitat

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Flightless Birds