NEW Wild Animals! Caribou, Kangaroo, Water Buffalo, Indian Rhinoceros, Panda, Lion Tamarin Monkey

NEW Wild Animals! Caribou, Kangaroo, Water Buffalo, Indian Rhinoceros, Panda, Lion Tamarin Monkey, Camel, Red Panda, Sumatran Rhino, and more.

Hey guys I'm Jen and welcome back to the basement Dino dungeon okay so today we have a pack of new animals sent by a dance Safari okay there are plenty of new figures inside at the same time let's take a look at our wild animals collection because there are some figures that we are going to add into this box okay so let's take a look at.

The new figures as well as our collection of different wild animals so let's get started all right guys so let's begin the video by taking a look at what this dance safarian has sent us okay I am super grateful just want to say a huge thank you to you if you are watching this video so there are plenty of figures.

That were actually sent to ours so very cool let's have a look okay so if you guys want to send me any letters or drawings you can go on to the above us tab on our YouTube channel we have our mailing address right over there okay so let's begin the video by taking a look at this figure right here which is a 3D Puzzle so let me get a pair of scissors.

To open this pack up I think it seems to be a hippopotamus or a buffalo I can't really tell yet but let's have a look okay let's have a look at the contents let's put push this away all right let's see oh it seems to be a rhinoceros while this will take our some time to actually assemble this but let's.

Try let's try let's see whether we are able to um fix this together okay seems like there's a storm the front body and it should be the back part I think we also need um the back part as well which is uh the lower part so I think we have to remove this attach this one.

Right here or is it the other side I think it's the other side okay and pop this right in seems like we have the body done and for the front portion here which seems to be like this and let's fix the legs first because I think.

The heat is basically the most simplest part so we definitely need to leave it for you know later that's for sure okay this one seems to go right here oops doesn't fit and here should be the other side wait wait a minute all right pop this in.

3D puzzles are actually very fun Hmm this one doesn't seem to fit this is weird Yep this one doesn't seem to fit at all let's let me just get this one out perhaps we got it in the wrong direction hmm this is very weird guys oops I think.

I've put in on the wrong side so that's that's my that's my fault nothing wrong with the figure just that um I have placed you know the licks in the wrong pot so yep we've got it right this time beautiful this seems to be let me just pop the hit in.

There you go this adds an Indian rhinoceros awesome stuff I think we should have one Indian rhinoceros inside this box so let's have a look later on okay the next figure is basically an Australian animal we have a kangaroo and a joey in his pouch and this figure is actually from Peppo let's see when this was actually made.

It's from 2016. beautiful figure 2016 Papo kangaroo I don't have this figure to be honest with you okay next up let's see what else we've got here we've got one which is in a pack so let's um open this as well I think this is our if I'm not wrong I'm not wrong I'm you know I'm not very.

Sure what is the exact name of this monkey I think it's known as the Tangerine monkey it's not wrong too sure let me do a quick search on this oops did I say Tangerine so this is basically the Golden Lion Tamarind monkey Tangerine Amina was pretty close right Tangerine is actually an orange.

Okay so it's Tamarind Golden Lion Tamarind monkey I'll remember that okay so this will be added to our primates collection box which is pretty awesome I've never got this species so this is a very very cool species to add to our collection so thanks Dan Safari and I think you know my collection really well you actually know that we don't have a.

Golden Lion Tangerine I mean Tamarind all right next let's move on to this figure wow um this seems to be a reindeer let's have a look this is actually from collecte because I can actually see its logo so for collect a figures they actually have his name written right below which is awesome let's have a look.

So this is basically a oh would learn karibu nines okay I think this is our very first Woodland Caribou figure beautiful figure from collecte when was this produced 2015 not too long ago eight years ago I mean relatively new there are older figures in our collection and you can see it has a very very huge task okay.

Beautiful yep so once again Woodland Caribou very cool our first Woodland Caribou to be honest with you okay next up we have one figure to add to our Birds collection which is awesome let's remove this tag oops it flew all the way to the back but it's okay because we have a.

Name right below black face spoon boo I don't have this bird as well so really really thanks I think it was Jeremiah who sent us this just really really thankful to Jeremiah who knows exactly what we are missing in our collection and this is a black face spoon boo beautiful 2010 collector figure this will be added to our reverse collection.

Okay next this seems to be a Pacific white sided dolphin not exactly sure because this is from Peppo and Papo doesn't have um the name written right below but beautiful dolphin right here next it seems to be another figure from Peppo and this is a buffalo for sure yep I think we have a water.

Buffalo in our collection but this is a very nice addition and of course pendants yes I think Jeremiah has a huge collection of pandas and he has actually sent us um quite a few pen draws in the past before so we'll be adding this to the family so these are the one two three four five six seven eight new figures that have been.

Added to our collection very grateful so what we are going to do next is to go through what we have right here okay all right guys so what we are going to do next is to do a massive paw out okay so we are going to flip the box over but I'll try to be as gentle as possible okay let's try to pull it out okay massive earthquake incoming.

Very nice all right I don't want to have like scratches on the figures so yep so there you go very cool so we have a pile of um different wild animals we are going to place them right back into the box but only the wild animals will be placed inside okay birds will be placed in a separate um you know container so what do we have.

Right here a camel beautiful purple camo this is basically our desert camo if you see two homes that is actually a Bactrian camel okay next we have a tap here or Tapper so this is basically a soft East Asian animal and here we have a moon bear if I'm not wrong yep 2017 moon bear it looks very.

Similar to a sun bear and what do we have right here guys this is actually a if I'm not wrong these two are actually the same so I think they could be the same species but I'm not exactly sure because this is actually from Schleich and doesn't have the name written right below but beautiful figure um it's from 2020 if I'm not wrong.

It doesn't have the norm the year so we don't really know it's okay um for this karibu will be adding it to this no we're gonna be adding this to our bow Vines and deers collection so not in this box so I'm gonna put this away you know similarly to the um water buffalo.

So right here we have a red Pandora okay from safari Ltd 2020 figure very highly detailed you can see the pain scheme and um the detailing on this is very very beautiful next we have a Bobby russar so we actually have two of them so one fun fact about Bobby Roosa is that if they don't sharpen their horns the horns will eventually you know penetrate its hit.

And kill it yeah it's very very I know it's very very unbelievable and very very scary and here's another red Pandora you know previously with one big one right here from safari Ltd and this one is actually the smaller version It's a 20 zero eight I think can't really see it but beautiful figure and here we have an odd.

Rock also from safari Ltd 2005 pretty old figure I would say next we have a beautiful Pangolin pangolins I think we have about two fingers two figures in our collection this is from Safari LTE 2008 jumbo figure a pretty big one and this one is from Schleich so pangolins can be found in Southeast Asia and they are.

Endangered because a lot of poachers actually push them for their skills they can roll themselves up into a protected ball and they are basically very docile animals and speaking of those are animals here is another one which is extremely docile at the same time they are extremely slow which is the um sloth okay their movements are.

Super slow next we have an arctic fox right here okay 2017 arctic fox so they actually live in the snowy regions and they are able to camouflage themselves because their fur is entirely white so they can blend into the snow without getting noticed incredible stuff next we have a hedgehog I think or is it.

A porcupine let's see um Talking Point so they have spikes so I've actually seen documentaries of Pokemon Pines chasing away Lions the Lions wanted to eat them but they were able to defend themselves another Southeast Asian Temple right here so temporals they come in on different colors some of them you.

Can find them in um black and some of them you can find them in um black and white so yep there are different species of tappers as well so just now I've actually shown you guys the um Indian rhinoceros which is the 3D Puzzle and right here we do have one okay this is an Indian rhinoceros from Peppo.

Um this one looks very similar but this is actually a sumotron rhino okay so different very different species okay but both are rhinoceros awesome stuff uh let's let me just put away the mythical creatures first we'll come to that later on and right here we have like three red pandas very very cute and adorable.

So we do have quite a number of on red pandas in our collection right now this Tamarind monkey will be placed in a different box and here we have a wolf I think is it a wolf yeah it should be a wolf and here we have a main wolf a main wolf.

Is basically you know um part of the dogs family and they are the tallest species of dogs around and here we have a I think this is a what Hawk pandas we have quite a number of pandas in our collection so um you know we just receive another one so we do have a huge family right now.

Awesome stuff let's try to find the other two head dark figures all three we have three of them three and and here's another one so we do have a lot of pandas I think we have enough pandas to make like a collection video okay next up we have.

Um the um armadillo armadillo which is you know similar to Pangolin in you know such that they actually have armor around their body very nice and here's another Tapper we have two exact same figures we have error so Cappy barrels they are.

Basically very big rodents and they can get along very well with a lot of animals out there yep so they can even like stay close to the crocodiles without the crocodiles attacking them I do not know how to do it but you know there seems to be the you know the animals that can get along well with any other species and here's.

With a skunk so skunk they are able to release a fluid which is extremely um smelly to chase away any Predators or you know people who intimidate them and here's the back Trend camo like what I've mentioned just now we do have a desert camo and this is the back Trend camo right here okay very nice so it has two harms instead of one.

box and this is actually from Schleich beautiful one here we have a commodity bear all right you know I like Bears a lot but we don't have enough Bears to do a collection video we only got the moon bear somewhere pandas uh we got polar bears as well so hopefully we're able to.

Expand our best collection you know so that we can actually do like a proper best collection video so here we have a brown bear I'm gonna put this away first and here we have a coyote yep pretty cool figure here we have our lemur so a lemur has a.

Striped tail that reminds me of a zebra but of course they are not related to a zebra at all here's a giant anteater the anteater has a very long snout and a very long tongue that allows them to find ends in extremely small spaces yep it like cracks and little holes and trees and stuff like that so incredible stuff here we have a baby bear and this.

Is a black bear cop okay what is this while this one I have no idea I think it's a raccoon but it looks very chubby um I don't know um the exact name but this is actually from Peppo which is why you know Peppa figures that they don't have um any information written right below what is this let's have a look um from Peppo again I think this is a.

Alpaca if I'm not wrong and this is a llama I think so so one has the longest nut and one has a shortest note or it could be the other way yeah I think so pick me hippo okay this is a pygmy hippo and this is a pygmy hippo cough it's extremely adorable this is from collecte and this is from um safari Ltd.

next we have a wolverine nice and here we have a fennec fox if I'm not wrong are they the same this is a black back jackal okay beautiful stuff so this dolphin will be placed into our.

Dolphins collection this is a sloth which will be placed into this box and we have two wolves right here guys this is a timber wolf and this is a wool from pnso so gorgeous figures very happy to have added you know some of these figures draw collection but none of them will actually be added to this.

Um box um yeah I don't know that I didn't know that all right guys so yep I hope to see you guys in the next video next video will probably do the Wildcat okay so stay tuned make sure you come back um I'll probably do an.

Um a bonus video on Sunday so come back make sure you come back and here are some of the mythical creatures okay this is actually a unicorn basically a unicorn um we have a werewolf right here so we only have like three mythical creatures um perhaps we can consider expanding our mythical creatures maybe and this is a.

Pegasus Pegasus is basically you know like um a horse with wings crazy stuff yep but this is basically a mythical creature alright thanks for watching this I will see you guys in the next one goodbye

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NEW Wild Animals! Caribou, Kangaroo, Water Buffalo, Indian Rhinoceros, Panda, Lion Tamarin Monkey