Sea Animals Collection – Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Clownfish, Squid, Octopus, Crab, Lobster

Sea Animals Collection – Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Clownfish, Squid, Octopus, Crab, Lobster, Turtle, Penguin and more.

WARNING: This video is suitable for viewers aged 13+. This educational video includes some descriptive language about animal reproduction and uses words like atrophied, mating rights, mounts etc.

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Hello dean zafarians today let's sort of our sea animals collection okay so the first figure right here is actually a tiger shark okay let's put all the sharks uh into this box right over here next one is actually a basking shark figure it looks really nice do you guys know that basking shops there are actually like filter feeders.

This one it's a can strictly sea turtle baby okay next we have a leopard seal right over here and this one is actually a blue shark figure all right and this is a clone any moldy fish.

And this is a seahorse a beautiful seahorse figure and this is a frog fish frog fish they are actually known for the ability to walk walk on the ocean sea floor because they have like these two flippers right here that you know they can sort of like move them around.

Okay next a sea turtle right over here beautiful one it's actually a loggerhead sea turtle and this one is actually a marbury as you guys can see the patterns on his body looks like the patterns of a marble stone.

And this it's a salmon fish beautiful salmon fish waters figure yep if you guys look at this two tasks they are actually pretty functional they can actually like anchor down into the ocean sea floor while the waters dig for food yeah so that is actually the um function of the.

Tarsk and here we have a manatee okay they are also known as c cars if i'm not wrong manatees right over here they do look very similar to the google this is a narrow or it actually has an overgrown tooth okay this is not like a spear it's an overgrown tooth.

Um let's see what else we've got um this it's a pink wheel that's right link will and a beluga wheel right over here beautiful one and this is a pilot oh this is actually an awkward arbiter product so all cars are actually the.

Apex predators yep apex predators from the sea they can actually take down a wheel yep and this is a leatherback sea turtle beautiful figure another sea turtle this is a sea turtle baby this is actually an extinct fish known.

As a silo kit that is actually extinct it will shock right over here little shops are filter feeders they basically take a lot of water and filter out all the particles this is known as a wowhead wheel i think we have two of our bowel head wheel figures we start fish.

Okay this is a moire you if you guys don't go they actually love to live in small little cracks and um post the ocean sea floor harmed back wheel you can easily recognize this by the later bonds on his.

Body this it's a sea lion california sea lion if i'm going wrong that's right koi fish koi fish are pretty pretty interesting they can actually leave up to like 100 to even 200 years old and this one is uh actually a great whale.

Beautiful gray whale pilot bill okay we have a um polar bear a polar bear baby looks really beautiful this one as well polar bear crop this is known as a white wheel it's not a beluga wheel.

And um this is a wheel truck yet another manatee figure yeah um i have plenty of manatee figures and this is like i think we have two of them sawfish which is um i think it is a shock if i'm not wrong this is definitely a shock scalloped camera head shot so you can see.

The hammer head actually has some curves and bombs on his um you know the camera head which is very different from the normal hammer head and this is known as a pointer shot if i'm not wrong okay goblin shark one of the more hideous looking sharks they are pretty rare to.

Find i guess this is a wee easy dragon i've actually seen them before they look very very cool very colorful looking and we have another bow head wheel so as i've mentioned um i have two bar head wheel figures both are really really awesome looking okay moving on.

We have an oceanic white tip reef shock right here okay and um this is a camera head shot baby another hammer headshot right here hermit crab guys this is a hermit crab okay an octopus you guys know that octopus.

They are actually very very intelligent animals they can camouflage themselves by changing the colors and also the texture of this body you can even change the shape as well this is a blue shock a blue cracker picker part and a blue crab okay moving on we have um another awkward right here.

The apex predator they are also known as a killer wheels large mouth bass okay and this is a pilot wheel a lemon shot hammerhead shock baby i think.

Another octopus octopus they are extremely intelligent they can actually camouflage themselves you can change their body colors and even change the shape to make themselves look like a rock for example lobster they are actually very different from spiny lobster which um i have one right.

Here let me just show you guys a spiny lobster figure so this is actually a spiny lobster you can see it doesn't have two pencils that's compared to the lobster right here okay so this is a lobster.

Two huge claws another walrus figure this should be a leopard series i'm not wrong yeah a crab a brown crab and an octopus this it's a ray but i'm not not exactly sure what you know species it is this is a vaquita purpose there are.

Critically endangered less than 10 left in the world and this is a black tip reef shock okay a black tip reef shock this is a sand tiger shark yeah that's right we have a squid right here that looks really beautiful.

In shock grey blue blue tang are actually very interesting sea animals because they can actually change their body colors you can change the intensity of the blue color some will be light blue some will be dark blue so very very interesting.

This is a zebra shark i'm not too sure whether this is the correct figure because um you know i've thought zero mushrooms are supposed to have stripes but this one only has spots this is a bonnet bottom head shock as you guys can see the hammerhead looking um structure is.

Actually very small as compared to the actual hammer headshot a great white shot beautiful figure this is a catfish you guys can see it has like whiskers and the whiskers actually help it to find its way in the very very murky water.

okay we have another crack right over here and this crab is actually known as a sally light food crab i think it has got to be the most colorful crap i've ever seen we have a blue whale right here.

Another great white shark figure this is a flying fish as you guys know this fish they do not actually fly they actually glide through the surface of the water with a jellyfish right here i'm thinking maybe we should put the crabs over here otherwise it might be too full.

Put all the crabs over there in the lobsters yeah we'll see how it goes the jellyfish yeah and here we have a horse shoe crab which is an extinct not as thick i'm a backup they are still found nowadays and they dated back all the way in like you know a few million.

Years ago so you can actually find them right now as well as back in the prehistoric time which is very very interesting okay and here we have an angler fish okay anglerfish is a bottlenose dolphin okay beautiful one.

Another hammerhead shark a great white shark great white sharks they have a really really good sense of smell they can actually smell like a um some blood from miles away so they have very very good sense of smell this is a grey reef shop beautiful one.

Wall upstairs little lobster right here this one is a really beautiful lobster figure basking shop another filter feeder and not a great white shark so with white sharks they are actually not known to exact human beings.

Okay only very very few attacks were recorded and this is a mandatory okay another raid which is a stingray you can see there's a stink right behind right over here.

Okay a jellyfish another crab and this is actually known as a king crab it has plenty of thorns on his body a squid i definitely need to move some.

Um yeah some sea animals over here because it seems like this box is way way way too crowded so let me move all the crabs all the screens all the octopus over here.

and perhaps can put the polar bears right over here except for the crabs sorry about that let me just do some cleaning up okay polar bear cup.

We have um an emperor penguin so amber penguin i think it will stay over here all the penguins will stay over here this is a chin strap penguin you can see there's a from the strap under the chin this is a kangaroo no idea what exactly is the breed of this.

Possibly an emperor penguin i'm too sure a polar bear crop once again this one looks like a hamburg penguin amber penguin amber penguins are actually the largest species of penguins around and this is a soft african penguin.

A mega mouth shock and this is a great white shark a megalodon this is known as a mako shock a blue wheel and this is a tiger shot you can see the strikes on the body it actually.

Resembles the stripes of a tiger another great white shark this figure looks really beautiful her struggle can easily recognize this by the shape of the head which is very squarish looking a clown fish and a sea lion nice i'm gonna put the sea lions over.

Here just in case juarez maybe i should probably put them here as well walrus another wars figure so let me just try to put some warriors over otherwise this box might be a bit too crowded so let me just get all the walrus and place it right over here i think we should have one more walrus.

Inside i think we can find it later on another shot right here basking shop this is an ammo knight okay it's actually a prehistoric animal a leopard okay.

A another manta ray a beautiful one a clown fish this is known as a rockhopper penguin another sea lion sea lions are very very intelligent animals and this is actually known as a hot seal you can actually easily recognize this.

By the patterns on his body hammerhead shot a sailfish two more news right here this is actually known as a pygmy sperm wheel they are actually quite small the size of the dolphin not as big as you know all the wheels that you know.

Mega monk shop really rare shop that can only find like really deep in the ocean this is a um goliath grouper yep let's try it another turtle sea turtle another ray this is a clown nose ring greek white shark figure.

blue spotted ray you can easily recognize this by the blue spots on this body and will with an overworked tooth i think we have like two or three narrow figures thresher shock the long tail.

You can easily recognize this and um this is a zebra trunk yep there's plenty of stripes box fish a very very interesting looking fish the body actually resembles the shape of a box.

blind views mixed wheel okay this is a bull shock bullshocks are actually much more aggressive than with whites they are more tend to attack humans as compared to the great white another sawfish.

We have a blue squid right over here this is a say well okay another huge will now will there's an overgrown tooth like what i've mentioned just know beauty branch it's a very interesting looking sea animal because it looks like a um.

It looks like a snail to me another sharp ray a leopard shock strike this is a african penguin okay.

This is either an emperor pink quinoa king penguin because this figure doesn't really look very very accurate but i would say that this is most likely an emperor pink a penguin baby very adorable.

A small tiger shop shot fit mako shot there's shark can actually easily recognize this by the two flank like structures in front of the mouth atlantic white inside the dolphin okay the only dolphin with a very unique.

Yellow stripe across the body ichthyosaurus is not exactly you know supposed to be in this video this is actually a pre-starting sea animal we have a sea turtle this is probably a bullshock i'm not exactly sure.

A rubber gang it is a type of carpet shock this is probably a nurse shot probably because this figure isn't that accurate a beluga white tip rib shock another bottlenose dolphin really intelligent sea animals this is actually the calf of a beluga.

Wheel another warbler gang okay what is the meerkat doing here it's not supposed to be in this video okay i'm gonna put this beacon aside first um what do we have right here a bottlenose dolphin and this one should also be a bottlenose dolphin.

A minion car yet and not at bottlenose dolphin we have plenty of them this is a bamboo shop yeah you can actually recognize this but the two fan-like structure which is very similar to the nurse truck but it also has some stripes that resembles um you know the patterns on.

A bamboo plant this i think is a ghost shock this is probably a zebra shock i think most likely a zebra shock this it could be a blue shop a beluga wheel okay.

A mini hammerhead not exactly sure what is the name of this do you guys know is this like an elephant fish or butterfly fish i can't remember and we have a pacific white cellar dolphin the very longest one this is probably combat truck.

we have a new goal another border news dolphin we have one two three four five five mini sharks right here i think we have green white we have a bull shot.

We have a thresher shot probably okay now last figure is actually this sea animal which i have no idea what this is if you guys know what creature this is that's we know delta okay thanks for watching this and um yeah i'm done so i've basically showed you guys.

My collection of sea animal figurines so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video okay oops yep thanks for watching this and um yeah i will see you guys in the next video goodbye

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Sea Animals Collection - Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Clownfish, Squid, Octopus, Crab, Lobster