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Rare footage of Sleeper Sharks, Hagfish and a whole succession of deep sea scavengers feasting on the carcass of a 30 tonne Grey Whale. Subscribe:

Taken From Episode 2 of ‘Blue Planet’.

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This is the freshly dead carcass of a 30-ton gray whale its resting on the sea floor a mile down it's only been on the bottom for six weeks but already it has attracted hundreds of hagfish these ancient scavengers are nearly always the first to discover a fallen body that are attracted from miles around they lack jaws and rasp at the flesh with two rows.

Of horny teeth on either side of their sucker-like mouth next to arrive a sleeper shark a real deep-sea specialist they grow to over seven metres long and have never been filmed at such a depth before the gaping wounds and the whales fountain are its work unlike the hagfish it has powerful jaws so is able to rip off huge chunks of.

Meat sharks hagfish and a whole succession of different deep-sea scavengers will feast on the carcass for years before all his nutriment has gone 18 months later when we return to this whale all that was left was a perfect skeleton stripped bare it was almost as if a museum specimen.

Had been carefully laid out on the seafloor at first the skeleton seemed totally abandoned but even after so long there was still some flesh left in the head hagfish have a skeleton of cartilage and are so flexible that they can tie themselves into knots and so get a.

Better purchase on the flesh they feed on but smaller organisms had fed here a thick band of white bacteria had formed on the mud outlining the original shape of the whale and on the skeleton itself colonies of specialized bacteria were extracting energy from the bones themselves most remarkably and in huge abundance Pollock eat worms were.

Collecting the last edible fragments these are a new species that so far have only been found on the Fallen bodies of whales scientists have discovered 178 different animals on a single whale vertebra most of which have been found nowhere else

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Sharks Feasting On A Whale Carcass | Blue Planet | BBC Earth