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The reef is full of dangerous predators, including the giant Queensland grouper and the deadly sea snake.

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Stretching 2000 kilometres and made up of 3000 individual reef systems and hundreds of islands, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is breathtakingly beautiful. This programme offers a definitive guide to the secrets of the reef – how it was created, the intricate relationships between its inhabitants and how climate change and other factors might shape its future.

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the soft corals are one of the main reasons that all this life is attracted to the young gala almost every available space on its once smooth hull is covered with them the soft corals are a refuge for millions of small fish but they must dart out from time to time to feed on.

The plankton in the current and wherever small fish gather it's not long before something bigger turns up to eat them Queensland gropers are real giants the largest bony fish on the reef this young gala resident is as big as a small car which is why he's known locally as the VW his mouths so big he could swallow sharks and rays whole.

But another resident has an even deadlier bite see snakes have more potent venom than many of their land living relatives and they put it to good use the olive sea snake doesn't really look as if it's hunting but when its small head disappears into a hole it can trap and paralyze any fish hiding there it's unusual for so many predators to be.

Swimming so close to each other but there's so much to eat here most of the action is on top of the wreck where the strongest currents sweep in the most food for the small fish that live here to venture into the blue water is a huge gamble but they've got to do it to feed if they get it wrong and go too far that.

Can mean the difference between life and death the amount of marine life to be found in the hundred meters of the wreck of the young carla is truly staggering arguably it's a greater concentration of life than on any spot on the Barrier Reef.

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Deadly Predators of the Reef | BBC Earth