Woodpecker attacks baby birds

Nature can be cruel – WARNING Disturbing Images

We installed a camera inside one of the bird boxes at the centre, to record and observe the birds’ activities. A few weeks later, we were lucky enough to have our first resident move in; a bluetit. This year, she had a clutch of more than 10 eggs! It was a lovely sight and seven of them are due to fledge, but then, horror struck the family… A great spotted woodpecker entered the box and attacked the babies. He pecked at the box to widen the hole, in order to get inside. He then grabbed each baby to remove them from their nest. Even if its not their standard diet, they are known to occasionally prey on small birds.

The CCTV camera installed in the box is not constantly monitored, so we only witnessed the drama after the event, by watching the footage in playback. If we had seen it live, we would have acted to stop this attack.


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Foreign technology nowadays we're able to watch Birds having their babies in a nest box we'd watch this blue tit build its nest from the very first strand of grass and watched thousands of trips every day they make to feed the babies which are now within a matter of hours of fledging suddenly a woodpecker appears at that.

Entrance to the nest and pulls a baby out it's absolutely horrendous packs and pecks trying to get the babies it starts to open the hole by chipping out the bits of wood which land on the babies who have now gone really flat and quiet because they realize something's wrong it suddenly takes a baby amazingly enough that parents come back.

In while the woodpecker's gone and start feeding babies again they look slightly different it's as if they realize something's going wrong the Woodpecker comes back the parents have disappeared and the babies are crouching the bottom of the nest obviously fearing for their lives and mercifully it pulls out another baby.

And takes it away it's absolutely catastrophic but the woodpeckers in there again it grabbed another baby and takes it out can't believe this is happening one Bird fledges by itself hopefully it's escaped to the wild only we've been watching this as it happened we could have stopped it.

Again the parents come back with more food but they're mystified they realize something's not right they look round the nest to see only three babies left foreign taking yet another baby out the Woodpecker is creating absolute Carnage one fledges by itself again that's two.

Of Escape there's one solitary baby left but sadly the Woodpecker comes back and the nest is empty lice snatched from these babies in a few minutes by one woodpecker nature is Harsh enough without the interference of man

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Woodpecker attacks baby birds