Vulture | The King Of The Dead

Vultures are the kings of the dead, they play a key role in the ecosystem as the clean up crew, to prevent harmful substances from spreading.

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Meet vultures the king of the Dead they live off of the dead carcasses left by other predators they have a very important role in the ecosystem and often called as the heroes of the ecosystem by consuming decaying meat and removing harmful pathogens and toxins in the environment such as botulinum toxin whole cholera bacteria.

And Anthrax bacteria they are essentially immune from those harmful bacterias since their stomachs contain an incredibly potent acid that destroys many of those harmful substances found in rotting meat that are deadly to other creatures vultures are separated into two families the old world vultures and new world.

Vultures old world vultures can be found in Europe Africa and Asia while new world vultures can be found in North and South America vultures have an extraordinary sense of smell combined with their amazing eyesight they can locate a dead carcass from over a mile away.

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Vulture | The King Of The Dead