10 Amazing Sea Animals – Goblin Shark, Angel Shark, Box Fish, Pufferfish, Right Whale, Stone Fish

10 Amazing Sea Animals – Goblin Shark, Angel Shark, Box Fish, Pufferfish, Right Whale, Stone Fish, Amazon River Dolphin, Sea Anemone, Jellyfish, Blue Dragon, and more.

Hey guys I'm Jen and welcome back to the basement okay so today we are going to add some new Seattle figurines to our collection all right okay so I've just ordered this figures online and they just arrived yesterday so I'm very excited let's have a look at all of them together let's do this all right guys so let's begin by taking.

A look at this huge one so let's open this it's nicely bubble wrap and what do we have right here our thing it's um a will let's have a look at this it's from Colette and this one it should be a right wheel yep let's see whether it comes with any facts I don't think so.

All right so I'm just gonna throw um The Price Tag Away let's have a look at this a beautiful right wheel it's definitely a huge figure and this is our second right wheel in our collection you can see plenty of detailing on this figure it looks very nice and it also says collecting right wheel right at the bottom and this.

Is actually a 2002 figure it's quite a new figure very cool I love this all right let's move on to the next one let's have a look at this seems to be two shots inside oh there are actually quite a few okay let's have a look at this this one it should be the goblin shark and this is also from.

Collecting if I'm not wrong so it's really nice so this is our first collect a goblin shark really really beautiful let me just try to remove this little price tag so there you go a really beautiful goblin shark and you can see the mouth which is extending so the mouth is not.

Usually in this position or in this pose this only happens when it is about to feed on the prey so the mouth will actually extend so yep it looks kind of gruesome yep so there you go but goblin shark can only be found in the very deep ocean waters really beautiful figure I'm hoping to add a few more new shocks to my collection yep all right next up.

Let's have a look at this one this is actually a dolphin and Amazon Dolphin also known as a bow tube so to be honest this is our first boat two figure Adobe we do have a minifigure but this is our first um medium to large size figure of a bow too so really beautiful Amazon River dolphin I just got this from a China.

Online store because you know it has all the latest Collective figures super excited about you know seeing them you can see Amazon River dolphin our very first figure this is also our first goblin shark figure as in you know from one of the uh bigger companies like safari Ltd Papo and Schleich okay next up let's have a look at this which is.

The blue dragon also known as the blue sea slock and this is actually from bully Lane okay so it comes with a leather sticker but I'm not too sure whether it has a name below I don't think so it does doesn't look oh okay let's uh remove this and you can see a test to bully land logo right at the bottom and it says hand-painted very.

Beautiful so you can see this little it's a blue dragon it's not a fish so it's kind of like a sea slug really really beautiful this is actually how it looks like in real so beautiful blue dragon hour first our one and only blue dragon in our collection so I'm trying to expand my sea animals collection that's for sure okay next up.

This one looks like a shock Ray but I can't remember what is the exact name of this but we will take a look okay we'll take a look at what is written below but first let me just remove this little tag all right beautiful it looks like a shark ray you can see it is really flat let's take a look at the name.

Angel shock I don't have an injured shock and I've never heard hood of an Angel shot before so this is basically my first time looking at an angel shock figure really beautiful 2002 as well so if this are basically the latest collecte sea animals I'm going to find more collect AC animals you know hopefully by able to.

Find more species I think that is um really really nice okay next up let's open this this one is actually um a figure manufactured by um a Chinese company which doesn't really have its name I think it's known as the animal Paradise.

Okay I think they produce quite cool figures and this one is actually known as a tiger puffer fish yep Tiger puffer fish I think looks really beautiful very very nice I love it next up let's open this this one could be a good lick of a safari Ltd figure it is a.

Jellyfish so jellyfish comes in all shapes in all sizes so you know it's really hard to tell the exact species but you can see this one looks really really pretty looks really beautiful it has um plenty of um tentacles and you can see all the tentacles are actually translucent you can slightly see through them beautiful and they're more.

Tentacles inside you know which is of a different texture and shape the kid actually looks like um a mushroom yeah but very very beautiful I love the colors I think it looks so cool this color actually blends with her logo our Dance surprise logo yep next up let's have a look at um this one.

Oh this is a stonefish let me just get this out of the pack Yep this it's our stone fish beautiful stonefish I don't think the colors are accurate because I think the stone fish it's more towards brown color and you can see the face looks actually looks kind of donkey kind of like silly yeah.

The mauve is like a really huge yeah it looks really really funny but you have the stonefish our very first stonefish in our collection so plenty of first in this video super excited about that and here we have a c anemone is that how you pronounce it anemone I think so see anemone right here.

So see anemone like the jellyfish that comes in um they come in all sorts of colors and shapes so this is actually one of them some of these see are nominees that were actually I think not probably majority of these sea anemones do actually capture fish as prey of course there are some of the fish that can um linger around them you.

Know which are like their um you know um what do you call that they're basically friends friends of the sea anemones to see anemones don't eat them so the little fish help to attract the bigger fish close to the sea anemone very very beautiful love this okay next up.

This is a box fish guys beautiful box fish we do have a mini box version on collection which I'm going to show you guys later on we'll try to find we'll try to find it and do a comparison of course this doesn't really look like a box as compared to the um the one that we have I'm just gonna shift on the.

Camera over here I'm just gonna do like a very quick search if you're not able to find it then we will have to wait you know for some time oh this penguin shouldn't be here because I've actually placed the Penguins in another box oh maybe the penguins are still should be still here okay it's okay we'll take a look at this figure first before we take.

A look at our other collection okay so box fish really beautiful and they've actually colored this you know our color which is quite similar to a blue tang okay but I think this is a really nice one so these are basically some of the new sea animals one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten sea animals that we have just added.

To our collection extremely happy about this figures I'm hope I'm you know I want to get more to add to my collection hopefully you guys you know love this make sure you like this video make sure you hit the like button subscribe if you like new figures okay I'm definitely planning to get more new figures okay now let's take a look at our collection.

Right here all right guys so the new sea animals that we have just added are lined up right here at the bottom of the screen so we'll take a look at the other one so we have a blue tang right here blue tanks they are able to change you know their blue you know to a lighter shade or a darker shade and here we have a flying fish it has two pairs of wings.

Right here really beautiful translucent wings next we have a polar bear looks really beautiful and here we have an Atlantic Bluefin tuner these figures are basically you know in my collection for quite some time and here we have a already n anglerfish right here okay so this thing.

Right here can actually emit light and here we have a puffer fish okay you can see it has plenty of spikes and this one it should be a best I'm gonna put this aside first and here are the catfish the whiskers actually help it to find its way in the murky water piranha well known for being a man.

Eating fish yep let's see what else we've got we have a weedy Sea Dragon which looks like a seahorse and we should have a seahorse Somewhere In The Box koi fish two of them they are able to live up to 100 or even 200 years old and here we have another.

Polar bear and this one is actually from Peppo really beautiful one this is a goliath grouper okay let's see what else we've got another angler fish right here with a little light bulb in front and here we have a sturgeon all right Cola bag hop.

Looks so cute and adorable another anglerfish this figure can actually swim you know you just need to replace the batteries okay next up we have a long fish l-u-n-g long fish and here we have a sea lion okay beautiful one let's see what else we've got our mini walrus.

And you have a huge one this is from safari Ltd looks really beautiful and not a walrus right here this is from Bueno a brand from Hong Kong leopard seal plenty of spots and what is this manatee.

Alright from safari Ltd so manatees they look quite similar to dugongs but here we have another Manatee right here from collecting which was contributed by a dance safarian and this one it's one from Peppo very beautiful see what else we've got we have a blue tang.

And we should have another one yep I think I've shown you guys just now the other blue tank and here we have a spotted seal okay beautiful one let's see what else we've got and not a walrus salmon fish if you guys are quite familiar with.

Selfish okay this is a Nile butcher okay and this is another brochure right here yep it could be an alligator brochure largemouth bass and this one should be our best as well silver bass.

Yeah I just want to make sure I didn't get the fish mixed up another sea lion nice this is known as an arrow Warner so we have two different variations this is a golden arowana and this one is a red one arowanas are extremely popular.

As um an aquarium pet this is a rest yep a humpback rest if I'm not wrong um this is the um oh my goodness I suddenly can't remember the name it's known as the alligator alligator fish if I'm not wrong you have two of them very beautiful.

alligator what is the name what is the the full name I just suddenly can't recall flatfish so you can see the eyes are all both on one side and it is a fish that lies flat on the ocean sea floor very very.

Unique leopard seal clownfish okay another clown fish and this is actually the most super adorable Chicken on the face a penguin I'm not too sure whether the penguin should be in this box I think it should.

Be placed in a different box because I don't see the other Penguins here and this is a dugong yep so I'm definitely going to put the Penguins into a different box frogfish okay beautiful one um this one is known as the gold piece.

Ewe Silo camp a prehistoric fish okay spotted seal let's see what else we've got a mini sea lion real shark mini wheel shop shouldn't be in this box totally can't remember this.

Fish um this one if I'm not wrong it's a red snapper and this one it's a crucial cop I think so and this one it should be or Bass No it should be a snapper as well previously we have a red snapper.

And this one is a silver Snapper I suppose I'm not exactly sure so I definitely need the help of you guys and this figure I can't remember what is the name so definitely need plenty of your help same goes with this fish.

This is the fox face rabbit fish hot seal this one I need the help of you guys polar bear gonna put it right in the blue dragon I'm gonna put it into the box as well if this is the other box fish so you can see this one looks more like a box as compared to this one.

This one looks more rectangular but of course you know the face actually looks very very similar okay all right I actually went to um open the door because you know the mailman just came and I'm very excited because he's just sent me a new Jurassic world figure which I'm gonna review on dancer prize.

Tomorrow so make sure you check out Dan surprise tomorrow there are a couple of new figures pretty excited okay and this one right here is actually a red fish okay let's see what else we've got mini Blue Tang sea lion our box is really full I'm really running out of space when it comes to.

Um The Collection so yeah I we don't really have um more spaces for boxes as well so I definitely need to figure out yeah but Mrs Dan will be shifting some of her you know her work staff to her new shop so I I may get a lot more shelf space in the future so very excited about that we have mini dugong.

Here's another dugong and here we have a baby polar bear super adorable another polar bear okay so the shot I'm definitely going to place it into the shock box will probably do a shock update very soon a shock collection update very soon.

Because we have a new Goblin Shark we also have a new Angel shock I'm gonna try to read up more facts about the um goblin shark as well as the angel shock so when you come back I'm definitely going to tell you guys more effects Atlantic Bluefin tuner and a manatee right here so yep see animoni I'm gonna place this.

Into the jellyfish and the Crepes collection box same goes with this jellyfish for this which is the proper fish will go into this box polar bear into this box and we have this huge fish I'm gonna place it right inside but I can't remember what's the name of this fish I'm definitely going.

To take like a photo and try to find out the name maybe let me just do it right now okay so after a couple of minutes of searching we have realized that this is actually known as a sea robin or also known as a girl not so yep it is a kind of a bottom dwelling fish which is which can be found on the um seafloor I mean.

It doesn't have to be really deep and they basically fit on the later organisms uh on the ocean sea floor so see Robin I will remember this that's for sure okay and here we have a stonefish which I feel the colors is not very right I mean it could be this color not too sure we shall see okay and right here we have a seahorse.

Another clownfish fox face rabbit fish and what else we've got I think that's all yep so very happy to add some of this very cool new figures to my collection so yep extremely happy especially with this one which is our blue dragon you know we also have a.

Global goblin shark angel shark see anemone jellyfish we have um Amazon river dolphin which is also known as a bow two very cool very excited and very happy to have added some of these new figures okay I want you guys to comment down below which one is the most favorite new.

Sea animal figure which I have added to my collection today okay let me know down below I'll see you guys in the next one goodbye

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10 Amazing Sea Animals - Goblin Shark, Angel Shark, Box Fish, Pufferfish, Right Whale, Stone Fish