Revisit the worlds biggest flying bird, the Andean Condor

Jeff the Zoo Guy checks in on one of his favorite feathered friends, Quito the Andean Condor. Get updated on how this bird’s training is going and how he is playing an important role in conservation education.
Hey guys Jeff the zoo guy and it is update time this is Quito the Condor and you may have seen his other video and you may have seen that he had some equipment on his feet he had a leash on that's not the case anymore this guy is out here doing what a condor does best and that's hoping in those wings look at that 11 foot wingspan in this guy may.

Remember me said and this guy is actually an integral part of our education program here at Lowry Park and I got to say that these animals aren't doing so well in the wild so we're just absolutely thrilled to have him in our program and he's part of what we call an SSP program that stands for Species Survival program so that means we can.

Utilize this guy let them fly let it be a condor to educate zoo visitors and people really across the country this guy travels about these condors and the reason their numbers aren't doing so well for several reasons actually believe it or not down in South America where they found they have some trouble of course breeding and they only have.

One to two babies usually actually one chick every two years and so because of that their numbers are really hard to actually get back up and up to speed where they need to be but as you can see him he's just as curious yes he was in that first video but now he has no equipment on so I'm just gonna make sure he doesn't get my cameraman.

Over here and let him be a condor but obviously beautiful and if you get that close-up you may remember I said that little comb he's got right there that's just look good for the ladies and that's all that is just a simple piece of skin let them to my glove a little bit and get an idea that I'm just here to be as friend as we all know but as I'm next to.

Him you could just see how big he is this is a twenty six pound bird it is considered to be one of the largest flying birds in the world twenty six pounds is you saw earlier than 11 foot wingspan so he is just giant take a look at these giant feet look at that big toe he's got right there these feet are designed to hold down carcasses because.

This guy likes to eat things like llama el pakka and believe it or not whale carcasses on the shores of Chile I mean just absolutely incredible and you can just see how bulky this guy is now this beautiful ring of feathers right here is actually just a downy feather a really soft feather designed to keep them warm in the high elevations of the Andes.

Mountains where they are from but I'm just proud of how well this bird is doing this is a that didn't have much flight capability when he came in but now that we're exercising him more and getting him out there and opening those wings he is flying much better and again is free flying at law Park Zoo and there is.

Nothing cooler I think than seeing an 11 foot wingspan flying over your head talk about an impressive animal and he's gonna be a condor I'm gonna let him flap those wings he's gonna exercise he's gonna have some fun check that out oh I love it every time I see this guy do that I just get chills up and down my spine.

Absolutely incredible animal one of my pride and joy here at Lowry Park Zoo but hey Jeff the zoo guy as always Thank You Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo for letting me utilize this unbelievable animal here on YouTube until next time I am Jeff the zoo guy and I'll see you at the zoo

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Revisit the worlds biggest flying bird, the Andean Condor