How To Train An Ostrich

And my teachers never thought I’d amount to anything~ HA!!!
When these little goats get down they don't have a will to live so you got to give them some b12 and that usually finds gives them the strength to carry on to take one step forward and keep going i prefer banana pudding i take banana pudding banana pudding is my food.

That gives me the will to live i have made a number of videos with carl and no one is commenting on how amazing his behavior has been lately seriously no one's saying a word about it and i don't know why y'all are ignoring that fact.

And then i think i mean aren't y'all impressive carl has been trained lester has trained carl no are you not impressed that lester has trained carl i trained an ostrich someone should acknowledge that oh my god do not trip over that ball.

Look at this speaking of game carl's like i got your game right here oh my is good god to see here playing hide and seek with an ostrich there's one thing i need to say jamie yeah.

What's that i hope for all of those teachers who didn't believe in me who said i would never amount to anything yeah i trained an ostrich who's laughing now jamie mm-hmm i think that that is a game that carl's.

Playing carl's like if i don't look at him maybe not who's laughing now jamie you better hope that that goat doesn't make a noise yeah exactly oh shoot it.

Open the gate here i know this looks about ridiculous lester pulling a wagon but i'm feeding the babies up front today now they don't know it yet uh-oh they don't know it but they've just been alerted they heard my voice darn it i gotta hurry now.

Because once they all get over here this is not gonna be easy so i'm gonna feed the babies up front this is so cute oh no they're all coming sorry about being so bumpy a little bumpy ride y'all are on there we go look at carl carl's like wait for me.

Guys carl's running carl is well he's jogging carl's a lot faster than that if he wanted to run he could run run i love that bird let me uh spread this feed out over here i'm trying to find a point i set my camera down so y'all can watch.

So all the babies come around the corner look at carl look at carl he wants to be first to eat he wants to be first to eat carl carl wants to be the first to eat guys here carl there's plenty for everybody.

Y'all let me have that hold on i'm still feeding y'all so carl don't knock that over so what i'm doing here the little one arm thing guys do not send me a chest mounted maggie you better stay in that water i.

Didn't know maggie followed me in here oh boy here comes copper so no do not send lester a head mount for a camera or a chest mount because i won't be able to use that don't you even think about it no you don't boy i knew what she was doing trick trudy.

Baby i would rather you let me pour that out uh i i've tried don't you knock that over love here let me have it i have tried the little chest mounted cameras and they're just not for me.

They're just not for me here carl the chest mounted cameras are just not my thing uh oh maggie you're gonna get yourself hurt and get me hurt trying to protect you come on hold on y'all get out of here boy maggie.

Oh here comes my ringo maggie don't know who she's messing with the thing is when me and maggie came into pasture carl was nowhere around oh no we got a sickie here we got a little sticky goat right there y'all baby you're sick i gotta take care of you excuse me aunties.

Now i got to get over here to where all the action's happening i'm surprised i haven't knocked that over yet hey i think it's pretty cool so that's what it is i think it's pretty cool to eat out of the little cart so we got one little sick baby can i pour this out.

Here all right so uh i was saying do not try to send me you are so kind and you all try to take care of my back and my shoulders and you send me things but i'm not one i can't really use the.

Whole head mounted camera or the chest mount the camera i have i have all of those you guys over the over the years have sent me some really neat things and a lot of it i just can't use it's not really my style.

I know that this one arm thing is not always easy but it's easier for me when i used to use the head camera uh sometimes where i was looking it wouldn't be actually recording it'd be somewhere reporting somewhere different but with the when i hold it with my hand.

I have the ability to zoom in and i just constantly look at the camera as a matter of fact what i do most the time is just i see the world when i'm videoing i pretty much see the world through my camera so what i see is what you see.

And that makes it a little bit easier for me there all right here we go i'm happy that the little goat who has the the little scours which is goat diarrhea is at least eating so that happens y'all it happens a lot actually.

The little goats their tummies are very sensitive wait a minute that's not huh that is no that's okay wow baby you scared me i'm like not my not my sweet be sweet.

Sorry sweet i just got sweet rammed air hook right there on the ground you are probably wondering lester what in the world are you feeding because every bucket poor looks different it is true i'm trying to get rid of some of our summer mix we have some feeds we feed in the summer.

And some we feed in the winter and uh right now i'm slowly trying to clean out the summer feed to make room for all of our winter feeds and in saying so i sometimes can make a little bit of a a gumbo if you will.

Of animal feeds look at newton newton's like you know what i'm going to eat down right here i was saying that goats will eat almost anything they really will but a lot of things can get them sick to their stomachs.

Because even though they're goats and goats are sort of known well for eating anything a lot of things don't settle well with them and they can get these scours real easy all right i got my last little bit here i'll pour it out.

Now what's funny is this it's not really funny it's actually kind of a pain so as you can see here's piggy pig there's pig newton and over there is pig trudy now tiny tim oh copper's here somewhere i thought there's copper copper and so pig.

Tiny tim never come over because tiny tim knows what's going to happen and if you watch something funny you stick around for a little bit i'll show you how ridiculous this is uh as i walk back towards the barn the pigs know that i'm going to get oatmeal.

And they'll start walking back towards the barn with me and because they want to be first in line for that oatmeal oh they come over here and get a little bite of whatever's being poured for these babies but they will go right back to the barn when i leave.

Following me in hopes of some delicious oatmeal let me put that in there there we go all right that was good let's get back towards the barn and get that oatmeal to go so these donkeys are being foolish they're over here taking a little bit of.

Corn and so if you don't know this we throw the corn over just to give me a little bit of a head start on getting over there to feed everything else but.

The donkeys need more than just corn so they're missing out on all the nutritious stuff all right i'm gonna grab my oatmeal and uh by the time i get back with the oatmeal it'll be funny because all the pigs will be here they know all right here comes trudy i just got timmy his oatmeal now these.

Donkeys are saying you know what this oatmeal's pretty good and of course petunia has hers all the chickens and ducks are watching her eat and then lola she has hers over there and now uh-oh oh no oh no you got a little bite in the ear baby look at her ear y'all she got bit in here baby i'm sorry.

Hey jan so the other pigs have not come up yet and they've probably forgotten eonar even though pigs are known to be smart my pigs are not always as smart as they should be sometimes my picks can do things that are that don't appear to be too smart so i'm gonna walk over i'm gonna meet.

Peggy pig halfway i'll meet her halfway she's over here look at him he is just so happy to be one of the littles he has found his niche and no one is saying how well-behaved carl's been lately nobody hey i'm not hey i'm not going to be the.

One i'm not going to be the one to point it out if you guys don't notice things like that then that's on you but uh there was there was a time folks there was a time when i will admit that i was a little bit leery about going in the pastures with carl and now he's just been on his very best.

Behavior hey you know what i'm going to go take care of roxy because i don't like the fact that she's not feeling her best her little tail's down and before it gets much darker much later i'm going to go ahead and go take care of her.

Because i that's how she should look right there all jumping around and happy go lucky and she's not now she is eating that she's eating that's a good thing so we're happy about that but uh i don't like the fact that she's just not feeling her best so i'm gonna go take care of her.

And then everyone else looks good and i'm just saying y'all i it's not it's it's not my place to point out things to you all it is not my place to point out good behavior normally you guys are quick to point out everything to me i'm just messing with y'all you know i am.

I'll keep a close eye on her and anybody else hey i will say one last thing before i end this and this is exactly why man just excuse my hands that's oatmeal that's exactly why we feed on the ground and not in bowls anymore so listen guys and that i had no idea so here you almost punched me.

Uh he almost popped me in my bad knee which is why i limp in the first place in case y'all don't know uh listen to me y'all i'll say one last thing and i promise i'll let you go cause i have a few jobs i want to get done before it gets dark a lot of people ask why why do we pour the animal's feet on the.

Ground lester why don't you put it in bowls and you're saying lester i see a bunch of bowls on top of that thing right there yes we have plenty of bowls you guys have been so kind and you have sent us so many bowls but do you remember last year when all of our goats were getting sick and there were two things that the vet.

Talked to me about well three things number one the importance of clean water they have to have fresh clean water daily so guess what dean we have taken care of that situation and now our babies have fresh clean water it's cleaned out at least once every day sometimes twice a day.

Jamie comes out around noon when she's here and jake comes here every afternoon if for some reason neither one of them can do it then i do it myself and yes i do so clean water was number one number two this is not the right order she told me but your grass she says.

Do not let your grass get higher than three inches do not let your grass grow higher than three inches and you're saying well sir what's up you know well listen to me y'all the reason you don't let your grass get higher than three inches is because parasites can live in tall grass.

They can't survive it in short grass but they can survive and live in tall grass so if you have a setting on your lawnmower you keep that setting on three inches you don't want it down to the dirt y'all because you want to have grass to grow you don't want to burn the roots but what you do want to make sure that.

You do is keep that grass you know about three inches and let them eat it from there and they can they can kind of avoid some of the parasites that can live in high grass but the last thing and this is the one that you're all going to freak out about guys if you notice and watch these goats they don't eat from the same pile watch.

The pigs and watch the goats watch the donkeys watch the birds as they move from pile to pile and so if you feed these guys in a bowl they are more prone to get that uh i don't want to say virus i don't know if it's bacteria but they're more prone to be able to catch whatever bug they.

Get from eating out of a bowl than they are from eating on the ground i don't know why ask the vet but i bet you it goes back to nature i bet you it goes back to nature in nature where do you see animals eating from you don't go see animals out in nature eating out of bowls.

You don't see wild hogs this is funny i remember chad said this it was so true you don't drive by and see a wild hog eating out of a bowl that doesn't happen y'all instead wild hogs and wild everything eat off the ground they eat you know baby i'm not messing with you.

She is so worried about me taking her oatmeal you've already had yours newton now come back with me anyway uh so yeah so those are the three things that we make sure that we do keep our grass at a certain height no higher than three inches we also get fresh clean water every.

Single day no if fans or butts on that one and then last but not least we do feed on the ground so and then you're gonna say lester well at least put it in the grass and not the dirt okay so here's the problem with that so if i was to pour that feed into grass.

I'm trying to find some from another day it's hard to find it from another day but listen if you pour that same feed into the grass for example sometimes the feet can get buried down so far in that grass the little kernels of seed and corn and whatnot the animals can't pick it up and so we'd like to put that feed where.

They can actually see it all and eat it all guys they're animals and getting a little taste of dirt in their mouth is not like it is if you're if you or i get dirt in our mouths so as much as we love them and we like to think of them as parts of the family.

They are but they're an animal species part of our family and animals are a little bit rougher around the edges than what we are a little bit a little bit rougher around the edges than what we are okay so just know that and know that all the babies are fine but i will go.

Grab up some uh something and give that baby so we can help clean her up from those scours all right so lester's going to get her since everybody's sort of finishing eating we don't want to take the risk of everybody trying to fight for what they'll view as.

A special treat even though it's medicine and not candy uh-oh carl doesn't want lester to take any babies babe maybe you should come out here in video so he comes to you and i can get the baby.

Don't worry i've trained carl he's fine trained carl he looks trained all right oh my god do not trip over that ball what are you all doing you're scaring me stop seriously it's the game that we play jamie not to worry carl i don't like it i don't like it don't.

Worry jamie he's a highly trained ostrich all is good nothing to see here playing hide and seek with an ostrich there's one thing i need to say jamie yeah what's that i hope for all of those teachers who didn't believe in.

Who said i would never amount to anything yeah i trained an ostrich who's laughing now jamie mm-hmm who's laughing now jamie oh lester will never amount to anything mostly think this is why women live longer.

I just think this is why women live longer is all there's nothing to be afraid of i kind of beg to differ just hanging out waiting for roxy to come to me here we are trying to medicate an animal first we gotta outsmart the ostrich hey he sees you.

He doesn't want you to touch that baby i know okay he's like you can be here but you can you can look but you cannot touch that's exactly what he's telling you right now he's like be one with my friends but you will never be one boy this ought to be something you better hope that that goat doesn't.

Make a noise yeah exactly what are you all so worried about well i was worried oh my goodness we just got to become one with okay come on baby we gotta take a little medicine.

So what we're giving her is some b12 to kind of give her a little boost you all know that goats are known for getting down and once it go gets down anyone that raises goats will tell you it's really really hard to get them back up so whenever a goat gets sick like roxy.

Here it doesn't matter with what doesn't matter with what y'all a goat gets down on you and they don't want to get back up they don't have a will to live through hardly anything you need me to hold her nope and then we got a little combo here.

All kinds of neat stuff and you just got to put it right down her throat and squeeze a little syringe oh she goes she got it yeah oh no no you get back in there you shouldn't think she's going good.

i'm telling you jamie for all those teachers who thought i would amount to nothing here you are surprised

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