Weirdest Sea Animals! Alligator Gar, Gulper Eel, Angler Fish, Rat Fish, Flat Fish, Nile Birchir

Weirdest Sea Animals! Alligator Gar, Gulper Eel, Angler Fish, Rat Fish, Flat Fish, Nile Birchir, Piranha, and more.

Hey guys I'm den and welcome back to the basement Dino dungeon the place where we keep our dinosaurs as well as our animal figurines collection today we'll take a look at our sea animal collection again because guess what we have a new figure sent to ours by a Dan safarian by the name of Kaden he has sent me a drawing which looks fantastic and also a very.

Very nice letter right here okay thanks a lot Kaden for your letters for your drawing and of course for this wonderful figure which I don't think we have in our collection I think I might have one alligator gar in our collection but I'm not too sure we'll have a look together okay but I am super excited at this silvery and golden looking Alligator Gar.

So let's begin our video guys thanks Kaden let the video begin let's go alright guys let's have a look at this new figure of an alligator girl I've cut the pack open so it's easier for us to have a look it also comes with this little tag which looks very familiar to me because I think we have got a couple of figures from this brand as well which.

Includes like this gulper EU and this Nile brochure so let's have a look at this wonderful alligator girl I don't think we have this figure in our entire collection I don't think so I don't think so so this is definitely our first our one and only alligator girl so I just can't thank you enough Kaden for this wonderful and really beautiful.

Figure I colored with like metallic paint which it looks extra extremely beautiful to flip it over you can see the underside of the belly is actually painted with silver metallic paint so this is definitely like a super shiny the most the shiniest figure in my collection of thanks so much.

Um Kaden okay so Ellie Gator girls they can be found in North America yeah and I've actually found one photo to show it to you guys okay so this is basically a very nice photo of an alligator gar in real life and speaking of real life I've actually seen one of them okay actually seen some of them at my local Sea Aquarium which is known as the river.

Wonders so if Kaden if you have the chance to visit like Singapore one day I'll be happy to shoot around the Singapore Zoo as well as the river wonders okay so very nice thanks for this figure so Ellie get a girl super happy with this figure let's have a look at other figures that we have added to our collection recently what is this are.

You guys able to recognize this this is actually a pretty weird looking um fish it is the Nile brochure and we just got this figure recently which is also from the similar brand I think so you can see it looks kind of weird right here of course it definitely looks um you know more realistic in this photo so this is a Nile brochure okay also from a.

Similar brand next up another very terrifying looking sea animal it looks like an alien this is actually known as a gulper ewe so this figure right here yep it definitely looks like you know like a pot Stingray with a huge mouth and and the body actually looks like an ew so it's definitely you know one out from the stranger things like an alien.

It looks like an alien to me but very very cool I think this is the beauty of um you know marine life okay I've actually found another photo of a very interesting Fish Box fish I think this has got to be my most favorite adorable looking um fish in my collection oops the boxfish is on the floor just give me a.

Second while I try to retrieve it oh it's right here so box fish um it's really cute looking guys it's like you know the entire body looks like a box yep I don't think we I have any more yes there's one more that I want to show you guys the piranha yes the purana I mean is notorious it's well known for its man.

Eating like you know flesh eating capabilities but I don't think they are that terrifying if you do some research on this fish they don't like attack humans um out of the blue I think yep but of course they are they love to eat like fresh meat so piranha right here I think this figure is quite a nice one or it.

Was also sent To Us by a dense safarian okay um yeah it's a 2014 figure very nice I'm very happy to add some new obscure species into our collection let me show you guys the photo of a flat fish it is it has got to be the weirdest looking fish in my entire collection take a look take a look at this both the eyes are on.

One side and if you flip it over it's like basically Plain on the other side this is not a misprint this is not like um a mistake on this figure God this is the actual look of this fish which is really weird just give me a second let me show you guys a picture okay guys so this is a photo of a flat fish it looks super creepy and super.

Um funny right I mean if you take a look at this yep the eyes are actually on one side so this is like you know there's so many wonders and so many unique and so many weird looking fish and sea animals you know dipped down in the ocean water and there's one more which is um also very creepy looking let me show you show it to you guys okay this is the one this.

Is the one which I feel is like one of the most terrifying looking fish ever it's known as the arm anglerfish and this is like I'm not too sure whether this is an illustration or is this like an actual photo because they are quite hard to find they can only be found like really deep down in the dark and um you know underwater so they basically have.

This little mechanism right here which is able to emit light to attract like fish you know close to its mouth so that it can actually fit on them quite easily so I think this figure um it's a very nice figure I can't remember how I got it I think it was also from Animal Kingdom if I'm not wrong so another really beautiful one so.

There's one more which I found which is the Atlantic blue fin tuna so this is the one right here so you can see it looks exactly like um you know the photo so let me know down below like what other sea animals you guys will want to take a look at different photos I will you know I will do more research on this I'm gonna show you guys like you know.

Comparison with the figures as well as the photos I think that is really really interesting okay salmon fish right here which is very very well known for for food because a lot of people use them for food okay so this is actually one of our um okay this is not one of our recent figures this one is definitely one of them the new.

Figures that we have added to our collection known also from the same um series from Animal Kingdom this is known as a crucial cop you know I'll try to find some photos of the Christian cup next time and this one right here which I feel looks kind of similar in terms of the colors this is a black Snapper looks really nice okay let's uh move on.

This one I have um sort of like I think this is the best if I'm not wrong I can't remember so if you guys still remember what is the name of this fish right here let me know down below okay thanks okay uh let's move on let me take a look at other fish I think this one it's a largemouth bass right here so if they look the same so this is probably a.

Best as you guys can see the fiends right here actually resemble this Fin and this one actually is quite similar to this so I think this is the best as well a black bass if I'm not if I'm not wrong I remember the name as a black Dash uh we have two more weird looking fish right here which is the angler fish but.

You can see this one is actually an electronic one you can just put this into the water and then we just swim the tail were actually like uh flap which is kind of cool this one we got it from like a Toys R Us set so I would say this one is like the most realistic looking one yep that's right let's move on and take a look at some other fish that we.

Have added last time but I don't think I can remember every single one of them this one is known as the long fish long fish and um oh my goodness I can't remember what is this what is this comment down below please okay of course I remember this I think this.

Will be interesting for us to like show a photo of it or next time frogfish probably we can do like a sharks versus Wheels versus Dolphins with photos I think that will be fantastic okay let's move on um we have a marble Ray right here I think we have quite a number of different Rays this is the blue spotted.

Ray we also have um manta ray manta rays we have quite a number of them um here's another one with the different patterns on his body we also have um two rays which I think are not very accurate looking they look a little bit like an eager read to me and of course we have a beautiful Stingray right here guys a beautiful Stingray that comes.

With a sting right at the back okay this one is probably another fish that I think uh it's worth doing a an image search Let me just do an image search and show it to you guys okay this is known as a rat fish okay guys so here it's a picture of a rat fish but of course this figure doesn't really look very accurate I'm not too sure why they.

Have actually created like this little looks like a little hook right here um yeah I've not seen that on this little hook in the photo so this figure might not be accurate looking okay next up I found another one which I feel it's um kind of interesting flying fish I've never seen a flying fish before like right in front of my you know eyes in.

Real life before have you guys seen one before I mean they look kind of cool you can see them on like springing out of the water and they have like two Wings two pairs of wings I think one is a larger pen one is a smaller pair and they're like translucent you can slide you can slightly see through them beautiful flying fish.

Okay so let's move on these are the fish that we have covered and right here we have two fox face rabbit fish one is a small one and one is a bigger one hopefully next time I'll be able to find some photos and show it to you guys okay next red ear slider I can probably show you guys my red ear sliders next time before the video should I do that okay.

In the next video I'm gonna show you guys um you know a video of my radio sliders I have two of them in my tank okay I'm gonna show you guys to you next video here it's a canvas Ridley sea turtle baby we have an auto sea turtle baby right here um they look similar but they are.

Actually different when it comes to the sculpt and these two figures has these two figures have to do with me for quite some time I would say this figure it looks like an Atlantic blue fin tuner to me as well but I'm not too sure it could be a different one because you can see there's two fins right here they are very sharp and very.

Different from this one right here we have a spotted seal okay manatees I have seen manatees before right in front of my eyes at River Wonder Singapore as well so they are really beautiful they're like really gentle um they are not to be confused with dugongs which look kind of similar but.

You can easily differentiate them by their skin this one has more like a textured skin very crumpled looking this one has like a smoother scheme okay and of course the mauve is like quite different as well but I think they belong to the same family if I'm not wrong here we have um leatherback sea turtle.

We actually have three different leatherback sea turtles um including this one we have four so leather back sea turtles you can take a look at the Shell it's like they have like ridges along the shell which is very different from the usual hexagonal um shape shell that you can find on order.

Um turtles so take a look at this collect a this one is from Safari Ltd this one is from Peppo so all three um leatherback sea turtles are really beautiful I would say this one is a loggerhead sea turtle okay quite an old figure walrus we have a couple of walruses this one is my most.

Favorite I think this one looks really good um and I know walruses they can weigh up to a few tons a few thousand kilograms which is quite impressive and they actually used a task you know sort of like anchor themselves to the ocean sea floor while they dig for like skeleton stuff clownfish we can probably.

Can probably you know take a look at some some photos of the clownfish in our next video along with uh maybe other fish like koi fish right here um and also blue tank I'm actually quite quite interested to see some photos of blue tanks but I've seen them in real life before at River wonders no no it was not and River wonders I saw them at.

This Sea Aquarium at Sentosa or you know Singapore so you know probably I'm gonna pay them a visit again to take a look at the other sea animals so if a green sea turtle right here um a man sorry with some um movable flippers I would say this one.

What is this I can't remember I need to do more research I've totally forgotten some of the very weird um species this is a hop see you okay a sea lion um spotted seal yep spotted seal this is a leopard suit leopard seriously can be.

Quite aggressive I've actually seen um a video of a leopard seal attacking people on a boat it was pretty terrifying I would say this one I have no idea um it seems to be an exaggerated version of a mentor Ray because I don't think any race have like two horns right in front please correct me if I'm wrong a mini or.

Manatee a mini walrus um goliath grouper I think you can see the the lips are really thick oh my goodness yeah very very cute and um this it's a Schleich Schleich sea lion we have a starfish Yep this is from safari Ltd I've collected this figure you know it's in my collection for like the longest time.

Clownfish um Yep this is from Mojo clonefish is also known as the cloud animony fish I hope I kind of got a pronunciation right catfish not exactly a sea animal they can be found in like murky reverse and murky swamps um yeah they're definitely not found in the sea.

This is a Yellow Tail blue tang I'm not very sure whether these two are the exact space same species I think they are but I could be wrong and here is another sea lion a mini dugong not a manatee a swordfish.

And a mini manta ray and we have four really small little figures okay another one right here this is like um a safari Ltd good luck mini super adorable um a sea turtle you can see this part of the kit is slightly destroyed it was actually beaten by my my puppy tutu last time um tutu is no longer a puppy because he.

Is already like four years going to be five years old soon and um and um here's another turtle yep that's right all right yes I'm pretty happy you know so apparently we don't have alligator gar in our collection but I'll be you know so I'm super excited to be adding this to our new collection hopefully.

I'll be able to find you know new species add to a collection you know research more information and let you guys know okay thanks a lot for watching this video and thanks so much Kaden for your wonderful drawing I really love it I'm gonna be um keeping this for a long long time yep thanks for your letter you know thanks so much really really.

Appreciate you know you sending me on letters and um of course drawings and this figure which I'm gonna treasure it for a very very long time I'll probably display it one on one of my shelves okay just remember it okay thank you so much in any case if any of you guys like want to drop me like any letters or any drawings you can do so as.

Well you can go on to our about us tab there will be an address over there where you can send or me fan mail yep I always discourage you from sending me toys because it's gonna cost you quite a lot of money to send it over I definitely welcome letters and drawings which I'm gonna read it out um you know uh in my videos okay thanks for watching.

This thanks a lot Caden and um I hope to see you in the next video goodbye

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Weirdest Sea Animals! Alligator Gar, Gulper Eel, Angler Fish, Rat Fish, Flat Fish, Nile Birchir