The Dark Side Of Dolphin

The dark side of dolphin

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When you're thinking about dolphins you might regard them as one of the most intelligent cute and friendly creatures in the ocean but dolphins are not always cute and friendly but they have dark sides and the shocking truth might change your perception of dolphins during mating Seasons male Dolphins.

Would form alliances they would rush to a female and proceed to beat her into submission to get her to mate with them males often practice in fanticide where they would kill the young so that the previous genes would not pass on and they could mate with the mother both males and females also known to pursue humans as sexual targets and.

Dolphins weigh around 400 pounds or 180 kilograms and have been known to push scuba divers to the ocean floor and hurt them not only do they commit infanticide some Dolphins murdered just for fun and a group of dolphins have been observed attacking and beating porpoises to death unlike most Predators which eat their.

Prey Dolphins seem to have murderous urges unrelated to food

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The Dark Side Of Dolphin