15 Most Rare Shark Species Hidden In The Ocean

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The Most Rare Shark Species Hidden in The Ocean
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Like and subscribe right now or this spider will crawl on your face when you're sleeping you probably have seen jaws sharks are fierce predators especially the great whites yes we all know that but there are some other rare species of sharks as well hidden from the world let's hop into our.

Video and see the 15 most rare shark species hidden in the ocean number 15 angel sharks you probably have never expected to see the word angel with this fierce predator but yes there are angel sharks found in the mediterranean sea and northeast atlantic these are also.

The second most threatened of all shark species probably due to habitat degradation and for getting caught up in fishing gear angel sharks are flattened on both dorsal and ventral sides and that's why you'd find them laying at the bottom of the ocean they lie on the surface camouflaging.

From predators and also ambushing their dinner with no time for them to react the female angel sharks give birth to up to 25 live little ones that's quite a lot number fourteen helicopter and shark well after looking at this beast everyone would want them to stay hidden.

Wherever they are but there's nothing to worry about as these sharks are long extinct about 250 million years ago the pictures we see today are just the efforts of scientists who have put together the information made from fossils it was even recorded that this fish can grow to as long as 40.

Feet that's twice the size of great whites do you notice the formation of teeth well that's the reason it's called a buzzsaw shark this unique feature probably makes it the most successful predator of its time number 13. horn shark sharks enjoy swimming in open waters but.

Not all of them just like these horn sharks which like lurking around in shallow water feeding on sea urchins and crustaceans these crawl along the sandy surfaces what's most odd about these sharks is that they don't like to swim these are found crawling on rocks with their fins and spend most of their time.

Hiding in caves they are also hunted as their horn is used in jewelry pieces which is one of the reasons horn sharks are being rare number 12 greenland shark greenland sharks are huge really huge found in the waters of the north atlantic ocean these can grow up to 22.

Feet the average size of a mature adult is 13 feet but that's not the strangest part here you'll be surprised to know that these sharks mature at the age of 150 years old this means the mature ones found nowadays must have been there during the american civil war.

Some of them are even dated back to over 500 years old making them the oldest vertebrate species on the planet number 11 great hammerhead shark you won't ever want to encounter this 20-foot 990-pound great hammerhead shark having a head in the shape of a hammer with an eye on each end.

That's not what we see commonly there are also electrical receptors in their heads adding another plus point for these predators living in tropical waters from the coastal to the open oceans they're considered highly vulnerable to extinction as well 90 percent of their deaths are caused by.

Humans number 10 whale shark whale sharks can be undoubtedly called the largest fish in the world don't get confused with the name as these are real sharks and not mammals except for the size as they can grow to an enormous length of about 40 feet.

Or 12 meters do you know how long this is as long as a school bus whale sharks have huge mouths which help them in filter feeding which make them a little less aggressive as compared to other sharks whale sharks also live for quite a long time up to 150 years but the chances of finding them out in.

The wild are getting rare as whale sharks are getting low in population by 65 percent since the 1950s number 9 basking shark you're gonna see one of the biggest as well as the ugliest shark in the world the second largest fish of the ocean the basking shark can be up to 33 feet in length five gill.

Slits in the circle head and a moon shaped tail and a pointed snout that's quite the weirdest physical description but that's not it this shark can open its mouth up to three feet wide having more teeth than any other shark species out there.

Even after this description you might not believe it but these are pretty gentle giants number eight megamouth sharks as the name says these megamouth sharks have a really big mouth these sharks also do the filter feeding process just like the whale sharks and they do.

Relate with them as well what's most surprising about these megamouths is that they're so rare that very little is known about them megamouth encounters are just 16 as these sharks were found to be in existence just recently in 1976. number 7. sawshark.

Flatheads with slender bodies this shark species has another unique feature there's a saw like rostrum lined with razor sharp teeth these can grow up to three feet long and even have two dozen teeth that's quite a lot saw sharks are found in the bahamas cuba and florida and are also known to.

Be endangered very little is known about their diet or their predators but humans impose a serious threat to them number six bamboo shark you can't name it as one of the largest but certainly one of the smallest shark species out there.

Bamboo sharks also have long whiskers just like cat sharks which are there as sensory glands and navigators bamboo sharks can grow up to three feet and resemble carpet sharks due to the slow swimming movements along the ocean floor looking for food to eat what's unique about them is their special teeth.

Which they can rotate inside their mouths number five common thresher shark just look at this one here the one that would hold anyone's attention the shark can grow up to 20 feet in length but then comes that long tail nearly equal to the length of its body common thresher.

Sharks are found in temperate waters but these are so rare that in 2013 it was finally discovered what their long tail is for a thresher shark's long tail fin helps not only its swimming ability but also its ability to hunt their sith-like tail is used to swat and stun fish before.

Prying on them it can use the fin to herd and trap schooling fish by swimming in increasingly smaller circles before striking the fish with its tail number four frilled shark you would think this shark just didn't evolve well well it seems kinda true as.

Well with beady green eyes and crinkly brown skin the frilled shark is one of the only surviving species in its particular shark family but it can still be found throughout the atlantic and pacific oceans it wriggles through the water like a snake and feeds on squid.

While the frailed shark isn't considered dangerous scientists have been known to cut themselves on its teeth frilled sharks are only very rarely encountered in the wild so little is known about their ecology number three mako shark mako sharks are an endangered species.

But you might want that as well these sharks are just the monsters of the ocean these apex predators won't give up if they're stuck in any fishing line these warm-blooded predators work faster harder and are more intelligent than any other shark species.

They are seen to jump 30 feet in the air to secure their prey the short fin mako is at its most dangerous for fishermen when lifted into boats this means it's just not safe to get into the water with them number two goblin shark goblin sharks can grow up to 12 feet and.

Are colored in unusual pink the goblin shark's most distinctive feature is arguably its long flattened snout which looks like the blade of a broadsword when viewed from above their jaws even are thrown out to grab their prey some have proposed that the extra-long.

Snout is used to poke around for food in narrow crevices they are believed to be active predators the goblin shark poses no danger to humans as these creatures are deep sea residents with few coming into shallower waters number one zebra shark.

Well it may sound weird but these are called zebra sharks as theory starts their lives as dark brown fish with yellow stripes when mature the stripes change into dots docile and slow moving zebra sharks are not dangerous to humans and can be easily approached underwater however they have bitten divers who pull.

On their tails or attempt to ride them as of 2008 there was one record of an unprovoked attack in the international shark attack file though no injuries resulted due to their demand for meat and their fins for shark fin soup they've been overfished and are one of the rarest sharks in the world.

And that concludes our list of the 15 most rare shark species hidden in the ocean did you know about any of these comment down below to let us know before you go don't forget to like and subscribe and click the bell icon to stay up to date with our latest videos.

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15 Most Rare Shark Species Hidden In The Ocean