Egyptian Vultures

Vultures may not be the prettiest birds, but the world would be a much smellier place without them.
Vultures they may not be the prettiest birds of prey but the world would be a smellier place without them why they eat food that other animals leave behind stinky rotting meat their bald head is perfectly designed to keep rotting food from sticking to it as they eat vultures help remove dead.

Animals without spreading disease they may not have the cleanest job but you'll never hear them complaining think you know all about vultures well meet our egyptian vultures at the san diego zoo safari park egyptian vultures don't have a bald head like other vultures that's because they eat things that aren't as messy like lizards worms.

Insects rats rabbits and over ripe fruit they sometimes look for food in garbage dumps but egyptian vultures really like to eat eggs especially ostrich eggs ostrich eggs are so strong they can support a person standing on them how does the vulture solve this challenge by using a rock as a tool.

The egyptian vulture finds an ostrich egg she selects just the right rock she drops the rock on the egg to crack it open well okay one more time oh one more time let's find another rock maybe again.

Maybe this time ta-da it takes some effort but it's well worth it now she gets to slurp up the goodies inside only a few animal species use tools and the egyptian vulture is one of them as you can see egyptian vultures are very unique and really cool.

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Egyptian Vultures