Sea Animals, Wild Animals – Penguin, Dolphin, Gorilla, Horse, Giraffe, Penguin, Koala, Fish, Hippo

Sea Animals, Wild Animals from Kinder Natoons – Penguin, Dolphin, Gorilla, Horse, Giraffe, Penguin, Koala, Fish, Hippo, Lion, Kangaroo, Puma, Rabbit, Monkey, Flamingo, Macaw, Turtle, Chameleon, and more.

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Hey guys I'm Dan and welcome back to another video today today we have plenty of new updates guys okay I have been telling you that we have you know plans to install the new shelves and check this out we have finally installed the new shelves right here okay but let's get on with today's video we are going to take a look at this one uh Mrs Dan.

Just got this from um Vietnam I think she got this from is it Hong Kong or Vietnam I couldn't remember because she stopped over at Vietnam you know on the way to Hong Kong so she got this for me which is Kinder Surprise Maxi part of nettoons as you guys can see we have the entire collection of the Neptune figures that.

We will take a look later on so basically inside this we have a huge Neptune's anime figure so let's have a look let's open this up I can't wait for it all right guys we'll take a look at our entire collection of net Tunes animal figurines but first we have to take a look at this one we have to unbox it I'm.

Going to use a box cutter I mean if you are a kid please do not use this at home on your room have your parents to help you let's have a look at the Box first okay beautiful tiger right here we have a macaw oh so sorry a tall can right here um flipped over you have an awkward really beautiful one kangaroo with a.

Joey and a mountain gorilla that looks really really uh goofy but you know adorable at the same time another car right here so let's have a look wow the box is um really it's a huge box but you can see okay what is this oh is this like some dust let's get this out how do we get this out all right.

Oops all right so this is basically like a little protector wow it's a really cute egg right here guys all right this is really huge this is our biggest Kinder Surprise egg I would say Kinder Maxi um if you ask me where did I get this I think this is then goddess um from the.

Airport yeah I'm hoping to get more but it's not like super x super cheap okay it's actually like maybe like 16 um it's roughly about 13 USD roughly about um yeah roughly around there so it's not a cheap chocolate but it's a really gigantic one I would say.

So let's open this my my hands are thoroughly clean okay just let you guys know so my hands are clean I'll be eating the chocolate so do not be worried that the chocolates will go to waste I know Kinders Kinder eggs I think in many countries is actually.

Banned because of is well just take a look at this really really huge one okay let's get the egg out so I'm putting the chocolates inside this little container I'm gonna share it with my uh family you know Mrs Dan and on the later ones okay so let's see let's see what's inside it's a huge one very very huge I've never seen a um you know huge.

One before let me just try to uh I'm trying to adjust I'm not able to adjust the camera um angle but it's okay let's open this up oh we've got a mountain gorilla you know to be honest I really wanted the old car yeah but it's okay I mean it's uh it's still a very beautiful one hopefully you are able to find more.

Of this Kinder Maxi but I'm not too sure where we can actually get them wow it's a pretty tall one okay it basically says this is the height of a real actual gorilla which is like 1.7 meters tall and it can weigh up to like 200 kilograms it's a herbivore well it can run pretty fast as well.

So let's stick this together I think it should be you know very very easy so this is basically the body and um here are the arms very cool figure I really love the figure guys to be honest I think these figures are a great beautiful figure okay hopefully I'm able to get more of.

Them in future but I'm not too sure where we can actually find them so if you guys know where I can actually find this Kinder Maxi please let me know down below okay very cute little egg right here you can close it back and plus let's take a look at this you know this is the one that I really really hope to get I really like um the tiger as well.

Um the gorilla looks goofy like I've mentioned but it still looks very very beautiful like this a lot I love this figure to be honest with you okay I'm gonna put this on right here so let's have a look at our entire collection of our uh net Tunes so this is actually known as Neptunes what do we have right here guys a pink dolphin it comes with a.

Movable body very beautiful we have a little bunny right here or a rabbit um it it is able to move the head is only able to move only the hit and what do we have right here are a mountain lion this is probably a puma okay this it's a blue macaw.

Very beautiful one with wings movable wings and we have some flamingos so flamingos just to give you guys some you know educational effects flamingos they like to hang out in flocks basically like groups of flamingos I've seen them like hang out together in this like little like really.

Beautiful Lake okay next up we have a beautiful horse this could be a black forest host okay the body has came off so let's just pop it right in horses they are really beautiful um animals they can run really fast let's have a look at the next one this is probably the most okay not probably this it's exactly.

The most ferocious animal in Africa even lions are afraid of them and they have actually killed more humans killed more people in Africa than the Lions that's the hippopotamus for you with an extremely huge bite force even the crocodiles in Africa are afraid of the hippopotamus and this is basically our beautiful online so I was actually.

Watching a video um between lions and tigers adult Tigers they are bigger and they're stronger but lions are actually braver you know I've seen videos of them tigers are basically afraid of the Lions I was actually pleasantly surprised because I'm actually like a huge lion fan what about.

You guys I want you guys to like the commentation down below are you guys like a tiger or a lion fan let me know down below okay this is a giraffe which is basically the tallest land animal okay we have two of them um movable next really really beautiful.

Okay next up we have a chameleon very very beautiful little communion right here um I think we have two of them okay next up kangaroo yep the kangaroo has a movable body kangaroos are really really common in Australia yep.

Here's another pink dolphin koalas they are not Bears okay I used to call them like koala bears they are actually masupiers okay they're not bears and this figure I think it's really really cool because it actually comes with a little um tree very very cool tree.

Okay so we have two of them you know we were trying to get the entire set but I think we I don't think we have the entire set yet this one I think it's a um a fish I mean it's definitely a fish I'm just not very sure what is the exact species it could be an angel fish here we have a penguin beautiful little penguin right here.

Another kangaroo okay this penguin it's probably Ampro penguin ambro penguin is the largest species of penguins around okay another black horse right here Black Forest horse it could be a stallion another lion you can see we have a lot of doubles a lot of doubles.

Pink dolphin Blue Macaw we have two of them yep and we have a turtle right here so this turtle um I'm not exactly sure what is the exact species but I'm guessing it is a loggerhead turtle another mountain lion right over here.

Really beautiful one I would say and not a rabbit this rabbit seems to be ER or hey as in a wow rabbit because you can see the body is actually very slender very elastic looking another fish right here and another fish right here oh a monkey.

What breed is this is this a chimpanzee or is this like a gibbon based on the body it seems like a spider monkey yeah it could be a spider monkey do we have more insight nope that it's all okay so I want you guys to comment down below all of these figures which one do you guys like the most okay I like this on this one a lot this is a.

Huge one really cute and adorable okay all right um I'm hoping to get more of them hopefully we are able to get more of them uh my most heroin has got to be the odd car you know it seems to have a movable jaw which you know which is actually very very cool the tiger looks really really.

Beautiful as well the token looks great as well yeah hopefully you are able to find more of them yeah really beautiful one I should have asked you know um Mrs Dan to get two of them yeah I regret it guys I really regretted not getting more of them but it seems that there are only like one two three four five five of them uh to collect in the.

Entire set all right thanks for watching this guys I will see you in the next video okay thanks and goodbye oh yes guys I forgot to tell you that we have just installed this plastic shelves and um just you know very happy to share with you guys okay but I'm still considering like you know what to display right here as you guys can see.

I'm placing some of my dinosaurs collection right here um there's a possibility that we can actually display our Neptune's figures right here but I'm thinking of displaying my you know Jurassic world human figures right here so um this is just a temporary like placeholder so if you guys have any.

Suggestions please comment down below okay thanks for watching this I'll see you guys in the next video goodbye of course I mean if this is your first time here um I'm actually Dan so on Dan Safari I upload animal videos and on Den surprise which is our main Channel I upload dinosaur videos.

Okay so subscribe to the other channel as well our main Channel okay I hope to see you guys on both channels thanks and goodbye

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Sea Animals, Wild Animals - Penguin, Dolphin, Gorilla, Horse, Giraffe, Penguin, Koala, Fish, Hippo