Animals Being FREED For The First Time!

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Snappy the penguin gets to go back to his natural environment over a million pigeons are recorded being released in portugal oh a young boy in yemen rescues a fox from a 15 meter well.

They're taking his chains off now yeah he seems pretty happy about it a bear cub is released into the wild to rejoin its family.

a lynx is released into michigan's upper peninsula a family of monkeys are happy to be going back home and now.

So after several months of intensive care and rehabilitation june the turtle is released into the ocean a lady freezes stray pitbull from.

Uncomfortable chains around its neck in puerto rico okay okay.

A pair of foxes have recovered after several weeks in care and are released back into the forest foreign so a tigress in india is recorded being released back to the wild after.

Recovering from some injuries let's get it off there we go that wasn't so bad was it a baby penguin sees the ocean for the first time so.

Hello a bald eagle is released back into the wild after undergoing one year of rehabilitation oh.

A three-year-old bear is released back into the wild in montana united states a man buys over a hundred birds at jakarta animal market only to then set them free yeah now we have four females and five minutes okay and the leading role is gusha gusha.

Actually the main role take part by the maduro oh very nice can you feel their excitement interaction anymore you think they'll do good that's our objectives a hedgehog is freed from ticks after luckily being discovered by a kind stranger.

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Animals Being FREED For The First Time!